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Swasan- My true love (TS) Part -2


Sanskar was eagerly waiting for his lady love to give her appearance.. but she is nowhere to be seen and he is getting impatient waiting and taljing with the guests..

Suddenly wind blew and caressed his face and he knew that she is somewhere near.. He started searching for her in the hall.. and there standing his girll in his designed dress all ready to be his..

He forgot to breath seeing her so beautiful.. Their eyes met.. A long beautiful eyelock.. She winked.. “What” at him.. Then he came in his senses and vowed to tell her what teasing actually is?

Sanskar’s Dress for the ocassion

Sensing his thoughts through his eyes.. she shyed and made a puppy face too to melt him.. To which he sniled ofcourse.. How can he remain aloof from his life!?

She was bought downstairs by her friends and was made to stand beside her.. She shied sensing his gaze.. And he whispered ‘beautiful’ in her ears..

She smiled and complemented him too.. along with a kiss on cheek (ofcourse after sensing everybody busy).. to which he stilled for a moment and then saw here n there to see if anybody watched them or not.. She laughed sensing his actions..

Soon the celebration begins and her friends danced on various songs.. and then his brothers turn came.. they too performed on their sisters engagement…

Now the its the turn for the couple.. Sanskar forwarded his hand to her so as to take her to the centre for dance.. she too gladly gave her hands to his as if trusting her life with him..  He kised the back of her hand and took her in the centre..

As soon as the song started, they both satrted their dance.. Everybody clapped for them..

After the dance it was the time for the ceremony to begin..

Both exchanged their rings.. and kissed each others on the rings..

After a lot of blessings from elders and teasings from youngesters.. the ceremony ended and the groom with his family left from there..

Swara was sitting in her room removing her jewellery and makup, then came Ragini and helped her with it and tgey started chit chatting..

After an hour or so ragini asked her how she told her parents about Sanskar..

She started telking he story after the India Gate proposal..


After proposal at India Gate.. Both roamed on the streets of delhi waliking and talking.. Swara didnt went back to her hostel too that day so that she can spend some of her time with her love..

Both were so happy yet so confused about how to tell their parents about their love..

Many questions were running in their minds.. How will they start..?? Who will tell their parents first?? Will they understand?? Or not?? What of they will not approve their relationship??
So may what?? Ifs?? were there.. But there was only one solution… ie. to tell everything to their parents slowly..

While returning from a restaurant after dinner, it was raining ouside and she wanted to dance in rain.. he too complied and both danced a lot in the rain untill rain stopped..

When they reached sanskar’s hotel room, both were fully drenched.. They saw towards each other wet clothes and then to each other and both brust out laughing..

She was still laughing when he said..

“Go change ur dress or u will catch cold” he said gently holding her arms.

She made a puppy face and told him that she dont have spare clothes.. He tgen went to his bag nd gave him his sweatshirt which was ofcourse oversized for her…

She nodded and rushed towards washroom..
She came back after changing n was drying her hairs with towel.

“Give it to me i will dry your hairs” she jumped hearing his voice from behind.

She gave him the towel noticing each nad evrry bit of his clean shaven face.

He rubbed her head with towel, she was atanding so close to him standing between his hands. He was so sincerly doing his job of drying her hairs as if his whole life dependent on it.
He put the towel down before removing the tendrils from her face. She automatically closed her eyes feeling his touch.

His lips then came in contact with her cheeks and she sucjed her breadth and her hands automatically reached his neck. He slowly removed the hirs right side n started giving small kisses there.. She leaned on him fully giving him full access

His arms wounded her shoulders and her found her back.. they were just inches apart when he saw in her eyes seeking her permission.. she just nodded and they slowly leaned towards each other and their lips met.. After a couple of minutes of exploring n teasing each other, they broke the kiss with the need of oxygen.. He saw in her eyes and she shied and hugged him.. He too resiprocated…
They remained like that for few minutes.

They slowly reached bed.. sanskar layed keeping his head on headboard and she on top of him in half sitting position, his hands wounded on her stomach n her back againt his front..

They were peacefully lying there n were talking about their future.. thats when he asked her to go to her hometown tomorrow and talk to her mom about them…

She became nervous and was confused about how to start then consoled her n asked her to say whatever comes in her mind.. she too complied.. Nad they peacefully fell asleep in the same position…

Next day they both went to their respective parents and talked to each other and fortunately swara”s mom didnt objecf and asked her not to worry as she will talk to her father… She hugged her mother out of happiness..

Swara made her mom talk to sanskar and she too liked him in an instance.. But the main problem was to tell her father but that responsibility was taken by her mother..

After spending one day with her famiky, she came back to delhi.. After a week or so, her mother informed swara about her father’s acceptance  too but only after doing proper background check about family and the boy..

Both parents talked to other’s parents nad their meeting was fixed.. As everythibg was going fine, their meeting went well and they decided to get their childern engaged soon and they can geg married only when both will be comfertable only after making their career..

And the engagement too haooened today..


Ragini- Oh wow.. it means jiju is handking u till now otherwise dont know what you woukd have done..

Swara- oh shutup ragini and keave from here..

Ragini- Are ha.. aab humari zarurat kisko h..?? (Makibg sad face) Aab to tumhe bas jiju hi pyare h..

Swara tremrow coushion on her and she left from there teasing her..

Swara was laying on her bed and was thinkibg about her journey till now.. that is when her thoughts were disturbed by call..

Who could it be?? Ofcourse our hero only..

She picked the phone and they talked for hours before sleeping and saying I LOVE U to each other..

After cutting tge call she gazed at phone n kissed it and said I Love U again seejng the phone and slept taking soo many sweet dreams of their future together…



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