Hii, this is the 12th episode so hope you all like it….

Episode starts……
Angre: Boss? Who is it?
Vansh: Chang! You will not be spared. (Shock laga?)
Angre: What!
Vansh: He wants his 10crore’s loss that I opened up in the police from me. We have to save Riddhima or else he will harm her. (Thinking) Nothing will happen to you Riddhima.
The place where Riddhima is tied
A man comes from behind. All the lights are on. Riddhima was in dark so she was not able to her eyes fully. 3-4 people came around her.
Person1: What a beauty!

Person2: If Vansh sir got to know we are involved, he will kill all of us.
Person3: When he will know? We will kill her before he will.
Riddhima tried to move here and there. All of them were watching her and laughing. The cloth tied to her mouth opened. She heard a voice. It was Vansh.
Vansh: Riddhimaaaa……
Riddhima had a smile she too shouted.
Riddhima: Vanshhhh…….. Help me!
One of the man pushed her and she fell down tied to the chair. She got hurt and fainted.
Vansh beated all of them. He continued beating them. As Angre, Vansh ran to Riddhima. Her forehead was bleeding very much. Vansh picked her up and took her to the hospital. It was night by the time. Riddhima gain consciousness.
Riddhima: Vansh
Vansh came and hugged her.

Vansh: Are you alright? Is it hurting?
Riddhima: No, when you are with me, all of pains just flow away.
They smiled. Vansh kissed on Riddhima’s forehead and then on her cheeks. Vansh gave her medicines.
Vansh: I am just outside. If you have any problem, just call me out.
Riddhima: Fine dear hubby (smiles)☺.
Angre comes running to them.
Angre: Boss that…
Vansh: I am coming outside.
Angre and Vansh go outside the room.

Angre: Boss, I got the information that someone is trying to interfere in our diamond deal.
Vansh: Let me see, I will be back making a call. You stay here.
Angre: Ok boss.
Just then, Angre too got a call. It was Ishani. (Bhoolo mat kal unki Shaadi hai 😁)
Ishani: Where are you Angre? Why isn’t anyone picking up my call? Is Riddhima alright?
Angre: Yes she is alright. We are in the hospital.
Just then a nurse entered to change Riddhima’s dressing again so she wouldn’t know how it is done.
Nurse: Hi. I am here to tell you how to change the dressing.
Riddhima: Don’t worry, I am a physiotherapist. I know how to do.
Nurse: Sure?
Riddhima: Yes
Nurse: Ok where is your husband?

Vansh: Here
Nurse: So this is an injection, to be given in severe pain. I am giving one right now because she is hiding that she is in pain.
Riddhima: How did you know?
Nurse(smiles): Because your hand is continuously on your head.
All of them smiled.
Nurse: Mr. Singhania, this injection gives a really deep sleep. So make sure you are with her.
Vansh: Of course.

Precap- Kabir tries to kiss Riddhima!

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