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Siddhi Vinayak 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi doubts Rajbeer

Siddhi Vinayak 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi telling Mannu about the will. Mannu says you think Vin has threat from me. She apologizes. He says Rajbeer complains that I love Vin more than him, Vin is special to me, I remember what doctor told us, I would have told Vin about your marriage. She says forgive me, I m ashamed. He says enough. He goes. She thinks does Rajbeer want to kill Vin, I have to spy on him. Prachi burns her fingers by candle wax to get saved from police. Rajbeer says police will doubt on you. She asks what will happen if we get caught. Gauri says I knew this, you both killed Laxmi.

They blame Gauri. Gauri says I didn’t kill Laxmi, why would I frame you two. Prachi and Gauri fight. Rajbeer asks what are they doing, stop it. They both slap him. He holds his cheeks. He asks Prachi on whose

side is she. Prachi says yours. He says stop it now. Siddhi comes there and looks on. He asks them to see Riddhi. Siddhi asks why are you fighting, what’s the matter. They make excuses. Siddhi asks about Laxmi. Rajbeer asks will we ask you and talk, Vin is my brother. Gauri says we worry for him. Prachi asks Siddhi to go. Gauri asks Siddhi to mind her own business. Siddhi gets speechless when they scold her. Siddhi doubts them.

She goes to Vin and holds his hand while he sleeps. She thinks its Rajbeer, who is his enemy. Manjiri comes and pities her. Manjiri sends her for some puja rituals. She checks Vin’s phone and sees Siddhi’s phone. She says Siddhi, I m sending Vin to you soon. Manjiri calls someone and asks him to deliver the marriage certificate. She sees Riddhi and jokes. She says I will wake up Vin with love now. She plays a bullet sound. He wakes up and holds head. She asks what happened. She does a drama. She takes him out and says maybe Riddhi is taking time to set puja plate. Vin rests. Manjiri hides. Lawyer comes and tells Vin that he got a gift for him. Siddhi comes and thinks did registrar come to give marriage certificate to Vin. Vin checks the papers. Manjiri says now Vin will know he has got married to Riddhi, he will get angry and die. Siddhi stops Vin.

Manjiri says this girl ruined my plan again. Siddhi takes the papers from Vin. She says you are unwell, you should take rest. Manjiri gets angry and imagines killing Siddhi and Vin. Siddhi lies that its a contract, she is there to check that. She asks lawyer to leave. He goes. Vin asks what are you doing, show me the contract once. She asks him to focus on puja. She asks him to come and gives hand. He holds her hand. He goes. Manjiri asks what’s this. Siddhi says it would have been big problem if Vin saw marriage certificate. Manjiri says its good you managed everything. He sees them and says there is something they are hiding from me. Siddhi asks her to help Vin in puja. She goes to hide papers. Manjiri gets angry on her.

Siddhi collides with Gauri and says sorry. She picks the papers. Gauri questions her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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