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The handsome hunk: Our King Rrahul Sudhir aka Vansh Rai Singhania. #Rrarmy Part 7

Hello guys. Here is a new part about our hero and amazing king Rrahul Sudhir. I hope you all could like it and enjoy it and please do drop your comments for him not for me.

So let’s go.

Guys I’m really speechless and I will never have any words to praise on it that amazing Idol. Rrahul Sudhir is just nailing it!

What is that man?! What is an amazing performance?! What is that amazing talent?!

Trust me guys everytime I decide to write a new part without talking once again about his effort and his role as Vansh Rai Singhania, I got to be shocked and amazed with a very brilliant and outstanding shade that he has portrayed it at immj2 that makes isn’t able to not talk about it.

The way he has portrayed on it that he was poisoned and he was suffering so much has really touched my heart and made me very emotional.

I got really teary because he has really rocked it and he has conveyed the feelings to all of us and that makes us know how he is just brilliant.

When I was seeing the way he was paining that much and portraying that feelings as Vansh being poisoned, I got to feel that this is the same thing that he has felt it and has suffered from it when he was tested positive to covid19.

I was feeling that he has got to convey to us that feelings very easily because he has suffered from something similar to it when he was being isolated when he has suffered from corona virus at the end of September.

As yeah Rrahul sir has tested positive to covid19 when he was shooting normally for his show immj2.

He has tested positive at 24th September and this what he has said it at his instagram at that day.

He has spent his birthday while he was isolated, but then God has given him another chance with a new life when he has recovered from covid19 and he has returned back to his life and his daily shooting.

Our hero was being very overwhelmed from all of his fans’ support and for each and everything he has learnt it from his suffer from corona.

This what he has talked about also on his instagram after his birthday.

He doesn’t know how much we got to be very happy for his recovery.

We will always he happy when you are happy and satisfied our brilliant hero.

Our love and support will always be for you sir.

So yeah that’s why I have felt that those were the symptoms that he was suffering from it.

I have got so emotional to feel that those stuff are what he has suffered from it and we didn’t have seen how he was being very paining.

Maybe because I have passed through the same pain of covid19 so I could be understanding what he has passed through it.

He has suffered from stuff that we weren’t able to see it.

We always see his happiness, joy, and funny moments but we never see how he has suffered a lot and how he is a very strong person who has suffered from so many stuff and he is still being able to stand on his feet and live his life happily and strongly.

He is really an inspirational and role model to all of us.

He is so strong person. I will always be proud that he is my best and most favorite actor ever.

Rrahul sir, you are really nailing it.

I was sure that you will always impress us so much at Goa’s shooting and this what you have really done it.

Just during those couple of episodes, you have rocked it so much.

Waiting for many more and more amazing talents from our amazing and brilliant hero.

From 2 days ago, our hero has completed 3 years of his special role Aryan Mathour.

This role will always be a very special role to Rrahul sir because it is the role that has made him very popular and has made him show his abilities and amazing talents.

Rrahul sir was enjoying his time with his friends from a couple of days and it was very noticeable on his face how was being very happily and enjoying.

He will always be that amazing friend that anyone could be very proud and happy to have him as a friend.

Rrahul sir is just rocking and he will always rock.

His generous quality is a thing that melts our heart so much.

That what appears when he has posted an appreciation note on his instagram to all the people who have lost their lives because of the pandemic and that is a very kind hearted thing from him.

I will never see a person who’s so generous like that because simply there will never be any person like Rrahul Sudhir.

Actually, his name wasn’t going to be Rrahul as his mom was named him Avinash when he was born.

Then his father has changed it because he felt that Avinash’s name is a boring one and he has closed Rrahul’s name for our hero.

That what Rrahul has said it during one of the questions that he has got received it from “Ask me questions game”

Rrahul’s name has got to be a very popular name on the Indian industry and now no one could be able to forget Rrahul sir’s name and his abilities.

From the ask me question game we also got to know that his room’s color is off white.

This is a very simple color who allows all the colors around it to bright and this is the same as our hero as he always allow everyone around him to shine and bright.

He himself is shining so much so of course he will make everyone around him shines so much.

Rrahul’s deep voice will always be one of the amazing stuff about him that melts everyone’s heart.

Actually, during one of the old interviews of him the interviewer has asked him about that stuff.

She has asked him do any girl has got amazed and attracted to him just by his voice without seeing him and of course guys you know the answer of this question! 😅😉

Of course this has happened and that what he has said it when he has discussed about a situation that has happened to him because of that.

He has said that he was being with one of his friends at his own house and that friend was talking to a girl and Rrahul was just talking while his friend was talking to that girl.

Then this girl has asked about the one who is talking( she was meaning Rrahul) and she has requested to talk with Rrahul just because of his special and deep voice.

When they have just spoke for 5 minutes, the girl has requested to catch up with Rrahul sir and this was just because of his unique voice.

Of course Rrahul sir will witness those incidents a lot because he is really owing a very awesome voice.

So let’s talk about some questions Rrahul sir has answered during one of his old interviews.


Those stuff will make you all know more stuff about our hero and will make all of us fall more and more deeply for him by his amazing personality and his sense of humor and how is always being natural and he doesn’t fake what he feels.

So when he got questioned about the last lie he has lied it during this time was saying that I’m busy.

And to be honest sometimes we all do the same thing so you are not alone sir 😅❤

His most bizarre nickname was dillo and this nickname he has taken it when he has started playing basketball and he was training with so many officers and elder people so they have kept this name for him!

When he has asked about what could be his 3 wishes if a genie has came to him, he has given a very unique answer exactly like him.

He has said that he is just needing a one which is wherever he wants and whenever he wants should happen the way he wants.

This is a very brilliant way in thinking that never comes from any mind other than a brilliant mind like Rrahul’s mind.

The most craziest thing that he could do it in front of the mirror is dancing!

That’s a very logical thing because he really dances in a very lovely way.

The meanest thing he has said it to someone else was that “You are a great person!”

Oh my God! He is so funny and brilliant!

The most app that he wastes his time on it is instagram.

His deepest darkest fear is that one day all of those stuff could pass by and whatever he has done could be nonsense after some time and his life could be completely different.

So he has that fear that everything could change around him.

I just hope that God could always protect him and make all his dreams come true and nothing could make him face his fear.

His biggest regret that he didn’t has came to the industry when he was young and he has took his time until he has entered into this industry world.

His first moment of achievement is what he is having it right now.

He is really got to be very well known between everyone in a very short time and this is a very huge success to him that we are all very proud of it.

His first pay check was his job when he was working as an engineer.

You can’t see anything from Rrahul without fall more for him.

He is just an angel who has came accidently to this world.

Keep rocking and shining sir.

So bless your day with his outstanding smile.






So let’s end this part on this point. Wait for more parts about our hero that will be stating on it different stuff about him and more new special information about him. I will be waiting for all of yours comments because I always get encouraged to write more because of the comments and lovely support that I receive it from you all. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below. 

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