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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit learns about Randhir’s return

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 27th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Amrit thinking of the note. Vijender asks for Veer. She says he already left. She goes to meet Veer. She finds him making a cupboard. She asks what are you doing. He says wait, you have to stay with me in my room, I have made a cupboard for you myself, I don’t want you to make any excuse and run away, I will keep your clothes. She says no need, I will keep it. He asks her to thank him for the hard work. He says I want to send you for your pagphere, you have to make sweets today. She goes to see the painting. She asks what’s this.

He says its you. She asks how dare you make my pic, will you get my everything if you have got me here. He says wait, I didn’t wish to make it, a prisoner who just got released from jail came and asked me to make the painting of his lover, I was listening to him, I made your pic by mistake. She asks who was he, how do you know him. He says his name was Randhir, Ranimaa freed the prisoners, he was one of them, he was talking of his lover, I was thinking to help him, but my hatred for you came in the way of his love, come downstairs fast. He goes. She cries and thinks of Randhir.

She says my Randhir has come back. She runs. She sees her inner self asking her not to forget Lala’s values, don’t forget that one shouldn’t break a promise, your love has come back, go to him, forget the marriage, but marriage didn’t happen, you had seen Randhir and went after him, you couldn’t marry Veer. Bhanu and Saroj argue. Bhanu says Randhir had fallen unconscious on the way, I had to get him. Randhir recalls Amrit and wakes up. He says Amrit and wakes up. He asks why did you do this with me Bhanu, if you told me that day, then Amrit and I would have been together, I know I don’t have money today, but I would have kept her happy.

Saroj says division has snatched a lot from us, don’t let Amrit’s sacrifice go in vain, Kiran’s alliance is fixed at a good place, Amrit agreed by her own wish. Randhir says I will go and meet Amrit. She says no, she will get upset. He says don’t worry, I will not do anything that puts your family in trouble, its a promise. Bhanu says you will just get pain there. Randhir says I just want to find out if my Amrit is happy or not. He leaves. Saroj says he shouldn’t know that Veer and Amrit didn’t take the wedding rounds, its Amrit’s decision to go with Veer, we should respect that. Amrit is in dilemma. She hears her inner self. She shouts enough and cries. She thinks of Randhir.

She says I will do what my dad taught me, I will not do anything that upsets my dad, I will always love Randhir, I can’t break the promise given to Veer. She cries. Veer looks at her. Randhir is on the way. He cries. Vijender comes to talk to Nalini. He asks what happened. She says party chief said its tough for us to get the ticket, because of Veer, he got a chance to insult us. Vijender says Anaita broke the marriage, not Veer. She says don’t support Veer, he had got that girl now, he does foolishness, we can lose our position by his one more mistake. Veer asks Amrit where is her focus. He help her and says your focus should be just on me. Nalini comes. She asks what are you doing here. He says I m my wife’s puppet, I m happy. Nalini says those who are really happy don’t need to show it. He says you show your goodness all day. They argue. She asks Amrit to teach him some values and sense, handle him. Vijender comes and says we will have barfi after lunch. Servant says Randhir has come to meet Veer. Amrit is shocked.

Vashma asks what do you want. Uday says I want your time. He stops her. Veer says I got Randhir to meet you. Randhir meets Amrit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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