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Swasan TS (Now FS) – Made for each other (Part 10)

I couldn’t update because my mother was not well. So she couldn’t manage anything  so i had to take care of her.. Sorry for late update… I may not be regular but I will update next part soon…  Till then be happy… 😍😍😍😄😄😄.. So here is ur swasan episode.

Swasan reached baadi..  shomi saw them and became happy..

sho: shona come..  I will take ur aarti..

sw:  don’t worry maa… Dida will do it

Sho: bu… But maa is not here..

Sw:but where did she go…

Sho: wo Wo… Haa Banaras… She.. Went to Banaras…

Swasan looks at her confused..  Swara thinks that dida didn’t inform her…

Sw: that’s OK.. I will go to Bose house.  Because I don’t want to come this house…

She: swara… How dare u to talk like this.. This is ur house not that…

Sw: no Mr gagodiaji.. (interrupted)

Sho: shona he is ur father…

Sw: no maa… He is my sister in-law’s father.. Not mine.. (in mind:(even she is not my sister in law because I don’t want that creepy creature and his family as my relatives) I understood it when he slapped me in my wedding day…

She: fine.. I also don’t want a character…(interrupted)

San: princess my legs are paining…

Sw: OK.. Come sanskar..

they ignored them and moves to Bose house. Shekhar went from there furiously… Shomi stood there helplessly…

San: are you OK princess..

Sw: double OK….

They are about to enter the house, a girl who’s the colleague of swara came there.. Swara asks sanskar to move in and she will come after sometimes…. She and her friend move aside… He got a call and he left to bose house… After sometimes shomi came there holding sweet plate.. She didn’t see swara Outside.. She directly went towards bose house and entered inside… She stood there shocked seeing sanskar talking as normal person.. She dropped the plate… Hearing this sanskar turned and shocked seeing shomi… Meanwhile in outside swara also listen the noise.. She bid bye to her friends and went to Bose house..

sho: u.. U… U r not mad…

san: ma plz listen to me.. (she came towards him)

Sho: u r cheating my daughter…

San: no ma it’s not like that.. Listen to me..

Sho: no… How dare u to cheat my daughter (she raised her hand to slap him and he closed his eyes… But…)

Sw: maaaaa… (before she slapped him, she stopped her. Sanskar signalled her to lock the door. She did that and turned towards shomi)  how can u  slap my husband..

Sho: he is cheating on you shona.. He is not mad…

Sw: then what are you doing? About sanskar he is my sanskar he won’t do that..

Sho: no I’m saying truth.. (to sanskar)  tell her everything…

Sw: he is not like u.. He told me everything already.. Yes i know everything.. (shomi looks at her shocked)  yes i know he is a normal person ..

sho: he is hiding something from his family and u r supporting him.. How can u shona

sw: then what r u doing maa.. What are you hiding from me and ur family..

sho: I’m not hiding anything..

Sw: then why is she threatening u..

Sho: no shona u r mistaken.. Ragini is not blackmailing me…

Sw: when did i say ragini? What do u think about me maa.. I can’t understand u. I’m am seeing you for 22 years.. I don’t need my studies to understand u.. Tell me what are you hiding from me.. I know u wouldn’t do like that like u did in my marriage day.. U know what my, till no i thought u r my diary and I’m urs.. But not now. Now sanskar is my diary and I’m his.. He won’t hide anything from me…. (she is pouring her anger and pain on shomi.. Sanskar hears this and gulps)

san: oh God, if she is doing this to maa, then what will be my state after she will get to know my whole truth 😱😱😱. Oh God I’m doing this to surprise her.. So please be with me… 🙏🙏🙏 (his imagination comes to earth hearing her shout)

sw: tell me maa, why didn’t you shock seeing me like that.. What are you hiding?

Sho: because i know everything.. She told me that she did a small accident to you so u won’t come to Mandap. She threatened me that if i don’t be with her, she will kill my child..

sw: but she didn’t do any small accident.. She pushed me to the river to kill me..

Sho: what?  But she told me… Oh God how could I believe her?

San: she is saying truth maa.. And u  don’t have to worry about princess. I’m there naa..

Sho: (small voice)  it’s not about swara…

swasan confused and looks at eachother and shomi.. Suddenly swara realises something.. Her eyes widened…

Sw: maa is it true? (sanskar looks at her confused)  are u pregnant? (sanskar eyes also widened)

Sho:(embarrassed)  hmm.. She and shekhar only knew it but not maa.. She threatened me that he will kill… (cried. Swasan shocked) i know it’s embarrassing thing for u. (swara nodes negatively)

San: (take her to couch and make her sit on it. Then he kneeled infront of her)  no maa it’s not an embarrassing thing. But a happy news.. We both are wholeheartedly happy for you.. But i can’t understand how can that ragini do that, it’s also her sibling naa.. How can she threatened on her own sibling. But u don’t have to worry about ur children maa.. Ur son is here.. She won’t do anything to any of them… (swasho looks at him proudly)

Sho: but she has something else to threaten me.. She kidnapped maa

Swasan: what.. (swara looks shocked and sanskar looks confused)

Sw: did…dida she is with her… Sanskar.. (he is doing something in his mobile)  sanskar… (he looks at her)  my dida, that ragini will do anything.. Plz save her..

San: (wipes her tears)  nothing will happen to her.. I’m here na.. Princess.. (but interrupted by a phone ringing. The landphone rang. Swasho looks on)  take the call maa.. Then we will talk.

Shomi take the call…

sho: maa maa where are u? Did she harm you..

Swara shocked and went to her. Sanskar smiles.

Dida(on phone) : I’m in Mumbai. I just called you to inform shoru.. What are you blabbering…

Sho: shona is here maa..

dida: then give the phone to her i don’t want to talk to you..

Shomi gave the phone to swara.. She takes the call and talk to her.. After sometimes she hang the call..

Sw: ragini lied to u. She didn’t even see dida. Dida went to Mumbai to attend wedding of her friend’s granddaughter. (shomi relieved  but next moment her face became pale thinking her hatred)  i have told her everything maa.. She needs some time.. She will call you..

Then she told her everything about sanskar.. She told her how she tries to talk ragini about laksh and how she behaved..

Sw: I don’t know how to understand her..

Sanskar rolled his eyes…

Sho: u did ur responsibility beta.. Believe it or not it’s her decision…

san: exactly.. She tried to kill her own sibling and threatened maa..she deserves him only.. But u have a responsibility to inform her and u did it.. Now don’t worry about her.. (to shomi)  maa u came here with sweets for me. But it goes waste.. So please go and get some for me… Ya make a rasamalai too, because of ur daughter I’m loving it so much…

Swasho smiles seeing him. Shomi went to gagodia house..

San: come princess show me your house..

she smiles and went with him. At last they went to her room..

san: so this is my shona’s room.. (swara smiles).

sw: u wait here I have to go washroom… (she went and he looks around the room)

San: Seeing ur childishness I thought ur room will be pink and ur blanket is some cartoon character..

Sw: I also had the same room but i have changed it to blue and black and white combination..  Because i like black and white and someone else like blue color… (she said from washroom)

San: how do you know that I like blue..

Sw:  it’s not u sanskar .its someone else .. (she came out of the washroom hiding the smile)

San: what? How can u decorate ur room with someone else likeness..

sw: if that someone else is my first crush I can do it na..

san: what? 😱😱😱 what did you say?

Sw: yes sanskar crush.. My first crush… Oh sanskar… I like him so so so much… 😘😘😘

San: (murmurs)  i will crush him 👿👿👿(to swara)  then why did you do marry.. Go and marry that “alavalathi”…

Sw: He is not an alavalathi.. He is handsome sanskar 😍😍. so can i go and marry him.. 😜😜

San(holds her waist and pulled towards him) : I will kill you.. If u thought like that….ok.. U r mine… Mine only… (he said dangerously)

He then left her and sits on bed… Swara smiles seeing his possessivenes. She went towards him and pinched his cheek…

Sw: oh my cute jealouseshwari😘😘😘😘😘. Sanskar u look so cute in jealous… 😄😄😄

He shoves her hand and get up and sit on other side of the bed… She smiles and went towards him and lied on his lap.. He turned his face other side… She smiles..

Sw: waise Mr Maheshwari I can’t marry him.. You know why?

san: because I won’t let him come near you… 👿👿👿

Sw: 😄😄😄😄 Ofcourse my cuteshwari… Because I love you Soo much … I won’t leave my cute hubby (give him a flying kiss. Sanskar is melting by his princess’ cute antics… But didn’t show it)  secondly i can’t even go near him… Moreover that only only business world know him not anyone else.. (sanskar looks at her confused) you are also a small business man na u may be know his name…. SM… 😍😍.( Sanskar looks at her shocked… )

san:(in mind)  oh God I was cursing myself till now… Hey wait that’s mean my sherni has a crush on me… 😮😮😮(smiles and looks at swara. She is blabbering about him)  so my decision for surprising you is best… (looks at swara intensely,then change remember something). For me it’s same person but for her it’s different person naa.. How can she praise another person (make faces and looks at her in fake anger.  She see this and smiles )

Sw: u know what i used to think that when I see him i would say that i have a crush on you and you won’t get a beautiful girl other than me. So u can accept me.. (sanskar looks at her shocked)  don’t be shocked hubby.  I won’t say it now. I will say him now that I had a crush on you, not now because I got a world’s best husband.. You are just my attraction,  he became my crush, love and everything.. I love my hubby sooo much.. (sanskar smiles a little) Now did you forgive me….

San: not so soon Mrs. Maheshwari. U have did a lot of mistakes. U have to pay for it..

Sw: what did i do? (she gets up from his lap and sat on bed near him)

san: 1st u praised someone else infront of ur husband. Second u made him jealous so much. Thirdly u said that ur husband is small business man, no madam, ur hubby is also big business man. He had been seen that SM so many times… Even Aman also seen them..

sw: (excitedly)  is it.. Is he handsome? (Sanskar glares)  no no nothing…

San: you have to pay back for it Mrs. Maheshwari

Swara gulps. He pushed her on bed. She screams a little.. He came over her.. Both looks each other’s eyes intensely. He then looks at her lips.. She also looks at his. (most important thing both like 😜😜). He leans towards her lips.. She shyly close her eyes welcoming him. They engaged in there own world. The camera focused on the love birds’ photos in the room…

To be continued…

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