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Riansh-love between police officers episode 4

Guys actually aarushi asked me in the previous episode that why vansh came to the VR mansion. Because I forgot that they left VR mansion and went to Mumbai🙈😂😂. Uff my memory 😂😂🙈. Ok so from now the mansion in which they are living is the new VR Mansion. Hope there is no confusion now.

The episode starts with:

At night VR mansion:

Vansh was lost in the thoughts of Riddhima. How she saved him from the knife and how they together fought with the goons.

Vansh(thinking): she is so beautiful and hardworking. She is really a loyal officer.Anyone could easily fall for her. Oh god vansh you are mad.

He sleeps.

At RR mansion(Riddhima Rathore)

Riddhima was also lost in vansh’s thoughts.

Riddhima (thinking): he is really a loyal officer. His duty is everything for him. I love his dedication towards his job. I love his attitude. He is so handsome also. Oh god Riddhima you are mad. Tomorrow I have to go to meet Aryan so I should sleep.

She also sleeps.

Next morning:

Riddhima woke up. She rushed to the washroom and got ready. She left for VR mansion.

At VR mansion:

Aryan: bhai riddhu will be here anytime!

Vansh: sorry Aryan I have got a very important work. I couldn’t meet her today.

Ishani: bhai you always do like this.

Sia: yes bhai this is not good.

Vansh: I would not have gone if it was not important but it’s very important for me to leave now.

He leaves. Riddhima was in car and was reaching VR mansion when she got vansh’s call.

On call:

Riddhima: yes sir?

Vansh: Riddhima come fast to the police station.

Riddhima: sir but I have to go somewhere. I can’t come now.

Vansh: I don’t care what work you have. I want you in the police station in 10 minutes.(stern)

Riddhima: ok sir I am reaching.

She cuts the call.

Riddhima: this man!! I don’t care!! Huhh.. now Aryan would be angry on me. I have to pacify him because of this khadoos.

She reaches the police station.

Riddhima: yes sir what’s so urgent?

Vansh: that human trafficking kidnapper has ran away from here. This is your duty? These are your police officers who can’t even handle one man!(anger)

Riddhima was shocked.

Riddhima: I don’t know but this never happened in this police station. How can this happen.

Vansh: oh wow !! You only don’t know how he ran. Riddhima I can fire you for this!!

Riddhima: sir first of all it was not my fault I was not here at the time he ran. And I am telling you that this never happened and you are saying to snatch my duty. You can never snatch it from me Mr. Vansh Raisinghania. (Anger)

Vansh was shocked to see her like this.

Riddhima: I am fully dedicated to my job. I know the pain of those girls! I can never cheat on my duty. You better understand it mr.(shouting)

Vansh felt guilty for how he behaved with her.

Vansh(guilt): actually I am sorry! I guess I overreacted but I don’t like this type of indiscipline. And I am sorry again it was not your mistake.

Riddhima just nods. She turns towards the officers.

Riddhima: how can you all?? Can’t you all handle one man!! A criminal ran away!! What were you all doing!! You all have done a big crime by not following your duty.(shouting in anger)

Vansh: exactly you all can’t even look after one man! How will you handle your duty! When you have to fight with hundreds of them!(anger)

Riddhima: he will now surely try to hurt those girls again. (To vansh) sir we need to find him.

Vansh: yes let’s go.

Riddhima,vansh and Aditya leave.

Riddhima: Aditya are you able to track the location?

Aditya: I am trying ma’am.

He finally gets the location and they drive to the godown. They move inside. They safely reach a room where they find the kidnapper. He was alone talking on phone.

On call:

Kidnapper: I fooled those police officers. I am free now(laughing)

Yes yes exactly now I will surely harm those girls again.

Vansh and Riddhima were burning in rage listening to this. They attacked him and beated very harshly. He lost his breath.

Kidnapper: leave me!! Please!

They were beating him then also. Finally they both left him and signed Aditya to take him to police station. Aditya was heading towards him just then he picks up a gun from ground and shots at Riddhima’s shoulder.

Vansh (shouting): Riddhimaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

Aditya: Riddhima mammmmm…

Riddhima faints. Aditya take the kidnapper to police station. Vansh lifts Riddhima in his arms. He was having tears in his eyes. He didn’t knew the reason.

Shock laga?😂😂.Pheww done for today 😪😂. I know you all wanted riansh meet but sorry I won’t give it so early😉🤭😂. I know I posted after so long but forgive me I was having a maths test and I was studying for it. I got 14/15 but my sir said there would be a re test because the result is not good😔😔😑😑. Understand my pain😶😶😑😂.



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