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A Bond Of Unique Love – RIANSH Love Story (Episode 4)

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Episode 4:

The school bell rang and it was almost time to go home. Riddhima was packing her stuff and left the classroom with Sejal. They both boarded the school bus. But before Sejal could sit beside Riddhima, Vansh quickly sat on the next seat.

Vansh: Sejal, do you mind sitting next to Kabir, as he is your buddy now?

Sejal: Yeah sure, I’ll beside Kabir.

Riddhima: No Sejal, you can’t leave me with this Khadoos.

Meanwhile, Kabir was getting jealous seeing Riddhima & Vansh sitting next to each other.

Kabir (thinking): How dare he sit beside Riddhima?

Sejal sits next to Kabir, while Riddhima has to sit next to Vansh.

Riddhima: Why did you want sit next to me?

Vansh: Because we are buddies from now on.

Riddhima: But that doesn’t mean you could sit next to me.

Vansh: Of course I can, buddies are supposed to do everything together.

Riddhima: What? Who told you that and we are only supposed to work together for the project, not sitting together in the bus.

Vansh: I have messaged you the address of my house and don’t be late.

Riddhima: I never come late.

Ishani was smiling seeing the two fight and argue.

Ishani (thinking): They are pole apart and never agree on anything. I wonder how they work on “Buddy Project”.

Riddhima & Ishani left the school bus, as they have reached their house.

At Riddhima’s house:

Riddhima was really annoyed that Vansh is her buddy and she disliked him so much.

Chanchal: What happened dear, why are you upset?

Riddhima: Today, the principal introduced “Buddy Project” and the teacher paired with the new student – Khadoos.

Dadi: Its ok beta, it happens sometimes. Don’t be so worried. Come and have lunch.

Ridhima: Yeah, after lunch I’ll finish my homework and then after that I have to go to Vansh’s house at 5 pm for the project planning.

Chanchal: Ok, but how long will it take you there?

Riddhima: I am actually not sure, mom. But I think maybe 2 hours. I’ll call you if I get late.

Chanchal: Ok dear.

Ishani: Wow, di. You are lucky you get to go his house. And I have to stay at this house and finish homework.

Riddhima: I am not going there for party, we have to complete important project. Even, I don’t want to go, but I am helpless.

Ishani: Ok di. You go and when you come back, please help me with the homework.

Riddhima: You never learn how to do it by yourself and always dependent on me.

It was almost 5 pm.

Riddhima: Bye mom. I am leaving.

Chanchal: Ok, go carefully.

At Vansh’ house.

Vansh: Mom, today that Ziddhima is coming and we are working together on a project in my room.

Anupriya: Ok beta.

Siya: Wow, bhai. You already made a “girlfriend” on the second day of school.

Vansh: Shut up Siya. She is not even my friend and the teacher paired us together. So we can’t do anything in that.

Just then Riddhima enters. Vansh saw her and went towards her.

Vansh: Wow, you are perfectly on time.

Riddhima: I told you, I am never late.

Vansh: Ok, let me introduce you to my family. This is my mom and sister – Siya. And before you ask about my dad, he went to a business meeting.

Riddhima: Namaste Aunty. Hello Siya.

Anupriya & Siya: Hi Riddhima.

Vansh: Mom, we are going to my room upstairs.

Anurpriya: Ok beta, I’ll bring snacks after a while.

Vansh & Riddhima went upstairs. They both sat on the bed and started planning.

Vansh: By the way, did you like my room?

Riddhima (anger): We are not here to discuss your room.

Vansh: But, still you can at least look at it.

Riddhima (without noticing): Yeah, it’s good and tidy. So shall we start the project? I have an idea. Maybe we can design a website and put all the related information there and we also make an option for donations. This way people can donate money for the education of poor children.

Vansh: It’s the first time I have liked any idea of yours. We should definitely do that.

Riddhima: Great, how about you research all the information and I start designing the website.

Vansh: Ok, first time I am agreeing with you.

Riddhima made a cute, fake smiling face and Vansh started laughing.

Anupriya entered the room and brought snacks for them.

Anurpriya: Make sure you finish the snacks, while working.

Vansh & Riddhima: Ok.

Vansh & Riddhima continue working on the project. It was indeed the first time that they are working together, otherwise they both fight all the time. Both were laughing and smiling, while working. It was a good time for both of them.

Riddhima looking at the clock.

RIddhima: What, it’s already 7 pm. It’s been 2 hours already. I think I should leave now, we’ll finish the rest later. My mom might get worry about me.

Vansh: Ok.

Vansh & Riddhima come downstairs.

Riddhima: Bye Aunty. I am leaving now.

Anurpriya: Vansh, go and drop Riddhima home.

Riddhima: No, it’s not required. I’ll go by myself.

Anurpriya: It’s definitely required and it’s no harm if Vansh goes with you.

Riddhima & Vansh have to agree.

Vansh: Ok, let’s go.

Vansh drops Riddhima home. Riddhima was thinking about how nicely Vansh treated her for the first time and how they worked on the project really corporately. But, Vansh was thinking something different. He was thinking about how hasn’t teased Riddhima yet and had fun seeing her annoyed.

Vansh: Bye Ziddhima!

Riddhima (irritated): Why do you always have to spoil everything? It was the first time we didn’t argue or fight. But you always have to say something at the end.

Vansh: See, who’s arguing now.

Riddhima: But you started first. Bye, I am going.

Precap: Vansh’s prank on Riddhima.

So how was this episode? Did you like Riansh’s happy moments or the arguments? Please comment and support me.

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