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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-9)


In Club (Inside the washroom)-

Riddhima- I said leave me….. Help!! Help!!!

Boy- Shout… Noone will come to save you today

He moves towards her but before that he got a punch on his face….. In anger he turns towards the person…and she was none other than Sejal who was in her full rage

Riddhima- Sejal…. Please help me

As she said another punch was laid by Vansh and he drags him towards himself away from Riddhima and then throws towards Angre and Kabir where on the other side Riddhima hugged Sejal

Sejal- Riddhima, Are you ok?

Riddhima just nodded while she was just in anger but there was two more person who was much angry then Riddhima that was Vansh and Sejal…. Sejal somehow composed herself

Vansh- Riddhima, Are You fine?

Riddhima- Yaa…

Suddenly Vansh gaze fell on her torn dress Vansh then saw Riddhima, she understood his gaze and she nodded in approval which was enough for Vansh to kill that person then and there…. Then he asks Kabir’s jacket from him, he removes his jacket and hand it over to Vansh who hand it over to Riddhima…. She worn it and then he glares towards that person who was trying to free himself from Angre but Angre being Angre his hold on his collar wasn’t letting him to free himself…..

Suddenly Vansh gave him a tight punch on his face and boy fell on the ground with a thud and Vansh again pick him up to face himself and then drag him outside where everyone was present followed by Riddhima and everyone he then beats him blue and black and when fell on the ground, Vansh turns to look towards Riddhima but after sometime he tries to get up and move towards Vansh but before he could do anything he again found himself on floor and this time the punch was from Angre and he even beats him but after sometime when everyone saw his condition getting worse they tried to stop Angre and Vansh who was just beating him like hell….. After sometime everyone left the club together while that boy was taken to hospital

Outside the Club-

Riddhima was about to return the jacket to Vansh but

Vansh- You can keep it and yeah we four will follow you guys till your house entrance as you all four alone and it’s already too late

As they all were tired after facing such a chaos inside they weren’t willing to argue with him on any baseless question and somehow they knew that Vansh was absolutely right

They followed their wasn’t any lost scene because if they get lost even all four boys were already aware about RV Mansion

In Girls Car:-

Riddhima was driving the car while Ishani who was sitting adjacent to her asked her..

Ishani- Riddhima, first of all before entering wear the jacket properly and will we tell about this incident to anyone especially dad?

Riddhima (shouted) – No way Ishani, (calming herself) sorry Ishani… I was just…. By the way we won’t tell about this to anyone not even Ruchi Bhabs, otherwise next time they won’t let us escape…

Siya- But Riddhima after watching you, they will surely doubt us she your dress

Sejal- Yaa… Riddhima see your dress

Riddhima- I’ll hide it from this jacket and yeah about my face I’ll wash it before entering with this water bottle

Sejal- Won’t they ask why are you wearing this jacket in the month of April?

Riddhima- I don’t think so…. But if they’ll ask I will tell them anything…

Ishani- Ok… but we won’t talk about this now…. And Riddhima… Do you remember what is tomorrow?

Riddhima- Yaa… Ishani how can I forget that tomorrow is Bhabs Baby shower… I only asked mom and dad about this as she is about to be 5 month pregnant while we were in Paris and it will be a surprise for bhabhi

Ishani- So tomorrow we need to go for shopping even for Puja

Riddhima- Yup…. And you guys know want while discussing about all this I told about this surprise to Vansh

Sejal- Even I told Kabir….. btw these guys are a bit trustable as I feel their intentions aren’t bad

Ishani- The way Vansh and Angre was beating him, I felt we were right in trusting them….. Even Kabir is good… but that Aryan, He god knows when he was distributing brains where that idiot got lost that he even forgot to take his brain… Huhhh

Riddhima (teasing) – May be he was fighting with you as you even forgot to take it or

Sejal- Or was he flirting with you

Ishani- Shut up both of you….. Only Siya is the one who knows I’m intelligent and I do have a brain not like that Idiot

Siya- Yaa…. Riddhima had you noticed they both were fighting like a married…. Oops… Happily married couple…

Ishani (shocked) – Siya… You even started… I don’t wanna talk to you three

Saying this she turns her towards window while they try to convince her….

At 11:45:-

They reached in front of the Mansion and they stopped the car and came down and saw that Vansh car was just behind them as she moved towards she saw Vansh coming outside from the car all alone

She came towards him

Riddhima- Thanks Vansh for saving me from that jerk

Vansh- Riddhima, There is no sorry no Thank you in friendship

Riddhima- And when this happened…. I’m mean when we became friend?

Vansh- Just now…. (Forwarding his hand)May we become friends because rest six are friends now…

Riddhima (pointing towards his car) – They are even my friends

Vansh (pointing towards her car) – Even they are my friends

Riddhima- Ok… Ok…. Now don’t cry… Friends

Vansh- Riddhima, My hands are paining

Riddhima saw that he was still forwarding his hand for handshake but she forgot

Riddhima- Ohh…… (shaking hand) Friends…. Sorry…

Vansh- Again?

Riddhima- No ok… Thank you

Vansh glares towards her

Riddhima- It’s ok…. So

Vansh- So?

Riddhima- Bye… Good Night… Hope we meet soon

Vansh- May be too soon…. Bye… Good Night…

She left to take her car inside while Vansh went into his car

In Boys car:-

As Vansh entered….. Kabir asked

Kabir- What took you soo long?

Vansh- Noth…….

Angre (Cutting him) – Were you proposing her?

Aryan (acting as shocked) –Angre….. I can’t believe

Angre- What?

Aryan- That you can even joke or tease someone…. Because you are a serious material?

Angre- Shut up Aryan… Btw Vansh you didn’t told… Were you proposing her?

Aryan- Yaa… Bhai tell… I saw you guys doing handshake

Vansh- Dumbo…. While proposing who the hell does handshake

Angre- Yaa… They hug… you guys didn’t do that

Vansh- Because Nothing was like that she was just thanking me

Kabir- Are you sure?

Vansh- Kabir???

As they all were tired and they need to even talk except Vansh all three slept for a while and he headed towards VR Mansion

In RV Mansion:-

After composing herself and washing her face, All four headed towards the entrance and what they saw was that

Sooraj was shouting on those three bodyguards who were actually there police officers….. Veer was acting as if contacting her and when he saw her he shouted

Veer (acting as shouting and angry) – Where were you four see the time?

Ignoring him, Riddhima came running to her dad and said

Riddhima (smiling) – hi-fi dad

Sooraj didn’t replied back but was just throwing glares towards her and asked

Sooraj- Where were you four till now?

Riddhima- Dad We told you na….. We went for enjoying so we were at club?

Sooraj- Why you four befooled these bodyguards?

Riddhima (watching towards those bodyguards) – Dad, after watching them my friends just say “Haati mere Saathi” (Elephant mare mate)….. Dad see their stomach who will say them as my bodyguard?

Sooraj (coming close to her) – So what do you wa…..

Before he could speak further, Ruchi started shouting in pain which was just an acting to stop him from his anger and Veer said

Veer (acting as panicking) – Dad, Dad it’s a labour pain dad….. Hospital?

Riddhima, Sejal, Siya and Ishani hitted their head with her hand where Ruchi was just glaring at him as they understood his foolishness and Sooraj said

Sooraj – Mr. Veer Mathur, you are a very poor actor…. She is just 5 month pregnant… How it could be a labour pain

Veer (taking out his tongue) – Sorry Dad but was just joking

Sooraj- Done?… Sandhya stop being a Nirupa Roy…. She is completely alright….. Right Ruchi?….. (She nodded)……(and he turns towards Riddhima)  So what do you want?

Riddhima- Dad…. See them…. We want some hot chicks?

Sandhya- Riddhima??

Riddhima (taking out his tongue) – Sorry Dad…. Sorry Mom….. But dad please they should be some cool hipper guys…

Sooraj (hugging her) – Ok beta… Deal done….. Are you four alright?

Riddhima (hugging him) – Yaa Dad…. We are alright!!

Sandhya- Riddhima…. Whose jacket you are wearing?

Riddhima- Mom it’s mine only actually today we went to mall….. There I liked it soo much…. So I thought to wear it in the club

Sandhya- Ok… Had you four taken your dinner?

Riddhima- Yaa Mom… We are just tired, We want to rest

Sooraj- Yaa…. It’s already too late (watching those bodyguards who were still standing there) Riddhima?

Riddhima understood his meaning and move towards the bodyguard

Riddhima- Sorry Officers…… Thank you for being with us all the time

They just smiled and left

Sooraj- Ok…. Good night everyone

All headed towards their room

In VR Mansion:-

All four had reached to VR Mansion and as they entered they saw something which shook them


Precap- Reminiscing moments and surprise

Do comments and tell me your guess why they were shocked and who is reminiscing their moments and surprise you might had guessed…..


Sorry for any grammatical mistake………

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