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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishqi meets Riya

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 27th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ahaan asking Kartik to stop his nonsense. Sarla says I will dance a lot today. Raj says fine, but not on the old songs. Raj and Sonu have the dance rehearsals. The family members also join. Ahaan stays busy in his work. Sarla dances. She gets tired and stops. Everyone laughs. Ishqi comes and holds Suman. She asks are you fine. She says I didn’t try anything yet, I will also dance. Sonu’s friend asks her to try. Ishqi dances. Ahaan comes downstairs and watches Ishqi dancing. Everyone dances with Ishqi. They clap for Ishqi. Sonu says wow Ishqi, you are an amazing dancer. Ishqi says I m performing since childhood in the holi milan, relative’s function, shop opening. Kartik says you will understand Ishqi gradually. Sonu’s friend compliments her. Suman says I want to dance with Ishqi. Sarla asks Ishqi with whom will you have a romantic performance, Mayank or Ahaan. Raj says its her choice. Suman says Sarla, you go for rehearsals, Ishqi is a good dancer, we don’t need this, I m sending her to the designer. She asks Ishqi to try the options. Raj says wait Ishqi, Mayank will go along. Mayank says I have to rehearse well if I have to dance with Ishqi. Ishqi turns to see. Ahaan goes. She says why am I thinking of him, he is a hard time himself. Ahaan asks her to be careful. She thanks him. She sees him upstairs. Mahiya….plays…

She leaves. He gets busy on call with Riya. He apologizes to her. Ishqi is at the designer store. She says I have to clear Ahaan’s name from my mind and palm. Designer asks what are you wearing. Ishqi answers her. She asks her to show clothes. Designer says both the dresses are fabulous. Ishqi asks which one will suit me. Designer asks her to close eyes and visualize. Ishqi closes eyes and sees Ahaan. Designer ask did you like what you have seen, I have no time, my client is waiting. Ishqi selects one. Designer says all my dresses are good choice. Riya comes there. She likes Ishqi’s chosen dress. Designer says sorry, she has chosen it already, choose any cut, I will make it in that colour. Riya says I want it for tonight, please. Ishqi says its for my sangeet, else I would have not refused. Riya says I m going to meet my would be in-laws for the first time. Ishqi asks her to keep the dress. Riya thanks her. Ishqi asks designer to take measurements from her old dress. She leaves. Kartik asks Ahaan to get green tea. Ahaan asks did you get this. Kartik says don’t start again, are you going to meet Riya.

Ishqi gets a call. She says I will come home in 20mins, come home, we have to wipe this name today. Ishqi and Riya enter the lift. Riya thanks her. Ishqi says all the girls should help each other, girls should have a union, then guys can’t dominate. Riya says you are very cute. Ishqi says you are also cute, I m Ishqi and you… The lift stops. The light goes off. Ishqi says I will ring the emergency bell, its not working. Riya says I can’t breath. Riya and Ishqi call Ahaan. Ahaan answers and says I can’t hear you. He ends call with Riya and answers Ishqi’s call. Ishqi says I got stuck in lift, please help me. Riya says I couldn’t talk to my BF, what did your fiance say. Ahaan asks where did Ishqi go. Kartik says designer’s place. Ahaan and Kartik leave in the car. Ishqi thinks Ahaan ticked the last one as well. She asks Riya not to worry, someone will come. The lift gets on. The service men open the lift.

Ishqi smiles seeing Ahaan. Mahiya….plays… Ahaan gets shocked seeing Riya. Riya says Ahaan…. She goes and hugs him. Ishqi gets shocked. Ahaan asks are you okay. Riya says yes. Ahaan says I didn’t hear anything well when you called, I understood you are in some problem. Riya says I panicked, she called her bf. Kartik smiles. Ahaan says I m glad you are fine. Riya says Ishqi, he is my BF. Ishqi says I m glad to meet him. Kartik says I m Ahaan’s younger brother. Riya says hi Bhola. Ahaan says he is my brother, Bhola works at my home. Kartik introduces himself. He says its not your fault. Ahaan says sorry. Kartik says Ahaan didn’t tell about you, you are his life’s big secret, this is Ishqi, we know her well. Ahaan says she is Mayank’s fiancee.

Ishqi says I will go, I m getting late. Riya says you typed Ishqi in the message, you called me Ishqi on call. Ishqi looks on. Ahaan says we shall go, its been an eventful day. Ishqi says thanks for coming here, Riya was here, I also got saved. Ahaan says I will drop both of you. Ishqi says no, I will go. Riya says you gave me your dress, you are so nice, we can do this for you. Ahaan drives them home. Kartik asks Riya why didn’t she come in front, Ahaan is her BF. Riya says its okay, Ahaan talks a lot about you. Kartik says you didn’t remember my name. She says sorry, he talks about his family. Kartik asks don’t you talk romantic, didn’t he call you darling, jaan. She says no. He asks what does he talk. She says what happened at home, office, company shares. Kartik says my brother has killed romance. Riya says I know everything about family. Kartik asks about Ahaan. Riya says I m so excited to meet his family. Ishqi says I didn’t know about you. Ahaan says I don’t discuss personal life with anyone.

Kartik says you went there on Ishqi’s call. Dadi says we should welcome Riya. Ishqi comes home. Ahaan looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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