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Saath Samander Par Tera Saath – Introduction and Episode 1


1.Ayat: (protagonist) beautiful , graduated , moody but simple middle class pakistani girl.urdu speaking.

2.Mustafa zamani: (protagonist) leading persian actor in Iran. handsome and famous. persian speaking.

3.Sherzad: (antagonist) leading persian actress in Iran. beautiful,famous and persian speaking.

4.Katayoun Riahi: (supporting role) retired leading actress and now running a charity named Komak. persian speaking.

5.Pooria Rahimian: (side lead) musician and singer. son of Katayoun riahi. persian speaking.

6.Iqbal khan: (2nd lead) Indian Tv actor and famous. hindi speaking.

Epi 1..

One man beating her wife bitterly. Ayat comes and…

Ayat: leave my mother papa….please.

Papa: she made my life hell.

He goes. both mother and daughter cry.

Ayat: 😢please ammi….you go from this hell. please go to your sister ‘s home. leave him. my papa is just like beast he always beats you without any reason.

Ammi: 😢No…my daughter…i will leave him but not you now. when you get married i will leave this place. don ‘t worry.

Days pass and Ayat ‘s father asks her daughter to have a trip to Karachi in her aunt ‘s home. but she does not want to go… after insisting she have a deal that she will only go if her father brings a new anroid phone for her. Father brings a new model for her and they go to Karachi.

Ayat and her parents enjoy there so much. Ayat sends pic to her friends.

Phone ringing. (video call).

Sanam: when you come yaar…

Ayat: yes very soon but listen Sanam i think sometimes…that…i will never see you again. i dont know why but i just feel that…

Sanam: “apni feeling sanbhal kay rakho kahin tumhara karachi me Nikkah hi na ho jaye”.

Ayat: shut up.

One morning…

Ayat: uncle tomorrow we ‘ll leave and one place left and i want to go there.

Uncle: where?

Ayat: Clifton…seaside.

Uncle: ok…in evening i tell your czn brother to take all of you there.

Ayat: 😃 yeah!

On Clifton…

Ayat starts catch the fishes she saw many beautiful shells and she picks it. In all that excitement she go very far from family.

Ayat: Yaa Allah i forget the way. please help me Allah.

Ammi: Where is Ayat?

Papa: i dont know…”abi tw yahin thi”.

Every one get tensed and start searching her.

one car comes and drags Ayat into it.

What happen next?..

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