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Hamariwali Good News 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ritvik enters Navya’s life

Hamariwali Good News 28th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ritvik coming to the fruit stall. Varun says our drinks store marketing collapsed because of Navya. Ritvik asks who makes the tie for you. Varun says myself. Ritvik says you can’t even wear your tie well, its our big company, how will you plan marketing strategies, if you have to become perfectionist, then do everything with perfection, I will see Navya, I will handle it. Mukund takes care of Bharat. Navya calls him. He says Bharat is playing. She sees someone at her store. She goes and stops Ritvik. She asks how dare you make a proposal. He turns to her. She says you… who are you. He says believe me, no one would give you such a proposal, don’t think much, sign the papers, sit at home, enjoy, you will get money. Varun smiles. Navya runs. Ritvik runs after her and holds her hand. He takes the papers from her. She falls in the mud. He gives his hand. She doesn’t take his help.

She gets up. He gives a kerchief. She says strange man, you made me fall in the mud and gave me a kerchief, I have everything recorded, you have sent goons to shut my stall. Varun says you can’t threaten me, do anything you want, we are not scared. Ritvik says listen… Navya says just see how I will put this on social media, you both will go to jail, go and tell your Ritvik Sir. She goes. Varun says she won’t agree easily. Ritvik says I have to win her to defeat, you know I don’t like to lose, I want to compete with her, I have a plan. Mukund thinks of Renuka. He says why was she running away from me, I will do everything secretly, I can’t risk anyone’s life, Navya, Bharat and Renuka’s lives, once I know where Renuka is, I will get her, I miss her a lot. He thinks of her. Naina…plays…

He hugs her dupatta and cries. He calls to ask about Renuka. He says I have seen her teaching music to kids, how is that possible, Renuka isn’t there. Navya asks Ritvik to leave. He says my company fired me because of you, you have to give me a job now. Sumitra comes to meet Adi. He says you have come here. She says you think you will relax here, Mukund and Navya will come to you, go and find them, we will come on road if we don’t find them, don’t forget that we paid the police to get free. Navya asks Ritvik to go. He says think about my family of ten members, I earn alone, give me a job. He requests her.

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