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The Story of Two Mafias-13-Haldi & Sangeet

The Singhania mansion is decorate beautifully..

Both the families are present here, they decided to organise at one place and NOT to invite much people.

The main outfits :

Shehnaaz :

Siddharth :

Riddhima :

Vansh :

The few guests are welcomed inside.

Manya : Riddhimaa…Haldi..

Riddhima : Comingg..

Riddhima is coming taking the bowls of haldi when a bowl is about to fall but Vansh saves it and the haldi sprinkles on their both’s faces.

Abhilasha : Manya, this is auspicious! Falling of wedding’s haldi on someone else means Riddhima’s wedding is gonna the next one…

Manya : Don’t worry, see Vansh..

They all chuckle. Riddhima feels embarrased while Vansh smirks at her. Then, she comes and gives both the bowls.

Riddhima : Auspicious..Huh! I don’t believe..

They all start applying to Sid and Shehnaaz..

“Hilla de chaldi
Tuk tuk tu kardi
Make up tu kardi yaar
Angrezi padhdi
Git-pit tu kardi
Jimme queen saddi Victoria
Tu ghanti big bang di
Pura London Thumakada”

Everyone is busy dancing when Vansh grabs Riddhima’s hand and takes to a corner.

Lioness Oops Riddhima : What is wrong with you? Why have you dragged me here? I…

He keeps finger on her mouth.

Vansh : Shh..I want to tell you that..

Riddhima : That..??

Vansh : Yesterday..

Riddhima : Wait..(trying to recall) what happened to me yesterday?

Vansh narrates.

Riddhima : Ugh!!! I’m mad..Idiot….but you are double idot!! Huh!

Vansh : Why?

Riddhima : Just shut up..And forget it..I’m going..

She leaves.

Vansh : Weird…Very weird..

Over to rest people :

SidNaaz narrate the RiAnsh story from the beginning to all..

Dev : What? Really?

Sid : Yess..

Sohail : What’s the plan now?

Shehnaaz : Shhhpshhhshhhhpshhhhhhhhh

Manya : And your wedding is gonna happen?

Sid : Ofcourse and mom (Abhilasha) please also call Siya back..

Sohail : NO, let her complete her..

Abhilasha : It’s ok Sohail, she’ll come tomorrow, don’t worry…

Sid smiles.

Over to the Sangeet ceremony :

Sid :

Shehnaaz :

Vansh :

Riddhima :

The Jaago ceremony is performed. Time for the sangeet ceremony, one by one all of them perform in the sangeet ceremony. Then, Riddhima, Vansh, Manya, Abhilasha, Sohail and Dev sit on the floor.

Dev : Who’s gonna play dholki?

Riddhima : Me-me..

Abhilasha : You know? Doesn’t seems like..

They chuckle.

Riddhima : You all don’t know me..Anyway, now I’ll show you who is Riddhima Singhania..

Lathe di chadar
utte saleti rang mahiya
aawo sahmne, aawo sahmne
kolon di russ ke na lang mahiya
Channa kandan tun marya e akh we
sadde aatee de wich hath we
lathe di chadar utte saleti rang mahiya…

They all clap.

Riddhima : Hhh..See, I play very well…By the way, isn’t it in Punjabi tradition?

Manya : It is, dear..but we, Singhanias, follow this..

Abhilasha : And we too!!

Riddhima : So, if your talks and traditions are over, can I change mom..

Manya : No..

Riddhima : Why? What is the pro..

Manya : Shh..The sangeet isn’t over yet..

Riddhima : Arrey why?

Vansh : Dear Riddhima, tomorrow is wedding, so ofcourse, everything is gonna happen..

Riddhima : Ohh..Thanks for telling..Dear Vansh..(sarcastically)

After a few talks, the Rai Singhania’s left while Singhania’s started the choodha ceremony.

That’s for this episode…Hope you enjoyed it but the next is gonna be a long one + more enjoying..All you need to do is comment..

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