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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Puranjan wants to kill VishwasRao.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Ramji leaving with the family. Puranjan warns VishwasRoa of death, he was determined that he was from the enemies. Puranjan claimed of being violence and arms against VishwasRoa. Puranjan left.

Bhim thinks of how everyone defied him, his loss in the election and Bala’s behavior. Bhim sat on the floor and cried his eyes out. Meera asked him to calm down, everyone consoled him. Ramji asked him to accept his defeat as a warrior, crying will not help. Ramji sat beside him, he put a book asking everyone that whether it was book or a notebook. Everyone said that it was a notebook. Bhim said that it is not a Notebook but a Book. Ramji said that on the basis of vote this book is a notebook, since everyone agreed for it being a notebook despite being a book. He said that the same happens with people, they attract to what charms them, but one must not lose hope. A true worrier never loses his faith in what he believes. Bhim was curious of Vishwas Rao intentions as a representor. Ramji said that time will determine that for him and everyone around. Ramji asked Meera to prepare Kheer, they will celebrate Bhim struggle today. He left to buy the items.

Bala wanted to celebrate Vishwa Rao’s victory by cooking Kheer. Gopal denied, he asked Bala to keep their kitchen separate from their relation politically. The Guardian tried to cover Gopal’s provoked response as their habit. He said that Gopal and Vishwas Rao did not share their Kitchen long even in their mother’s presence. Vishwas Rao supported his brother. Gopal asked for a leave snice they were tired and needed to rest.

Ramji came to Bala and scold him for stealing the Murti. He was against Bala’s and his doing , despite being saved from the punishment he condemned Bala’s intentions

Everyone was having Kheer, Bala was asked to have some but he left. Meera inquired to which Bala replied that this Kheer is in celebration of Bhim loss and not Bala’s victory. He was upset by the unsporting behavior of his family who constantly negate him in front of Bhim. Bhim stopped Bala asking him to have some regard for his family. Bhim will not eat unless Bala will not. Bhim fed Bala kheer from his own hands.
At night, Puranjan came in covering himself with a cloth with the intention to kill Vishwas Rao and is family. In the dark he brutally started beating something up. Gopal, Vishwas Rao and their father stood in the corner with lamps in their hands. Puranjan was astonished to see them. Gopal took the blanket of from the pile of grass Puranjan mistook as them. Gopal thanked Puranjan for his desire to kill him. Gopal said that in return he will not send him to jail.

The next Morning. Everyone was present in Panchayat with Puranjan. Maharaj was glad to have this meeting today. They will pattern the structure of their societies and its functioning form today. Seth ji inquired Bhim and Ramji’s absence. Mangesh called them betrayers having double standards. Bhim came in asking Mangesh not to waste his precious time calling Bhim and his father different names. Ramji opposed coming to such gatherings but did so in Bhim’s insistence and for the sake of his community. Maharaj had designed some rules and wanted them to be listened to carefully. Pandit told that the lower cast must lower their heads or change their path whenever a person of the upper cast passes by. Bhim denied, he said that they are humans as well and will not do so. Puranjan asked Bhima to comply with Vishwas Rao and his position as representor. Puranjan asked Bhim to have the ability to accept and give someone else the position of authority, especially to those who have power and strength. Bhim was shocked.

Puranjan thought of the deal he cut with Gopal. Vishwas Rao asked about the punishment placed against the upper cast for hurdling anyone of the lower community to which Pandit replied that such matter will be brought to panchayat and that particular person will be charged of penalty. VishwasRoa accepted to have different path, the villagers agreed. According to second rule, the lower cast was asked to resume their previous teachings, they must follow the pattern of their society that was made centuries ago, this new culture is troubling the upper cast and societies’ environment. Bhim refused, he said that these rules were made to please the demands of upper cast only. The lower cast has been given no benefit.

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