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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 10

At morning riddima gets ready and then she comes down where everyone are present and sees ahana and says

Riddima : din barbaad , subah subah bagwaan ka tasveer dekh ne hai par daayan ka shakal dekhna pada hey bagwaan kuch buri naa hoo paye (my day got worst , early morning we have to see God’s face but I because of my fate I saw a witch’s face god please don’t do something bad to me )

Everyone laughs for her words and ahana gets angry

At afternoon

Abhi : (being like not observing ahana coming ) siya darling can we share a dance

Siya : sure
They dance and then have a eye look and then ahana in a angry mood seeing them together goes from there .

Everyone comes out and see them together

Riddima makes a sound and they come back to reality

Riddima : so guys actually we just said them to act but they are really doing it

Abhi : there is nothing like that come siya

Everyone laugh
Riddima says ” guys do you remember what is the next step in our plan ”

Flash back of plan C
Riddima : guys we have to think of a plan
Ishani : but what ??
Riddima : I will explain and I need siya’s help in this

Siya : I am always with you explain the plan
Riddima : step 1 in our plan is to make ahana angry and jealous and angry and then she will be stressed so in this time we could collect proofs with the help of angre

Sejal : but how we can make her jealous and angry ??

Riddima : uffo seju darling so what I asked for siya’s help so she will be close to abhi and we can make ahana stressed
(In mind : and even abhi and siya can be close )

Riddima : and step 2 is to make that ahana’s plans flop so that kabir and ragini will do this

Riddima : step 3 is to make ahana expose her self by her

Abhi : but how is it possible ??
Riddima : I will plan it you guys just do what I said ok
*Flashback ends *

At the same time ,
Ahana : I have to be close to abhi or else siya can take my place
But her plan flops bcoz riddima sends both abhi and siya to a movie to make ahana’s cunning plans fail

And siya and abhi enjoy with going to a movie then to dinner and when he comes home without giving a chance to her he goes to sleep as he is tired

The Next Morning :

ahana : no way siya and abhi are getting close I have to do something (after thinking ) yes I have to kill siya and then abhi will be shattered and I will take siya’s place

Ahana goes to stab siya but riddima stops her

Riddima : don’t be dare to stab siya and you will be exposed today

Ahana (laughs) : really you will expose me

Riddima : yes I have strong proofs against you . You wanna see them see by your eyes

Riddima shows the proofs which are collected by angre to ahana and ahana gets shocked seeing those proofs and then

Riddima : and this is the CD which is with all the proofs

Ahana takes the CD and breaks it and then

Ahana : now how you will expose now how you will prove that I only betrayed abhi and left with a rich guy , how you will expose that I only came here for abhi’s money , how you will expose that I only tried to kill siya how you will expose how

Riddima : (laughing) oh my innocent ahana no one should expose you , you only exposed yourself (and then she points her finger towards the entrance of the lodge )

Ahana gets shocked seeing police

Ahana (acting) : sir don’t believe her she said to do like this and then she is saying like this don’t believe riddima she is lying and when she is saying right then she should have proofs right

Riddima (irritated) : don’t think that I will not have another copy of the CD in which the proofs are stored and even police watched those proofs

Police : mrs ahana just come calmly without speaking or else we will take you in our way

Police takes ahana away
Everyone have a hi-fi

Precap : riddima’s plan to abhi

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