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Anuama FF – Nandhini and Samar are at loggerhead! Ep: 28

A drunk Kavya shouts Nandhu!!! Why are you here?

Nandhini: Maasi !!Why are you here?? Look at you state!

Kavya becomes unconscious and falls into the pool. Aniruddh stands there and laugh and Vanraj puts him into the water.

Seeing this Samar stands and laugh and Nandhini goes to him and asks

Nandhini:When someone is about to die you are standing here and laughing at it?Can’y you go and help them out?

Samar:Why should I? No one is drowning!They are enjoying their time. Let it be! You don’t interfere in my family matters.

Nandhini:Whatt??Your family matter?How come?

Samar: Kavya aunty and Anirudh uncle are our Family friends for your kind information!

Nandhini: For your kind information she is my own aunty!

Samar: How can such a lovely aunty have a niece like you!

Anirudh shouts help!!Kavya is drowning!!

Samar was the only man who was in his senses.He jumped into the pool and took Kavya out and laid her on the bench there.

Nandhini: You could have listened to me earlier itself! I saw her drowning and that’s why I asked you to help!

Samar:Why can’t you open your mouth and say that Kavya aunty was drowning,Otherwise you have long tongue to talk.Today where was it?

Nandhini: Oh!I was worried that’s why!

Samar:Stop lying and help her.In the mean time I will prepare fresh juices so that they get back to their senses.

Nandhini: How can fresh juice bring their senses back?

Samar:Stop questioning me and do what I said!

Nandhini: Why should I listen to you?

Samar: Ok then see your maasi die.It’s not my maasi.

Nandhini: Why are you like this?

She press Kavya’s stomach and water comes out of her .Meanwhile Samar prepares fresh juice and gives it to everyone.



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