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Riansh OS:- What Will you Do Without Me?

Hello… I have wrote this story for SwaSan, but want to give a try for Riansh If I’ll get good response then I will continue…

Riddhima married to Vansh 3 years ago. Vansh works for a company And Riddhima is a housewife. Riddhima is huge fan of daily soaps. But Vansh doesn’t like these stupid serials. He hates them because of these serials most of the time she neglects him..

After doing work Vansh returns to home. He is continuously knocking the door. Riddhima opens it after 10 minutes.

Vansh?: “Where were u Riddhu? I was knocking the door since 10 minutes.”

Riddhima:”Offo, Vansh ji. I was busy.”

Vansh: “Where ???”

Riddhima:”Vansh ji, I’m watching shakti, u know Viraat is about to save Heer but…”

Vansh: “but what ?”

Riddhima:”but advertisement came. And I opened the door. ?”

Vansh fumes with anger?:”Riddhimaaaa..”

Riddhima: “oops Vansh ji.. Advertisement is over. U go take ur dinner. “she leaves to watch the TV..

Vansh: “aww I hate these serials, I hate this Viraat also..”So atlast Vansh goes to kitchen and takes his dinner.. But Riddhima is still busy in watching serials. Vansh goes to his bedroom and starts doing his works.

After watching serials Riddhima comes to bedroom.

Riddhima:”Vansh ji.. Milk.”

Vansh: “keep it on the table. “he holds her hand. “Riddhu sit here ”

Riddhima:”Vansh ji how’s ur day?”

Vansh: “boring, let’s do something interesting.”??

Riddhima:”what Vansh ji? What will I do”Vansh pulled her towards him. And slightly kisses on her cheeks.

Vansh: “love me.”

Riddhima(blushes?):”Vansh ji.. Ap bhi na..”With this Vansh removes her sari and lay her down on the bed. He undoes her clothes. And his also and came top of her.

Vansh: “Riddhu U look more pretty when u blushes..”He moves towards her lips just then someone calls her.

Riddhima:”Vansh ji, stop someone is calling. ”

Vansh: “let it be Riddhu don’t disturb me. “but Riddhima checks the phone.

Riddhima:”Vansh ji it’s Sejal’s call”

Vansh: “Riddhu you can talk to her tomorrow.. Na please. ”

Riddhima :”Vansh ji we have full night na.. Please.. ”

Vansh?:”OK but cut the call soon. “huh gossip Queen Sejal.

Riddhima :”hi Sejal..”

Sejal:”areyyy Riddhima did u saw shakti today. Omg what a fight… Viraat is too good.”

Riddhima(excited☺):”ya Sejal. I just love Viraat. I wish he would my husband.. Such a caring guy..”Vansh looks towards Riddhima in shock

Vansh (“she is prasing that Viraat before me. Who the hell is he..?”)

Riddhima continues the serials gossips with Sejal for nearly one hours. Vansh is hell iretated by this.. As soon she disconnects the call. He becomes happy. He starts doing his work..?

Riddhima :”Vansh ji.. ”

Vansh busy in kissing her?.:”hmm..”

Riddhima:”u know what Vansh ji.. Harman ji changed his look but Somya doesn’t believe that he is her husband. If I will come to change my look will u able to recognize me.”

Vansh: “yup.. ”

Riddhima :”how Vansh ji.. ”

Vansh bites on her shoulder.. :”aww Vansh ji..”

Vansh: “I’ll recognize u with this love bite..??”

Riddhima:”Vansh ji.. U know today happened.. To Heer”

Vansh: “what happened??? And who is this Heer..”

Riddhima :”offo Vansh ji she is Viraat’s wife.. ”

Vansh: “hmm..”? he is hell iretated with her talks.. But continues his work.

Riddhima:”Vansh ji u know Viraat is very caring hubby.. I wish he would my hubby.. He loves her wife.. Madly.. ”

Vansh: “I too love my wife.. Now Riddhu stop ur gossips.. Let me do my work..”He moves towards her lips.. And starts caressing it with his thumb..

Riddhima:”but Vansh ji her wife is not like me.. She is different.. Heer is very lucky na she get very tall, handsome hubby.. I just love Viraat very much..he is so so cute..?”this is enough for Vansh..

Vansh: “who the hell this Viraat.. I’ll kill him..”

Riddhima :”if u kill him then what will happen to Heer..”

Vansh:”shut up Riddhima.. This Viraat and Heer spoiled my mood.”he tooks his blanket and sleeps on his side..

Riddhima :”what happened to Vansh ji… May be his very tense for Heer.. Vansh ji is very kind hearted na. Can’t see anyone in pain.”She too sleeps…

Next morning?

Riddhima:”Vansh ji.. It’s ur tea.”

Vansh ?: “I don’t want it give it to ur Viraat.”

Riddhima:”Vansh ji u r so sweet u cares for Viraat a lot. I’ll give him but I don’t know where is he?.. “?

Vansh (she is too much.)?. :”I don’t want it. “Riddhima sits on his laps..

Riddhima:”Vansh ji.. I know u r tense.. I should not tell u all this yesterday night.. “she kisses on his cheeks… And then his lips … Vansh becomes happy..

Vansh: “ya u should not tell that to me..”

Riddhima:”I know Vansh ji… U r very much tense for Heer.. But don’t worry Viraat is with her..”

Vansh?:”tense or me..huh..?”Vansh gets calls from Aahana.

Aahana: “Vansh.. U need to come office.. There is someone important work.. Boss is calling u.”

Vansh:”OK I’m coming Aahana..”

Riddhima (‘ huh I hate this chipkali Aahana.. Huh my foot. ‘):”Vansh ji don’t go..”

Vansh: “I’m going.. U just take care of ur Viraat..?”he leaves for office.

Just then Sejal comes.:”namestey jiju.. Where going ”

Vansh: “office.. ”

Sejal:”it’s Sunday.. Going office or to meet ur girlfriend.. “Riddhima stares at Vansh?

Vansh: “what is the need of girlfriend when u r here. ‘Sali’ is half wife na?”he leaves..

Sejal:”what is this Riddhima, u have no control on ur husband.. I think he must have an affair …”

Riddhima:”no.. He loves me he can’t live without me..”

Sejal:”u want to know his reality then I have a plan.. ”

Riddhima:”what plan..”

Sejal:”u just write a letter that u r bored with him and that’s why u r leaving him.. Then check his reaction.. ”

Riddhima:”OK.. But I’m damm sure he would not cheat me..”

With this Riddhima is ready with her plan.. She writes the letter and keeps it on table and herself hide under the bed… “Now I’ll see what will u do without me..”? After sometime Vansh comes.. He calls her.

Vansh: “Riddhu, where r u.. ? “don’t know where is she door was also open.. He is very much tense and continuously calling her.

Riddhima is smiling..”Hehe ? I knew it Vansh ji.. Can’t leave without me. This Sejal is worng..”

Vansh searches her then his eye falls on the letter kept in side table of bed..he reads it.

“Vansh ji, I know u will be very much hurt after reading the this letter.. But no need to search me. I m leaving u because I’m bored with u in these 3 years …U even don’t like , that I used to watch the serials. Now I need freedom and change… Now no need to disturb me. Let me live my life peacefully ..Bye..”Vansh gives no reaction after reading it he is quite for a minute.

Riddhima:”hahaha Riddhima ur Vansh ji.. Look at him. Now I’ll give him surprise.. “She is about to came out but..suddenly Vansh started dancing..

Vansh: “yeppii…. Woo hoo.. Yess yess.. Now I’m free.. Now I can do anything.. Finally my stupid wife.. Did one good work.. In her life.. Now Vansh U r the boss.. No stupid serials.. No stupid.. Talks.. Don’t know how much I irritated with her continuously talking.. During our romance.. “he starts singing the song..

Riddhima is heart broken.. ? Sejal was right…

Vansh calls someone..: “hello Aahaana dear.. There is a good news.. Riddhima left me.. Now we r free to meet.. No one would come between us.. Aahaana dear today we will enjoy together.. U give me address I’ll pick u from there. “He writes the address on the same letter… “first we will watch movie then tonight together in my home.”

He opens the Almera and wears new clothes and applies deo.. “Aahaana dear… I’m coming “he leaves..

Riddhima comes out with broken heart.. “how can u do this to me Vansh ji.. She starts crying. Then she looks towards the letter “I’ll see where they r going..”She reads it.

“ur legs are visible I know you are under the bed.. Stupid girl.. I know this must be Sejal’s idea.. Now stop crying.. I bought two tickets.. Of ‘aye dil hai muskil’… Not only Viraat.. Vansh also loves her Riddhu too much.. And be ready for tonight.. “She starts blushing?” and now stop blushing.. I waiting for u outside.. Come soon..”

Hope u guys like it….?????

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