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Namak Issk Ka 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kahani fights with Iravati

Namak Issk Ka 28th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Iravati asks Saroj to sign the will papers if she wants to see Yug and Gunjan together. Dadi says this is not right. Iravati says this is about my daughter’s life so stop it, you all know how Yug is crazy about that dancer so just sign it. Saroj signs the will in Gunjan’s name. Iravati tells Rupa that Gunjan is smarter than you, don’t destroy her happiness. Saroj sadly gives the will to the lawyer.

Rani wakes up to see Kahani sleeping on the floor. She rushes to her and asks what happened? She sprinkles water on her face. Kahani wakes up. Rani asks who has hurt her hand? Her hand is bleeding. Kahani recalls how Iravati attacked her and told her that she has kidnapped Yug. Rani says you must be hurt, we have to get an ointment. Kahani says I am fine, it’s a small wound, we have to go to Iravati’s room and find Yug there. Rani says we are locked in this room so how will we go there? Kahani finds a window and opens it. She jumps out of the room with Rani.

Yug is locked in a bottle and tells Iravati that you did the right thing by giving my wealth to Gunjan, I have paid for my love so just let me go with Kahani. Iravati asks him to remain silent, you can’t decide the price of freedom when you are locked here. The price of your freedom is Kahani. Yug says please don’t do anything with Kahani. Iravati says if Kahani accepts to be my slave then I will free you. Yug says you can lock me forever but don’t do anything with Kahani. Iravati says if you are locked here forever then who will marry Gunjan? Kahani and Rani hide and see Iravati talking to the cupboard. Kahani tells Rani that she will come in a minute.

Kahani comes to Saroj and says come with me. Saroj says how did you come out? Kahani says I have to show you Iravati’s truth, she has kidnapped Yug, please trust me once. She takes her from there.

Iravati is talking to Yug in the bottle. Yug tells Iravati that she can’t do anything with Kahani, she will choose the right path. Iravati says Kahani will be my slave. Kahani brings Saroj to Iravati’s window and says look at her, she is talking to someone there. Saroj says there is no one in the room, what were you talking about? Iravati comes to them and says what are you people looking inside my house? Saroj says Kahani was alleging that you have kidnapped Yug. Kahani says that’s the truth. All family members come there. Saroj says if you know then tell us where is Yug? Gunjan says she has hurt her hand herself so we can hear her nonsense. Iravati tells Kahani that nobody trusts you anymore. She asks Dolly and Gunjan to lock her in her room and lock her window too. Iravati drags Kahani and locks her in the room with Rani. She tells Kahani that nobody will trust you here so stop wasting time here, just accept my slavery as then I will not be your enemy. If you remain my enemy then I will have to finish Yug. Kahani says don’t.. Iravati says my power made me promise that whoever comes between me and my mission will be finished irrespective of my relationship with the person. Kahani pleads to not do anything with Yug. Iravati says I am giving you time till evening, just think about it. Iravati tries to lock her in the room but Kahani pushes her and runs from there with Rani. All family members try to stop them but Kahani pushes Dolly and runs away. Saroj says what is happening in this house? Iravati comes there and says she will come back to me by evening.

Scene 2
Kahani and Rani come to Kaki’s house. Kaki asks what happened? Kahani says I am in big trouble and only you will listen to me. Kaki says just tell me what is it. Kahani tells her everything, how Iravati kidnapped Yug and gave time till evening to Kahani. Kahani says how will I save him? Kaki asks Rani to stay here, she takes Kahani from there.

Kahani and Kaki come to the mandir. Kaki greets the priest and says someone is doing black magic on her husband. The priest says that woman is powerful. Kahani says I have the power of true love, just show me the way. The priest says you have to fight with her head-on and your defeat in this fight means your death. It’s impossible to defeat that woman. Kahani smiles and says even if I die, Yug will be saved which will be a win for me, just show me the way. The priest says I will tell you how to announce war with her. Kahani calls Iravati and tells her something. Iravati gets angry and says where do I have to come? Kahani says near a mandir. She ends the call. The priest tells Kahani that she has to fight this battle alone. Kaki says I am sure you will win. Kaki and the priest leave from there. Kahani says I will fight for Yug till my last breath. She prays to the lord.

Iravati arrives at the mandir. Kahani glares at her. Iravati says why a dancer in the mandir? Kahani says the orphan’s house is a mandir. It is my house and Kali Mata is my mother. Iravati says you will lose to my powers. Kahani says you are fighting for the victory and I am fighting for my love, Yug. Iravati says you have no idea about my powers. Kahani says you have no idea about the power of true love. Iravati smirks and brings Yug’s bottle there. Kahani is stunned to see him. Iravati smirks and says here is your true love, he is trapped there. You could lose your life in this fight. Kahani says I have given my life to someone already so I am not afraid. Iravati says I will end you today and get Yug married to Gunjan. I will make you a slave of mine for lives. Kahani says test my love today. Iravati pushes Kahani and she falls down. Kahani tries to fight her but Iravati tries to suffocate her. She grabs her neck but Kahani pushes her away and tries to control her but Iravati throws her away. She attacks Kahani with a pot but Kahani moves away just in time. The priest and Kaki are looking at them from far away, Kaki asks him to help her. The priest says she has to fight her battle alone. Kahani grabs Iravati but she holds a stick and hits Kahani. Kaki is worried for her and says she will kill her, I have to save her, she just got married. The priest asks where are the ashes from her marriage? Kaki says we buried it, the priest asks Kaki to take him there. They go from there. Kahani is fighting with Iravati.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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