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The Twisted game of Destiny- Like Father, Like Daughter ep4. RiAnsh Fanfiction IMMJ2

Like Father, like daughter.

Heyy guys, thanks for all the support from the previous episode! I’m glad ya’ll are liking my FF. Please keep commenting and supporting in the comments section. Most of you guessed it right, Vansh was feeling suffocated because of remembering Riddhima. The previous episode 👇

The Twisted game of Destiny- Entry or not? ep3. RiAnsh Fanfiction IMMJ2

Riva: Thanks for being so friendly with us. We appreciate it.  What about Mr Vansh’s wife?

Hearing that, almost everyone’s face went pale. They never wanted to talk about that. They had a hard time forgetting it. But a voice from behind them all reached their ears. It was anger that was speaking. It was pain that was speaking. Had he been crying all that time?

Vansh: Enough! (he said in anger and his eyes portrayed pain) I welcomed you warmly that doesn’t mean you start poking your nose in my personal matters! I will decide when you should ask us such type of questions! Why do you want to know about her? Are you related…no right, THEN!! You want to know about my wife right! SHE’S DEAD! Got it.  (he stomped from there in dismay)

Dadi: Please don’t mind him. He has gone through a lot.

Rivan: It’s okay dadi. I apologize from Riva’s side. We will head to the room.

Riva: Excuse me! What do you mean by apologize, I just asked a question? (she’s short tempered) I never knew what he has gone through and that my question would hurt him and you all so much. But that doesn’t mean he can just shout at anyone! (pissed) Please lead us to the guest room!

Rivan: Ri! Calm down. (whispering)

They were taken to the guest room by Shayne and Anisha. They made the room comfortable for them to stay In and told them about the eating times. They exited the room leaving them alone. They both settled down on the bed, it was an exhausting journey for them. That is when Rivan took the opportunity and had a talk with Riva.

Rivan: Ri, calm down. Look all I was trying to say is take things slowly. Don’t rush things!

Riva: I wasn’t rushing things up, I just wanted to know what he would say about his wife! I didn’t meant to hurt him, I don’t know what happened to his wife according to them! (shouting) He also shouldn’t have spoken like that! (calming herself down)

Rivan: Do Anulom Vilom! It will calm you. (she nodded and did so) Again like father like daughter. Same traits inherited by you. Daddy’s girl. I’m like Mom! (he giggled)

Riva: Ha-ha! (sarcastically) Interesting, Very interesting…. And you Mumma’s little boy! Anyway, you know what, I’m over the moon, and finally we found our father! We need to get working with our mission soon.

Rivan: Yea we will but for now I’m going to freshen up. (he left to the washroom)

Ishani’s Room

Ishani:  (talking to Sia and Dadi) Did you see how that girl behaved?

Sia: Yea I know she didn’t do right but from her point of view she was right!

Ishani: But when did I say that she didn’t do right. I’m talking about the anger and the attitude she carries around. Her eyes. Isn’t she similar to Vansh bhai?

Dadi: Yes, I agree, she is very similar but there is no relationship between them. I hope she is fine. If her anger overpowers her then it might lead her to take an unwanted step. Like Vansh, he would start breaking things in anger, I hope she doesn’t do anything like that and hurt herself. (worried)

Sia: Don’t worry dadi, Rivan is there. He knows how to keep her calm and poised. They are twins, they know how to handle each other. I think Rivan is smart in that way, he wouldn’t act so soon, he would think before acting and Riva the opposite, she’s intelligent and no doubt to it, but she would act before thinking.

Ishani: Yea probably. I find both of them cool. Anyway, let’s go it’s almost lunch. I wonder how Bhai is doing. I really hope he is doing well.

Piano Room

Angre: (With Vansh) Bhai are you fine? Please don’t take their words to heart, they don’t know anything. They are kids.

Vansh: (playing the piano- imm2 bgm) I know Angre! You very well know I can’t control my anger! It overpowers me all the time! Damn it! I shouted on her! They never knew but you know right, how the topic boils my anger. It makes me realize my fault. It was all my mistake!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this. The more the response the earlier I will post 😜 Please let me know how you found it in the comments section. Please keep supporting like you all always do. Keep commenting.

Question: Which mistake do you think he was he talking about?
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