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Hamariwali Good News 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mukund stays in Devika’s house

Hamariwali Good News 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Meera saying I have to stop Devika. Devika calls the lawyer. Meera comes and stops her. Devika raises hand. Meera holds her hand. She says you can’t cancel my marriage, because marriage can be annulled if the couple has physical relations, I have stayed there for one night, Mukund and I have a husband and wife relation. Devika pulls her hair. He says he is tricked by your face, you will never get true love, always be the second option. She goes. She thinks of Mukund. Mukund thinks of Meera. He says I won’t let Navya get divorced again. Devika asks Navya and Ritvik to come for puja. Mukund comes home. Everyone gets shocked. He gets his bag and Renuka’s pic. He says I will stay here, but I will pay the rent. He gives the rent. Devika scolds him. Meera asks Devika not to hurt Mukund’s self respect.

Mukund and Meera also sit in the puja. He comes from bath. He collides with her. He holds her. They have a moment. He pushes her away. She falls on the bed. She looks at him. He covers up and asks what are you doing in my room. Devika asks are you fine Meera, is he troubling you again. Meera says let me handle her. She says everything is fine, go and take rest. Devika says fine, take care. She goes. Mukund wears a shirt. He asks what’s your belongings doing in my room. Meera says we are husband and wife for the world. He says so what.

She says its Devika’s house. He says so what, I gave the rent to stay here. She says I know you are great, we can’t sleep in different rooms, it will be an issue. He says let it happen, I m not scared. She stops him and says listen to me, you came here for Navya, if she sees us staying in different rooms, what will we tell her, we have daily fights, then will she get happy or worry, its a big room, sleep in any corner. He says fine, if you say, then I m ready, but I won’t catch any corner, you will sleep in the corner, I will sleep on the bed, I gave advance rent. She says fine, sleep on the bed. She says he is a cheap man, he is asking me to sleep in a corner, he will sleep on the bed. He says fine, sleep on the bed, I will get some corner. She says he isn’t so cheap, I judged him soon. She smiles. He asks what were you murmuring. She says I was saying that we will sleep on the bed alternate day. He says that’s right.

Navya gives Bharat to Meera. Devika looks on. Mukund sees Renuka’s pic and sleeps. Meera takes care of Bharat. Kar le tu bhi mohabbat….plays… Ritvik cares for Navya. They sleep. Mukund feels cold. He switches off the AC. Meera wakes up and switches it on. He goes and sleeps on the sofa. Its morning, Devika comes and sits on the sofa. She screams. Mukund wakes up and screams. He says you didn’t see a man sleeping here. She asks is this a place to sleep. He says its new place for me, she has switched on AC, strange family, where shall I sleep. He goes. Devika says he is strange. Navya looks on and says maybe Mukund couldn’t sleep, how is Bharat, he will catch cold. She goes and takes Bharat. She says he is suffering from fever. She wakes up Meera. She asks how did you make baby sleep in cold, he got fever, I need to take him to the doctor. Meera worries.

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