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Hiya!wassup guys . Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting me .hope it continues .it was immensely wonderful. A big shout out to the silent readers ..

Precap… Ashish and Zoya s mother in law r coming

Adiii…. Aaye aaye aap bhi tamasha dekhie (, come u also see the happenings ).
And he again take s a sip of champagne

Zoya was standing teary eyed looking at er mother in law
She took Zoya by her hand and called adii

Adii and Zoya beta .. I need to tell u some thing which I should have told earlier but the circumstances forced me .. pls forgive me

Adiii .. haa aapko ye hee batana hoga kee Pooja aur Yash ek doosre sae pyare karte the ( I know u have to tell us that Yash and pooja love d each other

Ashish comes …no Zoya bhabhi aur Aditya … It’s the truth the truth Zoya wanted to know

Yash s mom takes them into a room
She begins

Aditya… I wanted to tell you that Pooja is my daughter real daughter.. she was born to me and my husband… And Yash was our second child Yash s father considered girls a big burden… So I gave Pooja to my care taker Rekha ( consider her Pooja s mom ) ,

I came to know from Ashish a few days ago that Pooja is my daughter. Yash came to know that Pooja is her sister. 4 or 5 yrs ago.. Aditya Zoya my son and and daughter did not have any affair. They came to know that they r siblings and remain in touch . And the day they meet with accident they were coming to both of you.

Adii and Zoya look on … Bepanaah bepanaah plays

They both faint with shock .

Next day : Arora mansion

Doctor : madam I think she got a big shock and that’s why she had fainted. She will come in her senses in a few minutes. These are the medicines kindly give to her on time

Yash s mom. Yes doctor sure

Zoya slowly comes into her senses

Yash mom:beta here is your breakfast. How are you feeling now

Zoya : I am fine now since the accident. Mummy ji . I am going early to office today

Yash s mom Saw her smiling wholeheartedly after a long period ..

Yash s mom exits

Noor: api jaldi Jau aap late ho Jaoge ( go fast u will get late

She Giggles and takes the taxi,:)

Hood mansion …

Adii wokes and gets ready happily

He rushes to the dining table .

Her mom was waiting for her as usual he grabbed the toast give her mother a quick kiss and happily run out for the car he shouted from outside byee maa..

*-*-%-%-%*-*-*-*-%-%-*-%-%-%-%–*-*–*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*–*-*-*-*-*-*–*-*-*-*-*-*–*-*-*-*-*-*–*-*-*-*–**–*-*-*–*-so guys that was for the day hope you like I appreciate my efforts. Thanks to every bit of person who appreciates my work. Take care till then. See you tomorrow with the new update



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