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Riansh os : LIFELINE : BY CANDID 11

Siddi today is ur lucky day gurl coz todays os is on lae dooba 🤩 happy reading GUYSS.


Mainu Ishq Tera Lae Dooba

Haan Ishq Tera Lae Dooba,

“How is my wife doing,” he hugged me caressing my waist and then kissed my collar bone.

Aisa Kyun Hota Hai

Tere Jaane Ke Baad,

“Vansh that is not true, i love siya why will i try to kill her try to understand vansh.”

Lagta Hai Haathon Mein

Reh Gaye Tere Haath

“Meet my wife Mrs.Aahana vansh Raisinghania.” I felt betrayed , it was the worst he took my Life away from me.

Tu Shaamil Hai Mere

Hansne Mein, Rone Mein,

“Riddhima if only i had known the truth i am sorry i am nothing without please give me one chance please trust me one last time.” I saw trust in his eyes and love too and eyes can never lie i smiled

Hai Kya Koyi Kami

Mere Paagal Hone Mein

“Riddhu don’t do that ,no,no riddhu i just took a bath,” paying no heed to his words i took the powder and sprayed it all on him, was running when his strong arme caught me and swung me in the air.

Mainu Ishq Tera Le Dooba

Haan Ishq Tera Le Dooba

“Vansh no if u want to make it up to me we will do something tonight only us no siya, no dadi, no mr shekhawat and MOST IMPORTANTLY NO ANGRE”, I fumed with rage , while he answered calmly “a 100 percent sure ” i smiled and hugged him tight.

Har Dafa Wahi

Jaadu Hota Hai Tu Jo Mile.

“YOU ARE NOT VANSH REMOVE MY BLINDFOLD ,VANSH VANSH ” ,Riddhima riddhima are u ok riddhima.”  He was really a sight to sore eyes.

Ho Sab Sanwar Jaata Hai

Yaara Andar Mere,

“Vansh don’t leave me ever.” “I am all yours i cant even think of leaving you.”

Ik Lamhe Mein Kitni

Yaadein Ban Jaati Hain

“How’s the baby doing?”, “Not well , because babys father cant get an ice-cream.” He smirked at my statement “you know baby your mother should not judge before knowing” he took out a whole box of ice- cream i screamed of happiness.

Main Itna Hansti Hoon

Aankhen Bhar Aati Hai

“Vansh vansh Stop tickling no please”

Mainu Ishq Tera Le Dooba

Haan Ishq Tera Le Dooba

“Vansh vansh ouch the babay is kicking”

Fursatein Kahaan

Aankhon Ko Hai Meri Aaj Kal

“Riddhima look at our princess” his voice hissed in my ears “vanya” i said in a weak voice.

Ho… Dekhne Mein Tujhe

Saara Din Jaaye Nikal

“Vansh promise me you will fake good care of her like you did to me.” “Why are you talking like this riddhu.” “Just promise me .” “I promise you riddhima i will be the best dad”

Aur Phir Aahista Se

Jab Chhu Ke Tu Nikle

“Mr Raisinghania your wife is in a critical state please go outside” the doctor said , i kissed vanya a last time and vansh too, “i love you , mumma loves you.”

Teri Aanch Mein Dil Mera

Dheeme Dheeme Pighle,

Both were there in front of me when i died vansh trying hard to control his tears he mouthed “i love you” that’s it now i could die in peace.

Mainu Ishq Tera Lae Dooba

Haan Ishq Tera Lae Dooba.

I watch  my husband and daughter everyday from heaven and looking at her in hus arms is winning all the battles it gives me peace my hearts are still beating i am alive as i reside in them.

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