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The reason of my ecstasy — Chapter 10

Hii guys. Hope you all are doing well. I have written this chapter 10times and it got deleted at the end moment.😭😭😭 I wrote it again and again. Don’t know what will happen this time. My fingers will fall down😖😖. Okay so an important announcement everyone please please please pray for our dear writer mennu di. She is not well. Hope she get well soon. So let’s start with my today’s episode without wasting time. 

Chapter:10…”Past Unfolds”…

The episode starts with Sia telling about past.

Sia: Shweta was Vansh bhai’s fiancee but she attempted suicide on their marriage day.

Sejal: Why?Any misunderstanding?

Sia: Yes better to say more then that. They were a perfect couple.

Sia’s phone rangs so she went aside to receive it.

Sejal: You know the whole story then why are you listening to this again?

Riddhima: I want to know the story in their point of view.( fiercely )

Sia came back.

Sia: So let me start with their first meet.

Flash back Starts:

Angre: Vansh do fast. We will be late for our meeting. Kabir why he takes so much time yr?

Kabir:I think he wants to look cool always so that all girls look at him and we have to suffer.

Angre:Now stop he is coming. We will talk about this matter today only but later.

Vansh: Good morning Angre and Kabir.

Angre:Good morning Vansh.

Kabir:Morning bro.

Vansh:Let’s leave for the meeting otherwise we will be late.

Kabir: We will late for you bhai.

Dadi: You three will not do breakfast?

Angre: Dadi we will do our breakfast their only.

Three of them leaves.

On the other side a girl was checking her patients.

Girl: How are you aunty? Today you will get discharge.

Aunty:But I will not be able to see you beti.

Girl:Don’t worry I will come to your home everyday.

Aunty:You are really god for us. May god bless you and give you all happiness.

Nurse:Dr. Shweta patient in room no. 104 gained conscious please come.



Three of them get the deal.

Angre: Vansh we need party for this, we got the deal.

Kabir: Yes bro.

Vansh:I don’t like all this party. You two can enjoy.

Kabir: Okay first we should have our breakfast. Do you have any problem with it also?


They all go for breakfast. Three of them came home. They were talking outside the mansion. They didn’t saw that someone aims a gun at him. The person shots and bullet hit in Vansh’s stomach.

Kabir:Vansh bro!!!(shocked)

Angre:Don’t close your eyes. Kabir call a docotor immediately. It will take much time if we go to hospital and this type of cases may invite police which will be not good for us.

Vansh(writhing in pain): I am fine. Don’t wo….worry. Just ca…call a doc….doctor…in our..home on..only.

Kabir:For god’s sake shut your mouth.

Angre took him inside the house. Everyone panics seeing Vansh in that state. Kabir calls a doctor.

Kabir:Shweta come immediately in my house. There is an emergency. My brother got shoted.

Shweta:I am coming.

Shweta comes there with medical equipments. Vansh was unconscious. Shweta took out the bullet and bandage the area. After treating him, she came out of the room.

Shweta:No need to worry. He is out of danger. He will gain conscious soon.

Sia: Can we meet with him?

Shweta: Only two people are allowed now.

Anupriya:Let me go please.

Kabir: I will also go.


Anupriya cries holding Vansh’s hand.

Kabir:I am not a god brother. I can’t protect him. I am very bad(crying).

Shweta:Kabir stop crying. He is fine. It’s not your fault.

Anupriya:Thank you Shweta. You saved my Vansh.

Shweta:Aunty this is my duty.

Kabir:Mom I forgot to tell you she is my best friend Shweta Chakraborty. Shweta she is my mom

Shweta: Nice to meet with you.

Vansh slowly gains conscious.

Shweta: How are you feeling now Mr. Vansh?

Vansh opened his eyea and saw her. He feels butterflies are fluttering in his stomach.

Vansh’s pov starts:

Is she treated me? If a person like her treat a death person then he can also become alive. How sweet her voice is and she called me by my name. It feels so good to hear my name in her voice. Oh god I am falling for her.

pov ends.

Vansh:I am totally fine Miss..?

Kabir:Bro she is my best friend Dr. Shweta Chakraborty.

Vansh(in his mind): Then I can meet with her anywhere and anytime.


Shweta:I should leave now. I have other patients to check. Take care Mr. Vansh.

Shweta leaves.

Anupriya:Let me cook for you something.

Anupriya also leaves.

Vansh: Kabir you didn’t meet us with your best friend earlier.

Kabir:Bro she came here before 1 week.

Vansh:Where she used to stay?

Kabir:Her hometown Kolkata.

Vansh:She came here with her family?

Kabir:Actually she is an orphan.

Vansh:Ohh. So she lives alone?

Kabir:She lives with her friend Ishani. But why are you asking so much about her? Are you falling for her?

Vansh: No nothing like that.(blushes)

Kabir:Oh my god! My bhai is in love. Love at first sight.

Vansh: Idiot shut up! Nothing like that.

Kabir: Ok you take rest.

Kabir leaves.

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