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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Imposter Proves Ratan To Be Fake

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Imposter tells Diya that he has faith that she will fulfill her promise given to her father. Diya doesn’t believe him. CT says you are an imposter to me, and my Ratan is the real Ratan. Sakshi and others don’t believe him. Diya says we can kick you out, but as you are claiming to be Maan singh’s son, you can stay in Kesar Mahal until DNA test results comes. Bhuvan says they all are with Daata Hukum.

Servants take Imposter’s stuff to his room. He goes to room and connects mobile to his charger and goes to bathroom. Diya and Yash watch him on CCTV. She says we have to catch his documents and asks him to stay there. She goes to his room and thinks he will come out at any time. She hears the flush sound and hides behind the cupboard. Imposter combs his hairs and sprays perfume.

Diya pushes cupboard and the vase falls down. Imposter holds her hand and saves her. He says this thing doesn’t suit you and asks her to do enquiry. He gives his laptop and phone and says you have protected me and now it is my turn to answer you. Ratan comes there and asks Diya, what she is doing here. He says you want to enquire about this imposter and asks her to come.

Imposter asks Ratan if he is scared to be caught. Ratan says why I will be scared. Imposter tries to give her laptop, but Ratan keeps it back and takes Diya out. He asks her why did she allow him to stay in kesar mahal. Diya says she want to know his real intentions. Ratan says I feel uncomfortable whenever he looks at you. Diya says I will take care. Later she asks everyone to sleep and says it is 5 am. Sakshi says Ratan and I are same and have same skin tone. Ratan says I have an idea to prove him fraud. He says I will talk to his coach and says he knows about him. Diya asks him to call him in the afternoon.

Bhuvan sits to have Meethi’s jalebi. She asks him to give him money and then only she will sell to him. Just then he hears imposter talking to Servant and reminiscing childhood incident. Bhuvan gets shocked. Ratan calls Coach. Coach picks the call and greets him. He then wears his specs and says who are you, you aren’t Ratan. Ratan gets shocked and says I am Ratan Maan Singh. Coach says Ratan is him. Imposter talks to Robin and says I miss you and your training. Robin says even I missed you. Ratan says what’s wrong with you and says you used to guide me when I couldn’t do any stunt and says you made me daredevil. Robin says my Ratan will never risk life and said…Imposter says my life is not mine, someone else is protecting my life and wasted her 12 years, and my father had to die because of me etc. Ratan brings his photo with him. Robin says even I have this photo and in college official website. He shows his pic with Imposter. Ratan breaks the laptop and tells Imposter that he will be exposed after DNA report. Imposter tells CT that once DNA report comes in his favor then he can hug her.

Diya comes to Imposter’s room and says now you can stay in the house. Ratan hears them.

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