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Home is Where the Heart is…Part 9

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Recap: Rudy – Preesha Reunion!!! Neela gets to know that Rithik is Ragini’s son!!!

Part 9

Scene 1

Neil comes to Avni’s home and sees her studying.

Neil: Aunty is not here?

Avni: She went out. Do you need anything?

Neil: Nothing, I’m bit surprised that you are studying? That too in this lockdown?

Avni smiles.

Avni: Yes, I need to study hard. Only then I can take care of my mom and business.

Neil: Very good.

Avni: You sit, I’ll bring coffee.

Neil is surprised.

Neil: How do you know that I like coffee?

Avni: That’s a secret.

Neil holds her to the wall and ask her again.

Avni: I have seen you in canteen always drinking coffee.

Neil: So, you too see me?

Avni: Hello sir, for your kind information, you are the only bachelor and a handsome staff in our department. Not just me, every girl will see you.

Neil: Is it?

Avni: Don’t get over imagined. Sit, I’ll bring you.

Neil: Wait, I’ll too come.

They both go to kitchen. Neil hugs her from behind.

Avni: Neil, leave me. I need to work.

Neil: We’ll work together.

Avni blushes.

Neil and Avni make coffee together and drink it together.

Avni: Ok, shall we study now?

Neil: Yes study.

Avni and Neil look at each other while studying and smiles!!!

Scene 2

Sona comes to Rohit’s home.

Veena: Sona, come in.

Sona: Aunty where is Rohit?

Veena: He is in his room getting ready for hospital.

Sona is shocked.

She goes to see him. She sees him studying files.

Rohit: Come in madam.

Rohit sees her upset.

Rohit: Why are you upset?

Sona doesn’t respond.

He comes and sits near her.

Rohit: Sona, what happened?

Sona: Are you going to hospital?

Rohit: Sona, I’m a doctor. I can’t step out from my responsibilities.

Sona: But?

Rohit keeps his fingers on her lips.

Rohit: Sona, this is a disease and we need to deal it with this. Being a cardiac, I have lot of responsibilities. The operation which I’m going to do today was fixed long months back. So, don’t worry about me. Everything will be fine.

He hugs her.

Rohit: This might be the last hug for 14 days.

Sona is shocked.

Sona: Why?

Rohit: I’m having only a small clinic and no one is gonna come there. I’m just doing the pre-planned operations and incase of emergencies, I’m going there. So, after this operation, probably my diary is empty and I don’t have any work there. So, for safety reasons, I’ll be self-isolating myself from today till 14 days get over.

Sona cries and hugs him tightly.

Sona: I’m proud of you.

Rohit kisses her forehead.

Scene 3

Karan calls Preetha and Srishti to his home.

Rakhi: Karan, please tell us fast. You are making us scared.

Karan: Ma, relax. It’s all about happy news.

Bani: Beta, then tell us that happy news soon.

Karan: Sameer, where is bhai?

Sameer: I think he went to upstairs.

Karan: Ok, I’ll call him.

Just then Preetha and Srishti comes.

Karan: Ah, they have come.

Rakhi: Karan, first tell us.

Preetha is nervous.

Karan: Ma, I feel me and Preetha should get engaged soon.

All are shocked.

Bani: Karan?

Karan: Yes dadi, Preetha and Srishti feel that they don’t have anyone in this lockdown. They feel like 3rd round relatives to our family. I want to make Preetha as our family member. If we get engaged, she can be here as this house’s bahu.

Rakhi: Preetha and Srishti, do you feel the same? Are we treating you both like that?

Preetha: No Aunty, you always considered us as your daughters. But what I felt was, just both of us staying in the home is kind of a lonely feeling. But I didn’t ask Karan for engagement.

Rakhi: Preetha, you both can stay here whenever you want. This is your home too.

Bani: Yes Preetha, but Karan, we can’t do engagement for you when your brother is still unmarried.

Karan: Dadi, it’s just engagement. We’ll have a simple engagement at our flat itself.

Rakhi: But how to make arrangements?

Srishti: Aunty you don’t worry for that. We’ll have a safe and happy engagement ceremony for this lovely couple.

Rakhi and Bani agrees after Karan’s convincing them a lot.

Preetha hugs Rakhi.

Karan and Preetha hugs!!!

Scene 4

Rishabh comes to Janaki’s home.

Deewan: Rishabh, come in beta.

Rishabh: Dadaji, I came to meet Janaki.

Deewan: She is in her room. Go and meet.

He comes in. He sees her sleeping and smiles looking her.

Rishabh: You are cute.

He slightly moves her hair. She wakes up and smiles. Rishabh gets nervous.

Janaki: Why are you getting nervous? I heard you.

He smiles.

Rishabh: How are you now?

Janaki: I’m fine. Can I ask you something?

Rishabh: Yes sure.

Janaki: Why are showing so much concern from yesterday?

Rishabh: Nothing like that?

Janaki: Then?

Rishabh: Ok fine, I’ll tell you.

Janaki: Go ahead.

Rishabh: I know, I made you feel sad many times. But trust me I didn’t do it intentionally. Now hear me, I love you. And I want to marry you. Will you marry me? Let’s begin our life together.

Janaki gets emotional and cries. They both hug each other.

Deewan sees this and he too gets happy and emotional.

Scene 5

Srishti sees videos of covid attacked people. Sameer comes there.

Sameer: Hey what are you doing?

Srishti: See this Sameer, we need to help them.

Sameer also sees those videos and gets shocked.

Sameer: Yes, but how to help them?

Srishti: Sameer, I know to cook all the basic food. We can do online catering for infected people as there are many people who are staying at PG’s and who are bachelors.

Sameer: Fantastic and also, I came to tell you that, there are requirements for volunteers in hospitals. Shall we go?

Srishti: Sure, we’ll go.

Sameer: But how to convince our family?

Srishti: We’ll self – isolate in that empty house below. We’ll suggest this idea.

Sameer: But I think we need to fight hard for this.

Srishti: Sameer come on. We are youngsters and we need to help our country now.

Sameer too agrees!!! 

Scene 6

Rudy and Chikoo are playing. Preesha brings them milkshake.

Chikoo: Mummy, you are the best in this world. The milkshake taste yummy.

Preesha smiles.

Rudy: Yes, it’s too good. After so many days, I’m having everything.

Preesha nods.

Chikoo: Only I got affected a lot. You both will be fighting and I’ll be crying.

Preesha and Rudy see each other.

Preesha: Chikoo, here after we won’t fight. We’ll be together.

Chikoo: Promise?

Rudy & Preesha: Promise.

He smiles.

Rudy: Let’s capture this moment.

He clicks their selfie and post it in social media.

All sees their picture and gets happy as they are united.

Scene 7

It’s night!!!

Shivanya comes to see Rithik. Yamini gets sacred as she could unite Rithik with Neil and thinks to forbid her from seeing Rithik.

Yamini: Shivanya, it’s night. Please don’t come in this time.

Shivanya is shocked to hear her.

Rithik also gets shocked.

Rithik: Ma, I only asked her to come as we three could watch movie together.

Yamini: Rithik, listen. She is a girl and it’s not good for her to stay in someone’s home at night. And now, I’m not interested to watch a movie. So, you both better go and sleep.

Shivanya goes. Rithik feels helpless.

Yamini: I’ll go for a short walk and come.

Rithik goes to Shivanya’s flat after Yamini goes.

Shivanya hugs him and cries.

Rithik: Shivanya, why are you crying for small things.

Shivanya: Rithik, today I got to know that I don’t have anyone.

Rithik: I’m there for you.

Shivanya: Please Rithik, don’t give me fake promises. We couldn’t even watch a movie together. Your mom forbidden me. And I feel something strange. She is not the one whom I met first.

Rithik: Nothing like that. She is stressed these days. So, she might have showed that anger on you.

Shivanya: I’m used to this Rithik. It’s so cruel to be all alone. It’s hitting hard in this lockdown. If my parents were with me, I would have enjoyed this lockdown. But now, definitely not.

She hugs him and cries. He convinces her!!!

Meanwhile, Yamini feels guilty for scolding Shivanya.

She walks and sees a spot where she and Neil used to spend some time together when they were in love. She smiles seeing that. Just then, Neil also comes for walking and sees Yamini and that place. He too gets nostalgia.

Neil: This place reminds me more of our teenage days.

Yamini sees him and nods yes.

Neil: Shall we sit here?

Yamini too agrees and sits there.

They both look each other and silence remains between them. Neil touches Yamini’s hands by mistake and they both emotionally look at each other.

Ragini comes there and sees that and gets shocked!!!

!!!To be Continued!!!

Precap: Two new characters Rocky and Sesha are introduced!!!!








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