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Shivi OS: Be WIth Me

Hey Everyone, Mehak here.

How are you all doing? Hope you are doing great. Well, I am back with a One Shot on Shivi. Hope you find it amazing. But before this I would like to inform you that the dialogues are written in Hindi as well as in English. For English, it is written in the brackets.

Author’s Note: The last part of the story Shivi TS: Parwah Hai would be uploaded in a few days. I am not feeling well so I am unable to finish the story. You got to wait a little longer.

Let’s Begin…

Shivi OS: Be With Me – I Need You

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The scene starts after Raavi has accused Shiva of abandoning her.

In Shiva and Raavi’s room

Raavi has changed her clothes and is looking herself in the mirror. All the events are replaying in her mind. Currently she is in a dilemma, her mind is convinced that Shiva abandoned her and he fled, but somewhere her heart trusts Shiva and believes that he was with her and would have saved her eventually. Alas, Raavi is paying more attention to her mind. It is as if she is blindfolded or she has temporary amnesia. She ignores Shiva’s actions and the care that reflects in his eyes.

She is engrossed in her own thoughts when she hears a knock and soon after the door opens and Shiva enters. He notices that Raavi is in deep thinking, he thinks to not bother her. But Raavi is in the mood to do something drastic. She turns to face Shiva. He notices that there is hurt, angry and sadness on her face. Alas Raavi couldn’t notice the hurt in Shiva’s eyes nor could she see care or maybe it is his love.

Raavi takes a few steps towards Shiva and with serious expression she says “I hate you shiva” Shiva looks at her keenly. He is not hurt with her declaration. He is trying to find the hatred in her eyes but he couldn’t, all he is able to see is disappointment and fear. He knows that she is disappointed but the fear, that is new for him.

Raavi says “I hate you Shiva” again and again, with each word her voice is increasing, saying this her voice chokes and tears starts escaping her eyes. Seeing her in this state breaks his heart. He feels a pain that he has never felt.

And she fell on her knees and cries, she bends forward and keeps on repeating “I hate you Shiva”. She covers her face with her hands. Her cry is not loud yet. Shiva get on his knees and tries to hold her but she shakes off his hands. Shiva noticed the irregularity in her breathing, her breath is getting frequent and shallower. She is finding it difficult to breathe, and is choking. With the tears falling. Shiva has never seen Raavi in such broken state. Raavi starts to hyperventilate. Her cry is getting loud and painful. Shiva too is amidst a storm of his own feelings towards Raavi and is not able to understand the reason behind her pain and his plight. He could just hear a voice in the back of his mind that asks him to comfort Raavi.

Shiva hugs her tightly and tries to comfort her by patting her head and roaming his hands on her back. He whispers in her ear, “Raavi”

Hearing her name from him did its magic, Raavi froze for a few seconds. She has heard everything from his mouth when he addressed her but not her name. It shocks her which helps her hold her breath for a little longer. The effect encourages Shiva and he again whispers “Raavi listen to me”

He notices that her breathing is getting a little bit better. It is getting a bit deeper, and her shivering is getting better and her sobbing is getting lesser. Shiva whispers “Sab theek hai, me hu tere paas [Everything is fine, I am here with you]”

Slowly-slowly, Shiva feels that Raavi is doing better. Raavi is able to take deeper breaths, she is getting calm. In her mind his words are echoing, ‘Me hu tere paas [I am herewith you]’. It is giving her reassurance that she is not alone. It provides her peace. Only she knows what value these words hold in her life right now.

Raavi tries come out of his grip by pushing him a bit, but he is adamant on keeping her close so he just loosens up his grip so that she can have some space. He is holding her by her arms. She looks in his brown orbs and asks “Tu – [You]” before she could continue complete her question, Shiva replies ” Me hu yaha tere liye [I am here for you] “. This shocks Raavi as Shiva has answered her question before she could even ask him properly.

Shiva looks deeply in her hazel brown eyes and asks “Kya hua bata mujhe [What happened]”. But Raavi is silent.

Shiva says her name again “Raavi” and cups her face, looking deeply and intensely in her orbs he says “Jo bhi hai dil me bata mujhe; me sunna chahta hu tere dil ki baat [Tell me, I want to listen to you]

His eyes and his voice, does its magic again, Raavi feels as if she is under hypnoses and she opens her heart.

Raavi looks in his eyes with the same intensity; but with gloomy voice she says “Tu mujhe chod kar chala gaya tha [You abandoned me]”

Shiva knew that Raavi was upset but he doesn’t know that it has impacted her this much. Shiva for the first time feels the need to clarify and explain his side of story. He says “Nhi Raavi me nhi gaya tha me tujhe chod kar, me kaise jaa sakta tha, me aa hi rha tha tujhe lene [Its not true Raavi, I didn’t abandon you, How could I, I was just coming to get you]”

His emotions behind his voice feels real, his words feels genuine. Raavi knows it and wants to trust him but there is a slight fear that it is a lie. Though the fear is tiny but it is scaring her a lot.

Raavi says with a fearful voice “Par tu chala gaya tha [But you left]”

Shiva assures her “Me nhi gaya tha chod kar tujhe, me aa raha tha vapas [I didn’t abandon you, I was coming to you]”

Raavi believes him, and states her fears, she says “Me dar gai thi Shiva ki kahi tu mujhe chod na de; me dar gai thi ki tu chod kar chala gaya mujhe aur tune to bola bhi tha; pata hai sabne mujhe chodo diya tha Maa, papa, my grandparents, friends, phir Dev [I was scared Shiva that you abandoned me, I was scared that you have left me forever; You have said that. Do you know that everyone has left me Maa, papa, my grandparents, friends, then Dev]” while speaking her voice chokes and soon tears starts falling again.

Shiva’s heart ache seeing Raavi in this fragile state. But when he hears Dev’s name he flinches. It hurt him that she mentioned Dev and cried. He misunderstands her, thinks that Dev holds some value in her life and not him. That he doesn’t hold the same value that Dev in her life still does. But he recomposes himself and wipes off her tears. He is about to say something but Raavi speaks.

Raavi continues “Par ab me tujhe nhi kho sakti Shiva. Agar tu mujhe chod deta to me tut jati. Me Vishwas karti hu tujhpar par tu chala gaya tha. Bahut bura laga tha mujhe. Tune dil dukhaya tha mera Shiva [But I couldn’t lose you too. If you would have left then I would have broken down. Shiva I trusted you and you left. It hurt me Shiva, You hurt me”]

It takes some seconds for Shiva to understand that she is affected by him and not Dev. She has left Dev behind, and he is her current chapter. It gives him happiness that he is the one that matters to her.

Shiva’s voice is gloomy and he says “Mujhe maaf karde Raavi mene tera dil dukhaya hai.Par Vishwas kar mera me nhi gaya tha Raavi. Me bas thodi der ke liye teri safety ensure karne gaya tha. Taki hum asani se nikal pae aur hume nhi pata tha ki konse weapon hai unke paas. Me teri safety risk nahi kar sakta tha. Aur me gaya tha vaha chod kar taki tu panic na ho aur jane se pehle ensure kiya tha ki tujhe koi problem na aae. Aur me aaya tha but mujhse pehle Dev aagaya tha. Vishwas kar mujhpar. [I am sorry Raavi, I hurt you. But trust me I didn’t leave with that intension. I just went to ensure your safety so that we can escape easily. We didn’t know what kind of weapon they had. I couldn’t risk your safety. I left you so that you don’t panic seeing all that. I went after ensuring that it was safe for you to stay there. I was coming but Dev arrived before me. Trust me Raavi.]”

Raavi says “I trust you Shiva” and she smiles a bit to reassure that she means it. Shiva smiles back. Shiva and Raavi forwards their face so that their forehead touches. They stay like this for a few minutes then Raavi says “I couldn’t lose you”. Shiva being himself doesn’t reply, he just smiles and squeezes her hands. This gesture brings more happiness to Raavi then the ‘Me too’.

After a few minutes, Raavi pulls away. The absence of her touch brings distress to Shiva. His smile is replaced by a frown but when he sees Raavi’s glistening eyes, rose tinted cheeks and her pretty smile, his frown vanishes and smile returns.

There is a sheer innocence in Raavi’s eyes when she says “Be with me”

Shiva replies “Forever”, his voice is filled with love.

Shiva looks at her waiting for her reply, Raavi giggles and says “Forever”

It is the first time since their marriage that he has heard her laugh heartily. Previously he used to be annoyed but now the same voice is like music to his ears, his favorite song and her smiling face his favorite scene. He can see this all the time. He had missed it. Shiva prays ‘Hay Somnath, isse ese hi haste rehne dena [Dear God Keep her smiling]’. Raavi looks at Shiva and seeing him lost in her, makes her feel as if she is the happiest person in the world. She feels serene. Shiva’s treasure is her smile and her treasure is his presence.

Shiva smiles and says “Aise hi rasti reh [Keep smiling like this]”

Raavi is in the mood, so she teases him by saying ” Kyo? [Why?]”

Shiva’s smile is constant and he says “Kyoki mujhe acha lagta hai jab tu smile karti hai [because I like when you smile]” . His reply gives her a new kind of happiness that she has never felt before.

Raavi has seen Shiva smiling but never with her. She felt as if she is dreaming. His smile gives her peace, she feels that it gives her some sort of power, to live life again. Raavi prays ‘Hay Somnath, Shiva ko hasne ke bahut mauke dena [Dear God, Give him gazillion reasons to Smile]’.

They are lost in each other; it is their moment.

Shiva pulls her closer, with her head on his chest listening his heartbeat and his head on hers. They wrap their arms around each other tightly and remain in each other’s embrace, finding their lost peace, happiness and love.


Scene change – In the Night

After finishing dinner, Krish calls everyone in the veranda and says “Today we will start a new tradition, since we have addition of two new members so every night for family time, we will sing songs”

Dhara says “Are Wah Krish kya idea hai [Ah Krish It’s a great idea]”

Gautam continues “Ha Maza aaega [Yeah it will be fun]”

Everyone likes this idea and are excited.

Krish says “Before that, please everyone sit in pair, Dhara Bhabhi and Gaumbi, Dev and Rishita, Shiva and Raavi and Me and Maa”. Krish is adamant to make Shiva sit next to Raavi and is eventually successful though there was a fight. Krish continues “So the first song will be “ and he turns on the music. Before the music starts he looks at Shiva and Raavi and smirks {Its Ve Maahi from Gold}

O maahi ve, o maahi ve,
My dearest, my sweetheart.
Maahi mainu chhaddeyo naa
Promise you won’t ever leave me
Ke tere bin dil nahio lagna
I can’t think straight without you.

Krish looks at Shiva and Raavi and winks. Shiva and Raavi understands what Krish is indirectly referring to. Nobody knows that Krish have eavesdrops Shiva and Raavi at the end of their conversation and he has dedicated this song to Shiva and Raavi.

Jithe vi tu chalna ae, Maahi main tere piche piche chalna
I’ll follow you hand-in-hand, To wherever you go,

Tu jee sakdi nai
You can’t live without me.
Main jee sakda nai
Neither I can live without you.

As the song continues Krish gives them teasing looks. With this mixture of lyrics, teasing looks and Shiva, Raavi feels her cheeks heating and also finds herself smiling. She feels like hiding her face but she couldn’t just hide her face neither with her hands nor in Shiva. Shiva is not doing great either, he feels like he would be blushing too. But he is maintaining his expression perfectly.

Raavi thinks ‘Shukhar hai somnath ka ki yaha light dim hai varna kya hota agar ye log mujhe ese dekhte. Aur ye Krish ko to me nhi chodongi, usne humari baate suni aur phir ese tang kar rha hai. [Thank god there is not much light here else everyone would have seen me. Oh this Krish I wont leave him, firstly he heard us and then he dared to tease us like this.]’

Shiva thinks ‘Shukhar hai somnath ka ki me normal behave kar paa rha hu varna Krish ne koi kasar nhi chhodi thi. Aur aaj to ye gaya, koi nhi bacha paega isse mujhse, ye hume tease kar rha hai [Thank god I am maintaining myself perfectly, but this Krish , he is done now. How dare he tease us]’

Raavi and Shiva in awkwardness looks here and there, and tries to maintain serious expressions.

Shiva looks at Raavi and finds her blushing and giggling. He thinks ‘Aaj ye marwaegi [She will get us caught] and to stop her he pinches her waist.

Raavi feels pain and whispers “Ouch” and glares Shiva.

Shiva angrily whispers “Tu kya kar rhi hai [What are you doing]”

Raavi innocently murmurs “Mene kya kiya [What have I done?]”

Shiva murmurs “Kya hai ye, chehra dekh bilkul lal tamatar ki tarha aur itna kyo has rahi hai Serious expression rakh varna pakde jaenge aur sab tease karenge [Look at you, You are blushing so much that you resemble a tomato and you are giggling a lot. Raavi maintain normal causal expressions else we will be caught and teased.]”

Raavi pouts and whispers “Are[Ah]”

Koi doosri main shartan vi rakhda nai
I don’t put any more conditions.
Kya tere baajon mera
What do I have without you?

Sachiyan mohabbatan ve

I could have no other true love, apart from you.
Ho maahi kithe hor nahio milna
Can’t be found anywhere else, sweetheart.
Hor nahio milna
Can’t be found anywhere else.

Jithe vi tu chaleya haan
Maahi main tere piche piche chalna
I’ll follow you hand-in-hand, To wherever you go.
Pichhe pichhe chaleya
I will follow you.

Before she could continue, Rishita says “Are Krish ye ganna change karde ye uncomfortable na feel kar rhe ho [Ah Krish, please change the song, It must be uncomfortable for Shiva and Raavi]” as she has misunderstands Shiva and Raavi and thinks that they are feeling awkward and are fighting over a romantic song.

Everyone looks at her and Dev nudges her with elbow.

She murmurs “Kya hai [What]”

Krish tries to suppress his laughter, alas he can’t and says “Are unhi ke liye to chalaya h, kyo? [Ah it’s for them only, isn’t it]”, he looks at Shiva and Raavi.

Everyone gets a bit shock but Dhara and Gautam smiles. Raavi and Shiva feels embarrassed and Raavi couldn’t bear that and runs for their room, seeing Raavi run Shiva gets up and runs saying “Me dekhta hu use kya hua [Let me go and see her].

Krish says “Dekha [I told you]”

Maa, Gautam and Dhara laughs.

Maa says “Chalo ab sab theek hai [Now everything is perfect]”

Gautam and Dhara looks at each other and smile, as if saying ‘surely they are in love.’

O maahi ve, O maahi ve.
My dearest, my sweetheart

Dil vich tere yaara mainu rehn de
If you’d keep me in your heart
Aankhon se yeh aankhon wali gal kehn de
We’d talk through our eyes.

Dhadkan dil di ae tainu pehchaane
My heartbeat feels your presence.
Tu mera hai main hoon teri rab bhi ye jaane
You are mine and I, yours, even the almighty cannot deny

Krish runs behind them, he finds the door closed but he screams that last line to tease them “Tu mera hai main hoon teri rab bhi ye jaane [You are mine and I, yours, even the almighty cannot deny]”

In the room, Raavi and Shiva sees each other and laugh heartily.

Who knew that these two will be in love.

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Well, that’s for today. Hope you find it amazing. Do comment and share your thoughts with me, I would love to hear. Like Comment and Share. Do Follow me. Meet you with new chapter soon.

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