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Choti Sardarni 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher finds about the truck

Choti Sardarni 27th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Karan gives the sorry card to Param. He says I am sorry. It wasn’t intentional. I will never do that again. Param says but the laptop broke. Meher says here’s your new laptop. Sarab says you will only get it if you forgive your brother. Param says it’s okay Karan. He hugs Karan. Sarab says, good boy. Param says let’s watch chunri function pictures on it together. Meher says they keep changing. Sarab says like you. You were lost during the function all the time. Meher says I know you don’t want me to investigate the case of your accident. But I can’t get it out of my hand. The shop’s light was cut. Then they broke his shop. They left the band there. So I was looking for the person who entered without the band. Sarab says let me order your detective kit. You don’t listen to me. I told you to let it go. Meher says but I can’t. He leaves.

Scene 2
Rana and Bitu fight over the pen drive. Yuvi says go out to fight. I am sleeping. Bitu says where is it? Rana and Bitu ask Ginni and Jeeto about the drive. Yuvi says I took it and gave it to Param. They are shocked. Yuvi says it had chunri function photos. Rana faints. Bitu says are you crazy? Kulwant says who is scolding him. It was just a drive. Is it a bomb?

Param plugs in the drive. The video plays. Kids go out. Meher comes towards the laptop. Kulwant is driving the truck. Meher doesn’t see it. Sarab is mad at her. Meher beats the egg around him. He says what? She says our wedding. Sarab says I am doing some work. Meher says so am I. He says so do it. You’re making noise. Meher says taste and lets me know how’s the sugar. He says my opinion doesn’t matter. Meher says but your taste matters. I made your favorite chocolate pastry. Taste and let me know. Sarab tastes the batter and says very sweet. Meher says that I am. He says I am talking about it. Sarab says I didn’t like it. You did what I asked you not to do. I am not a husband who wants to control his wife. I trust you more than me. Meher says see it from my shoes. If someone tried to kill me, wouldn’t you try to find out who did it? This band is such a big proof. Sarab says there are thousands of these bands available online. You should take care of your health. Seher says I want to sleep. Seher says Param left the laptop on. She puts the drive in the laptop and Sarab takes it.

Scene 3
Rana comes to Bitu’s room. Bitu says you were calling Jeeto? He says I thought it’s you. Rana says I am really scared about the drive. If someone sees the footage it would be big trouble. Bitu says how will we blackmail mummy ji? Rana says let’s sneak in their house? Bitu says they have tight security. Rana says what will we do now?

Scene 4
Jeeto and Ginni call Meher. They say when will you come? We have to shop for jewelry. The kids say we have dance practice. Sarab says I have a meeting. Meher says I have to go shopping. Sarab says come home fast so we can do the dance practice.

Kulwant says thank you Waheguru ji for saving me yesterday. Proof no. 1 is gone. Meher says nothing could conclude. Meher says why are you not helping me baba ji? The police stop Meher’s car and ask her to show car papers.

Bitu and Rana meet a woman. Kulwant says who is she? The woman says my husband died in an accident. He was your driver. Kulwant says I am also a widow. I worked hard. You can’t beg us. She says you have to clear my dues. Kulwant says get out. The policeman checks Meher’s papers. Meher says can we check another in this device? He says yes. Meher tells them the number. Kulwant says go from here before I break your legs. Meher calls Kulwant. She says I got the number checked. It belongs to a truck of our transport company. Kulwant says come home, I will handle everything. Kulwant slaps Bitu and Rana. She says her husband was our driver and died on duty and you both are kicking her out? She says don’t worry. You are my responsibility. Come on in.

Meher says is mummy ji, Bitu, or Rana behind this? Meher recalls Kulwant used to threaten to kill her and her family.

Scene 5
Sarab says we have to win this election without honestly. Let me show you the names I have shortlisted. He plugs in the pen drive. Sarab opens the same folder with the footage. Meher calls Sarab. He says I am in a meeting. Meher says okay. He says did you reach atari? Meher says I will call you later. The manager says the presentation is in this pen drive. Sarab changes the drive.

Meher says I am overthinking. Mummy ji did everyone at my face. She never harmed me or kids or Sarab when she got a chance.

Scene 5
Dolly starts dance practice with bolain churiyan. She falls. A guy holds her. Dolly says thank you but you? Harleen says that’s Navi. Our choreographer. Dolly says call me Dolly. He asks are you ready for the dance session? The kids say yes.

Meher recalls how Kulwant ordered to get the car’s details and she was blaming the shopkeeper. Kulwant gives money to the widow and says get out of this city. She says got it. She is leaving and collides with Meher. The cash falls down. Kulwant hugs Meher. The woman runs. Kulwant says I found everything. It was Gurnam that day who was driving that truck. He died. He used to do drugs and drive. He died in an accident. He paid for what he did. He attacked my angel-like SIL. Bitu says yes, he had a bad police record. Rana says you should focus on your wedding now. Kulwant says let’s see the jewelry. Meher is confused. Meherasys I am missing something.

Episode ends.

Precap-Meher comes to the police station and says please check these details. He hit my husband with this truck. Sarab coms there. He’s mad at Meher. Meher says I was just.. He says your inquiry is most important to you. We aren’t getting married anymore.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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