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Riansh Os- Arranged or love marriage? By attractiveuser

Hey guys as you all are showering much love to both my ffs I decided to write an os too. I am the writer of Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2)a different love story and Riansh-love between police officers.

So here it is:

A big lane is seen where many houses are located. Two houses are seen. One beside the other. On one is written “Khannas” . Outside the other one is written “Raisinghania”.

At Khanna house:

A lady is seen shouting in the hall.

Lady: these Raisinghanias. They have again threw all the litter on our terrace. Sometimes I think why do we even live her besides these Raisinghanias.

A man is seen calming her down.

Man: oh ho rupali. You can not even live for a day without taunting those Raisinghanias.

Rupali: I know I am only bad you to are the best. Right Aakash.

Aakash: oh god you are mad!

A girl in mid twenties is seen coming to them.

Girl: mom dad please don’t start fighting again.

Rupali: see riddhu your dad..

Aakash: see your mom Riddhu..

Riddhima: I don’t to listen to anyone. Give me my lunch I am going to college. Today is my result.

Rupali: oh yes today is your result.

She brings a plate of aarti.

Riddhima: oh god mom..

Rupali: I know my daughter will get good marks than tha Anupriya’s son vansh Raisinghania.

Riddhima: oh god mom why do you have so much enemity with the Raisinghanias.

Rupali: it’s a long story.

Riddhima: ok ok I know I will definitely score good than that vansh.

Rupali smiles and gives her lunch. Riddhima leaves.

At Raisinghania house:

Anupriya: vansh vansh get ready fast today is your result.

Vansh: yes mom I am just ready.

He comes. Anupriya also does aarti of him and gives his lunch.

Anupriya: you have to score good than that rupali’s daughter Riddhima khanna.

Vansh: yes mom.

He leaves.

At college:

Riddhima and vansh are moving seeing on phone. They are moving towards each other unknown to them. They collide.

Riddhima: ouch..

She sees his face.

Riddhima: you…mr. mad Raisinghania.

Vansh: shut up ms. Dumbo khanna.

She makes an annoyed face and leaves. The result was announced. They all rushed to look at their results. It was all crowded. Riddhima was not able to see the result. Vansh came and he saw his result and was amazed. He saw Riddhima struggling to see result.

Vansh(laughing): oh so ms. Short heighted khanna is struggling to see the result because if height. Poor you.

Riddhima: you…don’t be proud of your height. Mr. Mad Raisinghania.

He leaves but he came back to see Riddhima’s result. They both were shocked. Riddhima and vansh’s result was exactly the same.

Vansh: you cheated my paper.

Riddhima: shut up you cheated my paper.

They start to fight. They realise that everyone was seeing them. They looked each other in a angry face and left. Riddhima called rupali meanwhile vansh called Anupriya.

On call:

Riddhima: mom that idiot got the same marks I got. He is a cheater.

Rupali: I know my daughter is the best. That Anupriya’s son is a cheater.

She cuts the call. Vansh also tells Anupriya the same.

Hope you all like it. This os will be of 2 or 3 parts. Please support me like you all support my ffs. Bye. Love you all! I will be posting the next parts soon.


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