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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-32)

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At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

At 12 pm:-

Everyone came to dining hall and sat on their respective chairs

Kabir- Wow!!! Vansh you made this much and this early…..

Aryan- Exactly

Kabir- So now Lunch and Dinner will also be made by you

Sejal- And what you guys will do?

Aryan- Obviously rest

Ishani- Aur kuch karna bhi kahan aata hai (You don’t know anything else)

Aryan- I know many things

Ishani- Really?

Aryan- Really

Ishani- Forget it…… There is many more thing I can do rather than fighting with you

Aryan- Like

Ishani- Eating

Aryan- You don’t know anything else

Ishani- Listen Aryan

Aryan- Listening Ishani

Ishani- Aryan go and learn some table manners in school

Aryan- Now what’s wrong in my table manners

Ishani- You are messing the table

Aryan- Bhai wasn’t enough that even you started to teach me table manners

Ishani- See even you accepted that you don’t have table manners go and learn it

Riddhima- From school

All chuckles

Sejal- Ishani I don’t get why you are hell bent in sending him to school

Aryan- Because I guess she never went to school so let’s send someone else

Ishani- Shut up I went

Aryan- Even I went

Ishani- It didn’t felt so

Aryan- Really

Ishani- Indeed

Aryan got up from chair and sat on the table

Vansh- Aryan, Move down

Aryan- Wait Bhai……… Ok fine, I didn’t went what will you do?

Ishani- I will send you there

Aryan- So in that case even you need to go to school again

Ishani got up and stood on the chair

Ishani- Why will I?

Aryan stood on the table and both tried to dominate their height

Aryan- Why not?

Ishani- Why will I…. Tell me single reason and I will give you a befitting reply

And she tipped toed and stood in front of him by matching their height

Riddhima- Do one thing there is the chandelier Go and touch it

Aryan- We will try that even but afterwards

Ishani- Why don’t you go learn how to talk sweetly?

Aryan- Why will I go alone you even accompany me?

Aryan again tip toed as Ishani was being a bit taller than him

Riddhima stood on the table and went to them

Vansh- You come down, you won’t be able to reach their height

Riddhima pushed Ishani and Aryan aside and moved to Vansh and stood in front of him

Vansh also stood on the chair and Riddhima being on table was a bit taller than him

Riddhima- What do you mean?

Vansh- That you are short in height

Vansh stood on table which AnYa and KaJal was looking at both the couples in amusement

Riddhima- If you are Eiffel Tower that doesn’t mean that everyone is short

Ishani- Wait a second, it was about sending this idiot to school

Aryan- Exactly…. Wait a second you called me “Idiot”

Ishani- I’m not finding anyone else as idiot as you

Aryan- You called me an Idiot…. Me?

Ishani (pointing her fingers at his chest) – Yes you….

Riddhima- You guys wait a second

Vansh- What’s the need to wait for a second even accept that you are short

Riddhima- I’m not short you are too tall

Vansh- That’s one of the same thing

Riddhima tipped toed to match his height but he was indeed too tall

Riddhima- Haven’t you drank too much complain?

Vansh- What?

Riddhima- Yaa….. Haven’t you seen ads on TV that after drinking complain our height increases?

Vansh- I don’t watch TV

Riddhima- How boring you are?

Vansh- Yaa… I’m what will you do you shorty

Riddhima (shouting) – I’m not shorty and Dare you to call me by that name

Vansh- Shorty………….Shorty………….. Shorty………….

Saying Vansh got down from the table and ran towards the living room while Riddhima stood there with her jaw dropped while rest were enjoying their fight

Riddhima (shouting)-Vaaaannnnssssshhhhhh……… I’m not going to leave you……

She ran after him

Ishani- Yaa…. So now come back on me…. You will have to go to school at least learn how to eat

Aryan- I won’t… I won’t…. I won’t

He even ran to living room

Ishani- Mr. Aryan

Sejal- Oh…. Mr. Aryan first handle Vansh and Riddhima we are here to bring them close not to make them fight

Kabir- Exactly and see you two fighting on baseless matter

Ishani- Then too I’m not going to leave this idiot what do he think of himself

Ishani ran after him

Angre- Forget about them let’s follow those three

Kabir- When did Riddhima and Vansh became three?

Sejal- Oh… Idiot he is talking about Aryan…. Let’s move and don’t overuse your brain because you guys can’t use this much

Kabir- Exactly all brain you have taken

Sejal- Listen Kabir

Siya- Guys please you both also don’t start…. Let’s find them

Kabir- Yr….let’s eat something then we will find them

Sejal- Kabirrrrrr…… Just now you ate

Kabir- I ate Sejal but I was enjoying their fight so I didn’t concentrated on eating

Sejal- That’s your fault….. Now move without a word

They started searching them in living room behind pillars, sofa, under table and everywhere

Angre- They are not in the living room

Sejal- Let’s search in both the floors in pair

They moved to start searching

Kabir- Wait a second, why are we searching them they aren’t kids?

Sejal- Exactly….. Why are we?

Kabir- Forget about it… Let’s go and eat and about them we are here about that only and leave them alone

Angre- Actually he has point Sejal

Kabir- See…… Now tell who overuses his brain

Sejal- Shut up and move

Kabir (murmurs) – She never appreciates me…

Angre who heard it

Angre (murmurs) – Even Siya also doesn’t

Kabir (murmurs) – What you did for her?

Angre (murmurs) – What you did for Sejal?

Kabir (murmurs) – Let’s make something for them…. Come in Kitchen

Leaving Sejal and Siya on the dining table they moved toward the kitchen

While on second floor:-

Vansh was talking to someone on call silently standing near a window in a room which was Vansh’s room

Suddenly a hand came on his shoulder and he was about to grab it but it missed from him and when he turned around he didn’t found anyone

Vansh (on call) – I will call you later

He hung up the call

Vansh- Riddhima… I know you are there… come out… Riddhima…… Riddhima… Riddhima…

He started looking for here on every corner of the room under bed, behind sofa, behind curtains

Vansh- Someone was there… he or she patted my shoulder…. Was I hallucinating?

He shrugged of his shoulder and sat on sofa while using his laptop, he again felt a pat on his shoulder but again before he could catch hold of his or her hand it missed

He got up and started shouting

Vansh- Who is there? See….If you are trying to scare me then let me tell you one thing that I’m not scared of anyone…. So come out silently

He again shrugged of his shoulder and moved back to work and this time he felt something under his foot and he found a white cloth

Vansh- White cloth somewhat it looks like a piece of sari…. That means its some women from Riddhima, Siya, Sejal and Ishani because rest 3 are idiots but they won’t wear sari….. Siya is completely innocent, Sejal won’t do it at all, Ishani is busy in sending Aryan to school and left is Riddhima….. I knew she is doing this

He looks around and found a pair of shoes under the bed

Vansh- Riddhima, I know you are one who is wasting your time in scaring me…. I’m telling you it’s useless

He moves towards bed and bend down and seriously he found Riddhima with her eyes closed.

Vansh- Riddhima, come out… I saw you

Riddhima opens her eyes and saw Vansh in front of her and with disappointment she comes out

Vansh- What you were doing there?

Riddhima- What I was doing…oh under bed….

Vansh puts his hand on his waist

Vansh- Yaa…. Under bed

She asks him to give his ears he leans to her

Riddhima (whispering) – I was hiding there actually me and Ishani and Aryan are playing hide and seek… don’t tell anyone

Vansh- Was it a joke?

Riddhima- No…. I’m serious

Vansh- You were the one who was disturbing me… right?

Riddhima- Disturbing you when?

Vansh- Don’t act as innocent

Riddhima- Listen Mr. Vansh first of all you called me as short in front of everyone and then blaming me I disturbed you….

Vansh- Because you are and you did….

Riddhima- Ok fine I did….

Vansh- See….

Riddhima- Shut up first of all you should say sorry for calling me shorty

Vansh- I won’t and whatever idiotic tricks you use to scare me na that won’t work

Riddhima- Mr. Vansh… what do you think I would lose… I challenge today whole day is left and I’m going to scare you

Vansh- If you are so hell bent to lose na… then try you will surely lose…

Riddhima- Let’s see time will tell that….. Whole day is left

Vansh- Let’s see

Riddhima moves out of the room before giving Vansh a challenging look

Episode ends

Precap- Horror Night

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