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Choti Sardarni 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarab and Sandhya get married

Choti Sardarni 27th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Jeeto says mummy ji didn’t spend so much on our wedding. Bitu says mummy ji considers her daughter. Ginni says so she will give her all the things? Jeeto says because of her Meher died. Rana says mummy ji would hear. She’s already in a bad mood. Jeeto says yeah Ginni you should stay quiet. You people did a loss of 5 lacs. When are you returning it? She says these partners would. Rana says why would I? But says you lost the money. Ginni says ask him to behave. They all fight. Yuvi says shut up and dadi has asked to complete everything. We have to go to Sarab’s place. Engagement, sangeet, and wedding all is today. Dadi is at the market.

Scene 2
Meher is at the market. Meher says Sarab is my son and Param, Karan, and Seher are my kids. But where do they live? She asks people if they know. Kulwant walks past her. Meher sees her. She sees flashbacks. Meher runs after the car but Kulwant drives away.

Everyone comes to the house. Jeeto says bride and groom from the same house. Ginni says so weird. Kulwant comes. They get scared and say sorry. Kulwant says it’s the wedding house. Dance and celebrate so my Meher sees all this from the sky and gets happy. Yuvi says let’s get on the floor. Harleen comes to Sandhya and says thank you so much. I never got a chance to thank you and I am sorry. I said so much in anger. You are doing so much for our family. I know it will take time to make a relationship with Sarab. But the kids love you a lot. Give them so much love that they forget Meher.

Sarab says no one can forget you Meher ji. I won’t let anyone forget you. He recalls his wedding with Meher. Sarab recalls their moments together. Sarab says you were the mother of my kids and sardarni of this house and you will always be. I hope what I am doing is right. I am doing this for everyone else. Please don’t leave me alone. You always said pink color looks good on me, so I ill wear that. Kulwant comes. Sarab hugs Meher’s photo. Kulwant says it’s a happy day. No one will cry in this house. For kids we have to smile and be happy. Sarab hugs her.

Scene 3
Harleen gets Sandhya ready and they bring Sarab and Sandhya out. They make her wear chunri. Karan hugs Sandhya. Everyone does the ritual of Haldi.

Meher is in the market. She hears her kids’ voices. Meher runs on the roads. Sangeet starts. Kulwant dances on munda thora offbeat hai. Everyone joins her. They bring Sarab on the floor. Everyone dances. Sarab and Sandhya stand silently.

Meher walks on the roads aimlessly. She’s lost. Meher looks around. She sees a poster of Sarab’s name. Meher says Sarab ji.. Meher looks at the poster and says my Sarab ji. Meher cries. Meher reads the address. She cries. Meher says I am coming Sarab ji. I am coming to my kids and you. But how will I go there? Meher cries. Meher says I need something. She sees a baraat. Meher sneaks in there and gets on the horse. Meher rides the horse. The baraat runs after her but Meher rides it and runs away.

Scene 4
Harleen fixes Sarab’s sehra. She says may God give you all the happiness. Let’s go everyone is waiting for you. Meher is on her way. Sandhya and Sarab come to the temple and do the pooja.

Harleen ties Sarab and Sandhya’s knots together. THey take rounds around the temple. Meher is on her way. Sandhya and Sarab prostrate together. Meher is on the horse coming towards the house.

Episode ends.

Precap-Meher arrives at the venue on the horse. Sadhya looks back. Meher storms in. The kids are shocked to see her. Kulwant shouts Meher.. Meher is alive. Harleen says Meher Sarab.. He married.. Meher cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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