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Stuck With Her (SwaSan Short Story) Epilogue Part 2 by Marsuu

Stuck With Her (SwaSan Short Story)
Epilogue: Part 2

Recap: swasan bless with baby girl and swara give chance to sanskar just for the baby.

Sanskar’s pov:
It’s going to be three months after a week since swara and seerat came back in my life and this house. Ohhh!!! Seerat is the name of our daughter who is now three months old. Swara has kept her name as seerat and it’s beautiful even i love it. It looks so good and everyone think we are living as a happy family but it’s not always what it seems to be. As once in a relation, trust is broken then it is really tough to build it again. Mine and swara’s relation is so strange like we don’t share anything as husband and wife. Swara hardly talks to me and if she does, that is also related to seerat. We are living together just because of seerat. I think if seerat won’t be there, swara would have never come back.  When in the hospital swara said yes to come with me i was happy and i misunderstood that i won her. She is not same to me like before. It always hurt me when swara become conscious when I’m near. Her smile is also fake with me. The way her eyes shine when she smile at seerat is missing with me. To be honest, it’s suffocating for me. I did mistake and now I’m paying for it. I deserve this. How can i use swara?? When i think about the time i betrayed her, i just hate myself. Whatever is done can’t be changed so, now I’m going to get her back. I have some plans for next week because it’s our first anniversary. I hope everything will be fine. All this while i was coming from hospital. I came out of the car and move towards the house. I can hear the echo of their laughter as i open the door and enter inside. Swara is lying on the couch and seerat is lying on her chest. She stopped laughing as she heard my footsteps.

“Hello!!” I said sitting to the next sofa. “hi” she said with a smile but as usual it’s a fake one and didn’t reach her eyes. “How was your day?” I asked to continue the conversation. I want to talk to her and share my feelings with her. ” normal” she shrugs. Huh!! She won’t tell me if some thing happened also. Seerat is constantly smiling at me. I lean on them to kiss seerat’s cheeks and swara’s breath hit my cheeks. Our eyes met for a second and then swara averted her gaze she don’t want to look in my eyes.
” i will come after changing” i said moving towards our room to avoid the awkward situation. Don’t know when everything will be normal between us.

As usual I’m sitting in my cabin and studying the files of patients. After three days, I’m going to surprise swara. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I heard my phone ringing. I uninterestingly picked it to see whose calling. My eyes widen as it’s swara’s call. It is for the first time she is calling. My heart is beating like anything. Ohhh shit!!!! Sanskar you are behaving like a teenager whose crush has called him. I quickly received the call before it got disconnected. ” swara” i said. “umm..sanskar actually i want to say if you can bring baby food for seerat” she said hesitantly. ” yeah i will bring” i said. ” thanks and bye” she cut the call after saying it.  That’s it!!!! She talked to my just for seerat. I signed heavily. I should do some work then only i will feel little better.

After three days,
Swara went out with shekar uncle and seerat. Shekar uncle came last week. In her absence i had planned everything and now I’m just waiting for her. I’m really impatient. Don’t know how she will react. Today is our marriage anniversary,  though we don’t have good memories of this day but i want to start afresh from here. I got up as i heard the door bell. Opening the door, i saw swara standing with seerat. ” where is shekar uncle” i asked. ” dad went to office after leaving us” she said. I look at seerat and she is peacefully sleeping in swara’s arms. ” i will place her in bed room” swara said and move towards our room. “Swara ” i called from back. ” hmm” she turn to look at me.
” can you come to guest room please?” i asked. “Okay “she didn’t objected and agreed. I nodded smiling at her.

I’m waiting for swara in the guest room. I took the look of the room which is decorated beautifully. It’s written ” Happy Marriage Anniversary” in block letters. I hope she will like it. The knock at the door brought me back to senses and i saw swara standing at the door with a perplexed look on her face. ” come inside” i said moving towards her. “what’s all this??” She asked seriously. ” it’s our anniversary, did you forgot??” I said but she was blankly staring me. ” i want to make this day special for you” i said holding her hand in mine. Swara jerk my hand instantly and shook her head saying ” this day is never special but the worst day of my life” i was shocked listening to her words. “On this day, i took the wrong decision to marry you and it spoiled my whole life” her voice got heavy and eyes got teary. ” i know everything went wrong but i want to rectify my mistake” i said. Seeing her tears, i don’t have words to say. All that i want to say to her got stuck somewhere in my throat. “swara! Can’t you forget and start from the beginning??” I asked. She chuckle dryly and said ” i can never forget it in my life. You want to start everything from beginning but i don’t want. I’m living here for seerat so don’t expect much” she managed to speak with her tears. ” i hate myself for loving you” her each and every word was like someone stabbbing my heart. I didn’t realized but tears made their way through my cheeks.
” don’t cry because i don’t want to be reason for your tears but I’m not able to overcome all that” she explained me. “Sorry ” she mumble and left the room. I was not knowing what to say to her when she is right at her place. I wiped my tears and took deep breathe. ” i will wait for you swara and i won’t let you go” i said determinedly. She is mine and i will get her at any cost.

After an hour, i enter inside my room and saw swara is sleeping hugging seerat tightly. She still has tear strains on her fairy cheeks. I approached towards them and taking seat beside them, i kiss swara’s forehead. Seerat open her eyes, may be sensing me. She has slept alot and now she won’t sleep. I picked seerat loosing swara’s grip on her before she make any sound and swara get disturbed. Seerat securely place her head on my chest and i went to balcony.
I made seerat lie on me and pat her back so that she should sleep. After half an hour when seerat slept, i placed her beside swara. I left the room because i need to be alone.

I was wandering for the whole night. I don’t know what to do that swara should forget the past. Yesterday ranveer met and i told him about what swara said. He came up with a plan and through that i can know what she feels for me. ” all the best and don’t scare her” i told ranveer. ” don’t worry just wait for few minutes she herself will confess that she love you” ranveer was over confident. I nodded my head. Let’s see what will happen.

Ranveer ran the door bell and i hided outside. I can see them and hear their conversation. ” hi” ranveer said. ” ranveer you here at this time?” Swara was surpried to see him. ” hmm i have a bad news for you” ranveer said. I was scared of swara’s reaction. ” what??” Swara asked. Fear was clear on her face. ” umm..sanskar is not at home right??” He asked. ” yeah i don’t know where he went early morning without informing.” Swara didn’t know that i was out at night also. ” hmm he went out at mid night and his car hit the tree” ranveer said. Swara’s eyes widen all of sudden. Yes it was the plan that ranveer will lie about my accident and then will see if swara is affected or not. ” wh..ere is he? San..skar is fine na” swara trembled while speaking. ” Sorry to say but he is no more” ranveer said shocking me also. Holy shit!!! We planned only for accident and here he is killing me. Swara was numb. She didn’t reacted for several seconds. She must be shocked to core. How can ranveer lie like this?? ” no this is not true” swara shook her head and tears gushed out of her eyes. ” you have to accept it” he said. Swara was crying and mumbling something. Ohh no she collapse on the ground. Her eyes and nose has turned red. I can’t see this anymore so, i rushed inside. ” swara” i called her. As soon as she heard me, she got up and came to me. ” Sanskar you are spoiling the plan” i heard ranveer saying but i don’t care for it now. ” sans..kar” he managed me whisper my name. ” I’m fine” i said cupping her face. She hugged me tightly. ” clam down” i rub her back. She is bitterly crying. Once again i made her cry.
” okay i should give privacy ” ranveer said.
” how can you lie like this??” I shouted but he ran out of the house. Idiot!! I mumble.

“Swara look at me” i break the hug. ” ranveer said..” she started to say but i cut her ” it’s okay drink water” i made her sit on sofa. Seerat made noise asking us to pick her. I picked seerat after giving water to swara. She is still lost in her thoughts. ” I’m sorry for hurting you yesterday” swara said to me. Her eyes are still wet. ” shh don’t be sorry infact I’m sorry for everything” i said. I’m going to tell her about today’s plan because i don’t want to hide anything from him. ” swara it was planned to lie you about my accident but ranveer said I’m no more” i said waiting for her reaction. ” this was the worst joke” her eyes were furious. ” it was just to know whether you love me or not” i said staring at the floor. “Huh! Stupid. So what answer you got.?” She asked from me. ” i think you do love me” i said leaning close to her. ” right??” I raised my eyebrow. Swara place her finger on cheek and act like thinking and then whisper ” yes” this girl gives me goosebumps. ” i love you” i said and kissed her lips quickly. She was blushing as seerat is also there. ” don’t lie like this i was so scared ” she said. ” i will never do it again, sorry ” i said and kiss her palm. Swara place her head on one side of my chest while seerat is lying on the other side. I can’t express the happiness at this moment when my lifelines are in my arms.
” today i will make breakfast” i said and swara nodded. We trio went to kitchen.

Swara is sitting on the shelf and seerat is in her lap. They both are waiting to see what I’m going to make. I started working and talking to them in between. This is the best time which I’m spending with them. After i set the breakfast on table i picked seerat from swara and place her in cradle. ” pick me also” swara demanded. I smile and pick her in my arms. She giggles as i fulfil her wish. I came to hall and swara sat on her chair and i made seerat sit in my lap. She is lying on my chest and drinking milk. I took the bite and feed swara. ” how’s it??” I asked. ” yummy” she said. I smiled and we both had our breakfast. Later whole day we trio spend cuddling with each other on the bed and watching tv. I love this life being with swara and seerat.
That was out happily ever after.

The End.

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