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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik aids Ranvir’s wound

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kartik greeting Ranvir and asking how did you get hurt. Ranvir says its a small accident, I m fine. Kartik says I m staying close, you need medical attention, come, its good I was going back, my meeting got cancelled. He takes Ranvir with him. Suwarna asks Sirat to choose the ring. Sirat says ask Kartik to choose it. Suwarna says he chose the girl, that’s enough, try the rings now. Rhea looks on. Sirat thinks of Ranvir. Kartik says we met twice and didn’t know our names. Ranvir says Kartik Goenka, you had ordered shoes and gloves, you called at SSC right. Kartik says yes, and you.. Ranvir says I m Ranvir, I had delivered that order. Kartik says we have a strong connection, we reached. Ranvir and Sirat have their boxing keychain rings. Rhea says Sirat would be confused, she would have not seen so many rings before. Sirat scolds her.

Rhea thinks I will make her shut up, once I know about her ex. Kartik and Ranvir come to the hotel. Vansh says we will choose what we don’t want. Kairav asks Sirat what type of ring she wants. Sirat tells the kids. They help her in choosing it. Kairav and Vansh keep the rings aside. They select one. Sirat says its great, when I don’t know what want, I will remove what I don’t want, thanks Kairav and Vansh. She likes a ring and asks will Kartik like this ring. Kairav nods. Gayu says you like it, right. Suwarna asks Sirat to show it to Kartik. Sirat says no, I can’t handle costly thing. Suwarna asks her to go. Kairav says I will come along. Kairav and Sirat go. They hear the staff saying about Kartik’s friend who is hurt. Kairav says we will go and see. Sirat says we will go later. Kairav says no, he may need our help.

Kartik takes Ranvir to his room. He says your wound is deep. Ranvir says not deeper than heart wound. Kairav comes. Sirat gets busy on call with the coach. Kairav asks what happened, are you hurt. Ranvir says no. Kairav says show me, I m not scared. Ranvir shows it. Kairav says its a deep cut, I will get first aid box. Kartik says he is my son, Kairav, he is from my first wife, she is no more. Ranvir says I m sorry. Kartik says I had ordered the gift for… Ranvir says understood. Kairav makes Ranvir sit. He says I will do the aid. Kartik says I will do. Kairav says I will distract you by a story, you won’t get pain. Ranvir smiles. Kartik does the aid. Ranvir says you are cool, what’s your hobbies. Kairav says you are also cool, reading, etc. Ranvir says I have an open jeep, I will come on a bike next time, if your dad allows, then I can take you on bike ride also. Kartik says Ranvir, my son has become your fan. He asks Kairav to go with Ranvir. Ranvir gets a call. He goes out. Kartik asks whose ring is it. Kairav says its Sirat’s ring for engagement. Kartik says show it to her, where is she. Kairav says she selected it, she is outside, I helped her in selecting this. Kartik says its nice. Ranvir sees it and thinks Sirat would have liked it. Kartik gives painkillers to Ranvir. The ring falls in the medicine packet.

He says I took doctor’s appointment, meet him, take the painkiller. Ranvir says thanks. Kartik says time is not imp than friendship. Ranvir says you made me your friend. Kartik says we don’t have a relation now, but can happen in future. Ranvir says I will meet you soon Kairav. Kartik says my fiancee is outside, meet her. Sirat enters other room. She says this isn’t Kartik’s room. Kartik and Ranvir leave. Kartik says she isn’t here. Ranvir says its fine, there is always a next time, thank you so much. Kartik says please take care. Ranvir leaves. He sees the gloves kept there. He walks away. Sirat comes there and asks what happened, how is your friend, how did he get hurt, I heard at the reception. Kartik says he just left, I did the bandage and sent him. She asks how is the ring. He says nice. She says I have worked hard in selecting the ring. He says then its very good. Rhea looks on.

He asks her to keep it. She says no, give it to someone else. He says I will give it to mum. She sees Rhea and pulls Kartik’s cheeks calling him cute. She says I m so lucky to get you, will you sing a song for me in the engagement, romantic. He gets away and says okay. Rhea leaves. Sirat also runs away. Suwarna asks Dadi to come soon. Kartik asks is Dadi coming. Suwarna says it depends on Guru ji’s health. Kartik says its Sirat’s ring, its good. She says Sirat is a nice girl, we are lucky to find a nice girl for the second time, its not easy to forget old love, if we get a good life partner, then its easy to make a relation. He says like yours and dad’s relation. She says Nani went to buy the ring, she said she will get it according to rasam. He says she can’t afford it. She says I asked her to buy a light ring, she went with the driver, I told her about the shop. He thanks her and hugs. He says I wish everyone could accept her. She says Manish and Naksh will agree soon, we stopped Naksh, I want Naksh and Kirti to spend time with Sirat, Sirat will win Naksh’s heart with her goodness. He nods.

Ranvir comes to meet Kartik. The man says they are in the banquet hall. Ranvir comes there. Kartik and Sirat dance with the family. Nachne de saare….plays…. Rhea asks are you Ranvir, Sirat’s ex. He gets shocked.

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