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Tu Aashiqui 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Monty returns to Poorva

Tu Aashiqui 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with JD talking to Vikram. He says I m very far from Sheetal, how is everything. Vikram says doctor wants to meet old doctor, he feels medicines should have recovered mom till now. JD gets shocked. Ahaan switches on his phone. He talks to Uday and says we are coming back, I need your help. Uday asks what to do, tell me. JD rushes home. He comes to Sheetal and acts in front of everyone. He asks why isn’t Sheetal talking. Vikram says dad, doctor will tell you everything, why didn’t mom recover. JD asks how can you say this, she was in coma, she got better, you think the family doctor doesn’t know his work. Manav says he knows it, new doctor knows his work better, you can talk to him.

JD says just our family doctor will treat Sheetal, I don’t need to talk to anyone else.

He calls the doctor. Kaira gets a message and thinks Ahaan’s phone is reachable. She tells this to Aparna. Ahaan and Pankti meet Uday at a cafe. Ahaan asks Pankti to have food, she has to get fine. He says I wanted to keep Pankti out of this madness. Pankti says JD will never leave me. Ahaan says don’t worry, I have a way to fight with him, there is one way to clean your name. He gets a call. Aparna asks how are you and Pankti. Ahaan says we are fine. She tells him about Sheetal’s recovery.

Ahaan says don’t worry, I m coming home soon. Uday asks will you go home with Pankti, its not safe. Ahaan tells his plan. They see Pankti gone. Ahaan calls her out and asks the vendor about her. Vendor says I didn’t see. JD says just do as I say. JD sees Poorva and asks what are you doing here. Vikram says Poorva came to update us about Pankti, mom had complications, so she had to stay. JD says Ahaan and Pankti have run away from Saku’s village, get lost. Manav says talk with respect, she is our guest. JD says you are also a guest, this is my house, don’t teach me how to talk to them.

Vikram stops Poorva and asks her not to feel bad of JD’s words. He asks shall I drop you home. She says no. He asks don’t you trust me. Ahaan comes to Pankti’s house and calls her out. He sees Anita. He asks her where is Pankti. She says I don’t know, I will ask JD. He asks her to file complaint against JD. Anita asks how. Poorva and Vikram come. Poorva says as you filed complaint against Ahaan, where is Pankti. JD scolds his doctor and acts. Doctor also acts along and commits that Sheetal will get fine soon. JD asks everyone do they have any doubt now, there are no secrets here. He does a drama. Ahaan says JD has kidnapped Pankti. He argues with Anita and Vikram. He asks Anita not to lie to him. Vikram asks Ahaan where did he see Pankti, how did she disappear, what happened. Ahaan says you should ask this to your dad, I will find her. He goes. Vikram says Poorva don’t worry, everything will go fine. He goes to hug her. Monty comes and says this is my right to tell her. She smiles and runs to hug him. Monty stares at Vikram. Vikram goes. Monty asks what happened.

JD greets everyone and gives some papers to them. He says this house and business is on my name, its the property papers on which Sheetal signed happily by her wish, why do you all forget this, because I don’t express, anyways, even then I didn’t throw anyone of you from this house, Ahaan got big loss for me and ruined my respect, did I ask Ahaan to leave from here, no, you know why, because I m Manav’s elder brother, because you all love Sheetal a lot, its true that I had a mistress, my love for Sheetal didn’t get less, why don’t you understand, I kept Pankti for my needs, she is my need, accept this, ask Ahaan to move back, then everything will get fine, can we live together as a happy family. Ahaan comes there. They all smile. JD gets shocked.

Ahaan promises to clear Pankti’s name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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