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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti becomes Ghostbuster Daddy

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Helan sitting on sofa acting like she is possessed says I dont need vegetables I need live chicken I want to drink blood David also speaking same thing and hiding behind the sofa. TMT scared Tillu says why is aunty talking in 2 different voices. Helan says I am not aunty I’m ghost I will drink your blood. TMT gets scared and run away. David and Helan celebrating, David says to Helan that you acted very well you would have got an award for your acting. Helan says to David stop talking rubbish they might have gone to Tiwari’s house so you know what you need to do next.

Tiwari sitting on sofa farting, Angoori come and asks who is blowing horn. Tiwari says no one is blowing horn its me who is farting so much. Angoori says here drink this ayurvedic drink. Tiwari says keep that aside its so bitter I dont wanna drink that. Angoori says its good for your helath you will feel good. Tiwari says I dont want that. TMT comes to Tiwari so much scared and Tillu says Tiwari please save us. Angoori and Tiwari asks what happen. Tillu says witch is scaring us. Angoori and Tiwari aks where is that witch. Teeka says the mother of Vibhuti Mrs. Helan is been summoned by witch. Tiwari says there is no ghost its all in your brain. Malkhan says to Tiwari if you think we are lying why dont you come with us and look that personally. Tiwari says what do you think that I’m scared Helan must be acting like that. Angoori says to Tiwari you will not go anywhere you are already sick. Tiwari says to Angoori and TMT lets go and see.

David drinking water and Helan standing at the door to see if anyone is coming. David asks to Helan did anybody come. Helan says to David till now no body is there but yes now I can see them coming and says to David to hide behind sofa. Tiwari Angoori and TMT enters the house, Tiwari greets Helan. Helan also greet back to everyone. Angoori says to boys here is Helan aunty you can ask her is there any ghost or not. Helan says to Angoori there’s not any Ghost over here. Teeka says to Helan what are you saying you were sitting here like you were summoned. Tillu says to Helan I swear he is right I saw you, you were talking in two voices with us. Malkhan says to everyone one that you eye pupils were all white. Helan says to TMT are you out of your mind or what, or you are drunk early morning. Teeka says to Helan we dont get enough in night how we will get drunk in morning. Tillu says to Helan we saw you we are not lying. Angoori says to TMT if she is saying so it won’t be lie. Malkhan says to Angoori we are also not lying. Tiwari says to boys very politely into there ears to go and check her feet are they facing backside. Angoori also agrees for that and speaks loudly to go and check her feet. Tiwari approches Helan to check her feet. Helan stands and grab Tiwari’s neck acting as she is possessed and ask him tell whether ghost are real or not. Angoori says to Helan to leave Tiwari and asks TMT to bring some help. Tillu says to Angoori it was Tiwari’s choice to come here. Angoori says to TMT to stop talking and bring someone to help her. Malkshan says to Angoori says dont be scared we will bring help. Teeka says wait here we will bring some priest and leaves. Vibhu standing outside window watching everything thing and says good job mummy. TMT running outside scared shouting ghost ghost. Vibhu standing outside asking why are you shouting ghost. Teeka says to Vibhu that Helan is summoned by ghost. Vibhu says to TMT its nothing like that she is not summoned its her personality. Tillu says to Vibhu that her pupils are all white and she is speaking in two different voices. malkhan says that witch attacked us. Vibhu says no need to worry we will go and see come follow me. TMT follows Vibhu to his house. Helan holding Tiwari’s neck saying I’ll kill you. Angoori says to Vibhu to stop Helan from attacking Tiwari he is alredy not feeling well. Vibhu says to Helan leave Tiwari and shouts on Helan. Helan says Daddy, Daddy, Daddy and faints on sofa. Vibhu approches her and sprinkle water on Helan. Helan wakes up and says what happen to me. Tiwari says to Vibhu thank god you came or she would have killed me. Helan says to Tiwari what rubbish are you talking what is he saying. Angoori to Helan yes he is saying right you tried to kill him. Tillu says to Helan yes she is saying right and you were calling Vibhu as Daddy. Helan says why is was calling Vibhu as Daddy. Angoori says that she did big blunder and didn’t even remember anything. Helan asks to Vibhu what is happening. Vibhu says i understand Helan was summoned by a witch but now she is fine and Vibhu asks everyone to leave.

Tiwari and TMT sitting together at tea stall Vibhu approches Tiwari and asks are you ok. Tiwari gets scared and says till now im fine as you came on time or else i dont know what would have happen. Teeka says Helan was so much scary. Tiwari asks Vibhu why was helan called her Daddy. Vibhu replys to Tiwari I don’t understand that but i have heard that thing there is some kind of mystery. Tillu says that Daddy is been said to father. Malkhan says that Vibhu is father of Helan. Vibhu says shutup up to Malkhan. Teeka says to Vibhu that Malkhan is right there is some kind of connection in that. David standing somewhere behind them with an music system and starts playing song. Vibhu starts dancing. Teeka aska what happen to him. Tiwari says there is some kind of problem in this family. David stops the song and Vibhu faints. Dr. approaches and asks what happen to him. Tiwari says he was all fine till now all of sudden a song of goa starts playing and he start dancing. Vibhu wakes up and start talking in different accent asks who are you where am I. Dr replies that this is Knapur but who are you. Vibhu says he asks me who am I don’t you know me I’m Daddy biggest ghost buster and leaves them. Tiwari says to Dr. What he was saying. Dr. gets shocked and says oh my god after 40years Daddy is back. Tiwari asks who is daddy. Dr. replies he is famous ghost buster of god each and every ghost is sacred of him in goa. Tiwari asks why is he here. Dr. replies daddy only goes to places where many ghost are there.

Vibhu gets the call from Anu. Anu why you took so long to pick the call what were tou doing. Vibhu i was eating breakfast. Anu replies you were eating breakfast or dinner. Vibhu confirms Anu about dinner. Anu asks what happen about the 1lakh rupees. Tiwari replies Anu to aske her Dad for the money. Anu replies I’m unable to get connected to him he is on tour with his friends in Bangkok. Vibhu says asks your father he has a big herat he will give you. Anu replies yes my father has a big heart and stop talking rubbish about my father you dont have any right to do that. Vibhu says sorry to Any. Anu says I’m missing my dad and i want to talk to him and you remember back in time you use to talk to me on call acting like my father, please be my father and talk to me. Vibhu okay I’ll talk to you your wish is granted. So Anu and Vibhu starts talking like father and daughter and after some time Anu hungs up. Vibhu keeps the phone smells something is burning and says seems like neighbours food is burning then he looks back and see its his dinner.

Tiwari in his bedroom burping. Angoori comes to room and says are there any dinosaur. Tiwari no its me who is burping. Angoori says to Tiwari whenever you burp it seems like a dinosaur is there or the sound of bomb blast. Anu asks what kind of gas is this. Tiwari says i have no idea then Anu replies that this kind of gas can only happen to you and Vibhu. Tiwari says to Anu that Vibhu is facing some different kind of situation Dr. was telling me that he is summoned with someone called as Daddy who was famous in goa for catching ghost he was Dad of all ghost in goa that’s why he is called as Daddy and Helan also released me while saying Daddy to Vibhu. Anu so what will happen now. Tiwari says i dont know what will happen now and farts.

David Helan and Vibhu sitting together and having drinks. Helan aska Vibhu what we need to do now. Vibhu replies now its all on me what i have to do and you acted very well. David praising Helan that you were great witch. Helan says to David you also acted well as an ghost. Vibhu asks Helan and David to stop fighting and explains the further plan. David says its a nice plan, Helan says wont it be so much. Vibhu says to helan and David that i will play further plan and i can only be executed by Daddy and they three starts dancing

Vibhu comes out of his house dressed as Daddy and goes to Angoori while she was watering plant and shouts Hey.

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