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Santoshi Maa 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Swathi is saved by Hanuman.

Santoshi Maa 27th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Kunti telling Swathi not to cry and sit down and have lunch. She need not worry, everything will be fine. Indresh smiles and says I will take someone to eat Ice cream at her favorite shop and then we will also walk in the park, she will have fresh air too. Swathi smiles. Indresh says see, she is happy after hearing Ice cream. Kunti says yes, take her out, her mood will also be good once she gets a change of surrounding. Swathi and Indresh go. In the verandah, Devesh looks at them and thinks just a few days Swathi, then you will be mine. Laila thinks I have to plan something out soon.
Indresh and Swathi go to the park. They walk as Swathi recalls everything happened in the past few days. Swathi has tears. Indresh says don’t cry Swathi, I will arrest your tears. Swathi smiles. Indresh says do you remember this place? Look around. Swathi says yes, I do! During valentines day you sprayed flowers on me right here, how can I forget? Indresh smiles and says I will go and bring ice cream. Indresh brings ice cream and he and Swathi share and eat.
At home, Singhasan looks from the window in the verandah. He sees Indresh and Swathi watering the plants happily. Swathi says to Indresh, look I had planted this plant some time ago and it has started growing. Singhasan thinks I want this to be true that the baby belongs to Indresh, my family’s respect will be saved and everyone will lead a happy life.
Kunti tells Indresh to bring vegetables from the market. Swathi says even I will go with him because he doesn’t yet know how to bring good vegetables. Kunti laughs and says yes you both go. Swathi and Indresh go.
In the market, Swathi looks at Hanuman’s temple and she remembers doing pooja before. She says to Indresh lets go there and do the pooja of Hanuman and have his blessing. Indresh and Swathi go. Devi Polomi appears and says I will have to do something soon, she takes her human form. Devesh and Laila come in the car in the market. Polomi goes to meet them. As they all greet each other. Devesh spots something and goes towards it. Polomi tells Laila she knows everything about Devesh’s plan as she keeps going at his house. Polomi tells Laila to take action swiftly against Swathi. Polomi uses her powers to influence Laila and tells her to hurt Swathi so that Swathi and Indresh don’t go to Hanuman’s ashram. Laila goes.
Devesh follows Swathi and Indresh and comes towards the Hanuman temple. Indresh and Swathi start doing the pooja of Hanuman as the Rishi does his Pooja. Swathi remembers the time she was saved by a Rishi from a goon and when he gave her Lord Ram’s prasad.
Laila comes walking infuriated and says I will not leave you today Swathi. Narad muni says I have to remove the influence of Devi Polomi from Laila. Laila is suddenl;y touched by Lord Hanuman holy band from a walker bypassing her. Laila falls down and her influence is removed. She gets hurt on her head. Swathi watches this and runs for her help. Polomi gets angry and says this woman is of no use, I have to do something now. Devi Polomi looks at an electric pole and says I will make this fall over Swathi and she will be admitted in the hospital for a few days, just like I want. Laila says I don’t know how I came here. Swathi says I will call Indresh for help. Swathi calls Indresh. Indresh is coming but he sees the electric pole swaying. He is about to cross the road as there are cars. Devesh comes too. Indresh tries to warn Swathi.
As the pooja of Hanuman continues, Devi Polomi continues using her power against Swathi but her hand is suddenly burned. Indresh warns Swathi. Swathi looks at the pole as it falls down, a part hurts Laila. Swathi is saved from the electric pole. The Rishi appears and Swathi sees him, she is amazed. The baba who is Hanuman disappears. Indresh says Swathi you were saved because of the Lord. Swathi says I saw him just now, that Rishi. Where is he? Indresh says Swathi, I will take you to the ashram today. Swathi says what about mom and dad? Indresh says don’t worry about them, they will understand.
Devi Polomi goes back and she calls her parrot, Veer Rajendran. She says where is devraj Indra? The parrot says he is resting. Polomi calls devraj Indra and he appears. She says the tricks of gods will never stop. Indra dev says what happened? Polomi says Devi Santoshi could not do it herself so she made Mahabali Hanuman hurt me, see. Indra dev says why did you try to hurt Swathi? Polomi says are you on my side or Devi Santoshi’s? Devi Santoshi says, Polomi I hope you know that if you do evil karma, the consequences will also be evil. Polomi says yes I know, don’t come and burn my wounds more. Santoshi says I have come to help you, she gives a black flower and says put this on your wounds. Indra dev helps and puts the flower on Devi Polomi’s wounds, she is fine now.
Devi Polomi thinks Devi Santoshi, next time I will take your disciple in such a place where you wont even imagine.

Precap: Indresh and Swathi are going to ashram in their car. They disagree over if it is left turn or right turn. Polomi uses her powers and Indresh and Swathi meet with an accident.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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