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Dil Bechara ❤ #Riansh SS by Aayu part 2

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Vansh:- Angre when I will win the tournament..I will surely find a girl for you..

Angre:-Vansh I am not able to understand your point of view..Why when you will win?

why not now?

Vansh:-Beacue I am unique..For understanding my point of view you must have a heart like me..

and you are in a hurry huh?.. Why not now?(mimicking)

aree when I will win the tournament..you can proudly say to the girl that you are the bestie of VR..

insurance!!! dear insurance….

Angre:-You and your insurance..We have 6 months for the tournament…

vansh:-Yes…but I just hope my body is alive till then..

Angre:-again!! body..?

Vansh:-stupid!! My heart and soul will always alive..But this body will leave my soul..but Don’t worry my heart and soul will not leave you..never..


Vansh:-Now don’t start crying..Before leaving this handsome body I want to find my soul mate..Uff this Dil , Bechara! feeling pity for him..

Angre:-Acha let’s go we have to reach there on time or we will miss the bakwaas intro…


riddhima:-hello welcome again..

standing here waiting for ma..


 Riddhima’s pov..

I was standing here waiting for ma..

when a boy!! well, he is just looking like a serial killer..

uff..why his bike stops here only..

Vansh:-Hello!! myself VR

Riddhima rolled her eyes scanning him top to bottom..

riddhima:-Hello riddhima..


Riddhima:-Hello!! its riddhima ‘R’


vansh starts his bike and it starts this time..

Vansh:-See my bile is fine..let me drop you..



Riddhima:-You are not looking safe..serial killer type..

Vansh chuckled..

Vansh:-You ziddhima and me serial killer what a perfect Jodi..isn’t it?

Riddhima was giving him what the hell? look..

when a voice broke both from their thoughts..

Riddhima’s mom:-Riddhu!!

Vansh:-Hello aunty!! I am VR Riddhu’s new boy!!

I mean friend..

Riddhima’s mom was shocked…

they went…

Angre came..

angre:-What happened where are you lost..

Vansh:-In her oxygen cylinder..


Vansh:-Aree I met my dream..

Scene shifts..

Riddhima:-My life is like a reality show…

I feel like only one week is now..but someone came and vote for me and now I am for one more week…

and now I want to live this one more week….

but then a wild card entry…and all messed..

and in my life, VR came as a wild card entry.

Irritating, arrogant, self-obsessed..

 but I want to live this one more week with him…

Scene shifts to Cancer counseling hall…

DOCTOR:- Good, good to see so many of you..

so anyone to start?

a boy:- Hi everyone I am vyom..21 years. I’ll be sleeping well these days..Dr. said I am improving..But I ma missing my friends…

Vansh coming and sitting beide riddhima

vansh:-(wishering) will like to take part in my dream..

riddhima giving her WHAT look..

Vansh:-Yes I am making my dream..will you like to take part in that..

Riddhima:-You are mad..

Vansh:-hmmm..I know that..

riddhima:-Doctor is there..

Vansh:-He will not fit I am looking for a female lead role..and I don’t want to make my dream book including a doctor in it..

Riddhima:-Look VR

Vansh:-Hey my full name is Vansh..

I think that will suit better..VR isn’t official.


Doctor:-Vansh would you like to..

Vansh:-Well I will join Angre…

Doctor:-Yes Angre…

Angre:-Nothing much you all know I have lost one eye and After two months I will lose my other..

well, I want to complete my two wishes…

1)I have to complete a book I am making with VR..

2)I want to see VR winning the tournament..


Angre:-yes..Its name is dream diaries..

and in the lead role, I have VR…

well, it would be a great book…

as I have VR in it..

IT will definitely win oscar..

Everyone laughs..

Doctor:-Vansh..now would you like to say?


Doctor:-Tell why are you scared?

Vansh:-Scared no I am scared of nothing..

Doctor:-Acha tell me about yourself..

vansh:-Well I am VR urf vansh..

a few years ago I had a brush with osteosarcoma..

and because of that, I lost my left leg..

and I am a fighter I fought well..

and sir I want to play like Jordan..

and want to live my Life with my Dream book..

with my girl..

save her from goons..

want to risk my life for her..

all together I want to live like a hero..

in short real-life hero..

the applause was again all over….

doctor:-anyone else want to say anything?


doctor:-Yes riddhima..

first time!!

Riddhima:-Yes sir..

For being a hero we don’t want to be fearless and save a girl…

even the boy who does nothing can become a hero..

exploring himself as a hero..

doctor:-Good!! right…

Scene shifts…

vansh:-Why always my bike stops in front of you?

Riddhima:-Do you always speak these irritating things?

Vansh:-Always forever!!

Riddhima:-nothing is forever..

Vansh:-You are right I cant wait for you endlessly..

why don’t you come up with me I’ll show you something..

trust me..look at me I am soo innocent..

come on!!

riddhima nods..

in bike..

Riddhima:-Where are you taking me?

Vash:-Wait you will know..

they stop at a place..

Vansh:-This is your serial killer’s fav spot..

Riddhima:-Its beautiful!!

Vanhs:-Thank you liked it?

Riddhima:-yes I loved it..

To be continued…

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