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Remember twinj ff part 5

Remember twinj ff part 5
At office
Twinkle finished her work
Twinkle – sir my work is finished
Kunj- good why you saying it to me again and again twinkle its fifth time you telling me sir my work is finished mimicking her..siyappa queen let me concentrate on work
Twinkle- sadu sarna
Kunj- oye
Twinkle- then why you say me siyappa queen in office aren’t you mixing personal and professional life now
Kunj- you will be siyappa queen everywhere no change in that and its my wish i can call you siyappa queen in office also but you cant I am boss here i can do anything but not you siyappa queen
Twinkle- huh 😠😠😠 she took her mouth organ above to play it
Kunj- dont you dare to play it here
Twinkle- hmm finish your work soon we have to go for shopping mall until then ill be in terrace
Kunj- ok
Twinkle standing in terrace and looking at sky and played her mouth organ sometime she felt happy
Pallavi – hi twinkle
Twinkle- hello ☺☺☺ work finished?
Pallavi- yes and where is party huh you won best employee task
Twinkle- ill give come lets eat this chocolates now
Pallavi – going somewhere? What you finished workearly
Twinkle- yes giving party to kunj and chinki for the same but see our kadus boss dont want to leave office soon if i dont give treat then tease me for that too
Pallavi- hahaha good
Alisha and maya came there
Alisha – oh ho party for kunj yes you have to give because of influence only you won the task right. So now you are returning him gift by party
Maya- you are right alisha she gave something to kunj winking so he made her win right?
Twinkle-what do you mean?
Maya- chi i cant say it…
Alisha- may be you shared bed with him you people are in same home also right?
Twinkle- how dare you to speak ill about me haan Twinkle slapped alisha hard
Twinkle- i worked hard to get it got it. You are also girl think before saying anything
Alisha – how dare you to slap me haan she twisted twinkle hands and they were edge of terrace alisha pushed twinkle twinkle above to fall from terrace
Aisha and everyone become shocked twinkle closed eyes she couldn’t fall down as someone held her hand tightly she is in hanging position she opened her eyes and lookedat kunj who is trying to pull her twinkle held his hand tightly kunj pulled her with force twinkle landed on his chest she looked below and hugged him tightly being scared and crying
Kunj – shh calm down see you are safe nerthing happened to you rubbing her back he is making her calm he made herto drink water
Kunj- what the hell is this alisha ? Are you mad or what haan? In anger he held her by shoulder tightly and looking at her angrily alisha got scared
Alisha- i..iam sorry vo just
Kunj- shut up and how cheap you guys talking about her haan if you guys cant win then blame other who won chi you both were not good at work so cant do anything for this you blame twinkle haan she really worked hard get it and if something would have happened her today i swear i would have killed youm how dare you to harm her haan i dont want you people to work here get out he pushed her
Kunj took twinkle to car
Kunj- twinkle dont listen them. You know how you are thats enough. They talk rubbish just dont listen them
Twinkle- hmm kunj but really how they can talk like that
Kunj- just leave it dont think about others. ….oye siyappa queen you are not skipping plan of giving treat right (to change her mood )
Twinkle- no ways if i skip you both sister and brother kill me by your teasing session
Kunj- good kunj call chinki to sone plays they all enjoy together having so much fun kunj tasing twinkle lot
Chinki in kunj ears – is she fixed ?
Kunj – for what?
Chinki- to become my bhabhi
Kunj- shut up we are friends
Chinki- yes I can see that in mall you were helping her so much to buy clothes twinki this color suits you look good in it you look cute in it mimicking him you never helped me like this
Kunj- oh oh..its just help or suggestions from one human to another but how can i help you you are monkey ..and when you respected me huh if i say you go left you go right
Chinki – yes I am always right😎 see in some time your relationship status changes and finally you become dulha raja
Kunj- whatever
Twinkle- what is going on?
Chinki- nerthing bhabhi
Kunj- 😮😮😮
Twinkle- what?
Chinki – what i said nerthing babe
Twinkle- hmm (pov i heard it as bhabhi what is happening to you twinki but i felt good when heard bhabhi why? Do i feel for kunj?😮😮😮 no no how can i fall for kadus sarna he is opposite to me her inner voice said but opposite attracts you are loving kunj )
Twinkle- shut up to her inner voice but kunj who was speaking suddenly stopped listening her and chinki laughed at him
Twinkle- sorry not to you sorry
Chinki- its ok. Finally someone came to shut his mouth. They talk for sometime snd left to home
At twinkle room
Twinkle lying on bed when she closed her eyes she is just thinking about kunj how he cares for her and there friendship and today how he saved her and changed her mood everything
Her inner feeling for him telling her – Hey the mind of these living beings is woods of emotions one is not without the other , I wont exist without you without you i cant exist without me your pretence exist, Love is my name Remember..
Fondness is not solitary, it is not alone star ,it is not the bird that flies with one wing,not a lone lover it is song of flower and bee, keep in mind
(Twinkle pov what is happening to me lets change my mood ill read novel)she took book to read again same imagination of kunj coming and taking her book
Kunj(img ) – love is not a lesson , it is not feast of passion, not a song of sweet rhyming words; it is not just kiss it is an invisible poetry …remember
Twinkle- this kunj imagination ill not leave it she hit from pillow it fell somewhere again really kunj came to call her for dinner twinkle thought its imagination she pushed him out of room and closed door behind
Kunj- huh😠😠 how dare you siyappa queen you pushed me out of room
Chinki- hahaha 😂😂😂
Kunj- you here oh oh twinkle just
Chinki- kicked you out of room hahaha you both gone mad for each other she goes from there inside room Twinkle got to know its kunj only she bite her lower lip thinking what she did
Twinkle sat on bed closing her eyes
Kunj (img) comes near to her face and say – love is soul but not one, love is one but not alone,love is god but not stone
Usha got call and they said kunj’s bebe not well and want to see them and asked her to come and stay with them for sometime kunj said he is busy he cant come and chinki is going with her
Kunj having breakfast twinkle comes there
Twinkle- good morning kunj☺☺
Kunj- good morning ☺
Twinkle- how come early breakfast?
Kunj- I have meeting with our management team at 8.
Kunj- twinkle ill take your car to office, At 9 our office car picks you , maa and chinki going to native place so drop them at railway station then you come to office
Twinkle- why railway station maa? Lookinh at usha
Usha – we got call from bebe she is sick so we are visiting her
Kunj- bye mom I am leaving tell everyone there ill meet them next time ok bye chinki
Chinki- bye take care about everything ok winking at him he goes from there ignoring her
Twinkle- maa if you go leaving me here how about me maa?
Chinki- hmm my brother is there na
Usha- it is only matter of 7 days we will come back doon
Chinki- 7×5 =35 ok only 1 months and some days
Twinkle- 😮😮😮
Usha- chinki go andget ready
Usha – dont worry kunj is better than me in matters like this. He takes care of your food and drink.
Twinkle – its not about food maa i feel bored without you people. Let chinki stay with me
Chinki- no chance i have to see bebe
Usha – tight work schedule made kunj stay back.if i dont take chinki with me bebe will be upset.. twinkle makes sad face..dont put sorry face we try to be back as soon as possible
After office twinj comes to home
Kunj – you look so tired twinkle ill make food have it and sleep
Twinkle- ill help you
Kunj- dont want you are not well
Twinkle- no ill do she too went behind him she is chopping veggies cut her finger
Twinkle- ahha ..winced in pain
Kunj- twinkle what happened in worried cant you work properly he kept her finger in his mouth and suck the blood twinkle looking at him lovingly
Twinkle-its ok now
Kunj- what ok sit quitely now ill prepare everything
Kunj made dinner ready and served twinkle, twinkle served him both shared some work and doing it happily they became more close
Kunj went for some meeting so couldn’t go to office Twinkle looking at the work in office
Twinkle doing some work in her cabin she sat on kunj’s chair
Kunj calls twinkle
Landline rings twinkle takes call
Kunj- Hello twinkle it is kunj. How is the quotation work going on?
Twinkle- everything hete going on fine sir.☺
Kunj- Anu doubt
Twinkle- no sir
Kunj- Iam through with board meeting and I am off to meet SRI company manager if time permits ill visit the office otherwise I go home.
Twinkle- ok sir☺
Kunj- be home after work
Twinkle- yes sir…bye sir
Kunj- bye

Cherry peep in and see there is no kunj he smiles and comes inside smiling
Cherry- good morning twinkle ☺☺
Twinkle didn’t looked at him
Twinkle- good morning
Cherry – without informing me you have occupied GM’s post
She gives him look and continued her work
Cherry comes near to her and smell her
Cherry- nice perfume made in paris?
Twinkle- look mr.siren
Cherry- hey it is chiren not siren
Twinkle- whatever, I haven’t had bath and I have not applied perfume
Cherry- waw without it too you smell so good ..seems like you writing something?
Twinkle – hmm preparing quotation
Cherry- why you tensed for that in just half an hour ill teach you everything
Twinkle- see chiren i know chiren means perfection and perfection other name is chiren I know you are champion in getting things done in half an hour but I am incapable to acquire that quality .
Chiren – but twinkle
Twinkle – see chiren …dont disturb me and leave me
Chiren- did you tell me to leave?
Twinkle – yes you heard it right and i think i told you in English only
Chiren- ok ok getting up…I understand you are upset because you haven’t had bath and my time is bad. He goes from there
Twinkle completes her work its night and its raining heavily she eat something there only and cheched work again in home kunj waiting for twinkle . twinkle gets in car and drove off her car stopped in middle she tried to start it but not happening she comes outside and fully drenched in rain water she thinks to call kunj and then checked her mobile she forgot it in office itself so she started to walk in rain to go home as there are no one to drop her she is fully drenched now
Twinkle comes home kunj sitting outside only
Twinkle- hi kunj
Kunj looks at her
Kunj- what happened you are drenched? What happened to your car?
Twinkle- the car broke away half way through so I walked home in rain.
Kunj- you would have called me?
Twinkle- I left mobile at office only
Kunj- ok go and change then we will have dinner
Twinkle- no i dont want dinner. I had snacks at the office and I am very tired. So i go to bed. And you had dinner?
Kunj- no I was waiting for you ok wait ill get glass of milk for you
Twinkle- no kunj ill sleep I am tired
Kunj- ok. 😊 both wish good night and sleeps twinkle catched fever
Its morning
Kunj- where is this siyappa queen? Didn’t woke up still there are so many works to do let me check her he knocks door no response he gets in her room Twinkle sleeping on bed covering fully in blanket
Kunj- twinkle dont you realise when mom is not around you should get up early and do pooja ?
Kunj- twinkle…twinkle he take out her blanket and shocked to look at her face Twinkle face became pale and she looks so tired she blink her eyes
Kunj- concerned what happened twinkle? Are you not well? Twinkle tries to get up kunj help and sits with her
Twinkle- last night’s high fever has left me fatigued
Kunj- ok have this coffe and get ready we will go to hospital twinkle drinks it. Kunj checking her temperature touching her forehead …ok get ready and come down ill wait for you twinkle nodes kunj going out of room
Twinkle suddenly starts vomits kunj looks at her concerned he makes her to have some light food but she vomit that too he takes her to hospital
Kunj- doctor what’s gone wrong?
Doctor- nerthing, dont worry its just high fever she drenched in rain so got fever
Kunj- ma’am shall I admit her here?
Doctor- No need. She is on glucose drips let her finish 2 bottles then you may take her home..give these medicine on time
Kunj- are you sure there is no problem?
Doctor- dont panic. Yor wife wife be alright if any problems you can call me
Kunj- oh …she is not my wife
Doctor- sorry looking at your care and concerns toward her i think like that ok its my number if any problem call me
Kunj takes twinkle to home taking care of her he made her to sleep in his room only so he can take her care
Kunj checking her temperature
Kunj- The temperature is normal .have the gruel and take the tablet you will be fine by tomorrow morning
Twinkle- I dont want to eat it noding head in no like baby
Kunj- if you have to take all these tablets you have to eat this. Otherwise you will become tired please twinkle eat it hemade her to eat it and she took tablets too.
Kunj- ok you sleep here ill be back Twinkle suddenly vomit everything on kunj , kunj looks at her worried and make her sleep on chinki bed he too lye on his bed
Kunj- twinkle ill sleep here only call me up if you want anything
In mid night twinkle shivering in cold kunj wake up and look at her he calls doctor
Doctor- hello doctor ishita here
Kunj- ma’am its me kunj
Doctor- kunj?
Kunj- Iam patient twinkle’s escort
Ishita – got it whats up kunj
Kunj- ma’am is shivering with high temperatures
Ishita- did you gave medicine?
Kunj- yes but she vomit everything
Ishita- oh what is the temperature reading?
Kunj- yes i checked its 105
Ishita- oh god!!kunj then go and start tepid sponging immediately
Kunj- tepid sponging?
Ishita- yes place her naked body on a wet cloth then keep sponging it with another wet cloth see to it that the present temperature doesn’t raise furtherm otherwise it is fatal
Ishita- hello ?? Did you follow
Kunj- han han ok ma’am
Ishita- see start it immidietly temperature should not become high otherwise she will die
Kunj- ok (pov how I can do it but I have to save her he sat there he remembered what doctor said to him . And no one at home do they can help her in it. And he know only girls husband have right to look at her like that and in thus situation he have to save her life at any condition leaving all the rights behind its important to save her lufe now he realised his feelings for her long ago but didnt shared it with her and this time he cant say only love you to her he have to tell her he is ready to marry and he want to marry her then he can save her he went near twinkle
Kunj – twinkle I have decided that ill marry you in future . If I ever marry anyone its only you twinkle
Twinkle look at him and then forward hand and signs him to do promise kunj holds her hand .then he took her to bathroom twinkle became well after some day
Twinj go to mandir twinkle applies kunkum teeka on kunj forehead kunj looking at other side twinkle feels sad and get angry on him because he didnt applied it to her she goes from there
Kunj- twinkle this place..
Kunj- where is she? He look at her going near sea he runs behind her and stops her look at her face
Kunj- why did you leave like that without word? No answer..tell me twinkle
Kunj- Did i go wrong? Twinkle node in yes with angry pout
Kunj- is it?😮😮😮 I really dont know. Please let ne know twinkle
Twinkle- I smeared kunkum to your forehead why didn’t you reciprocate it
Kunj- oh I am extreamly sorry twinkle twinkle turn her face kunj made her to look at him by touching her chin then he goes close to her face held it and touched there forehead in process there lips meet for fraction of seconds then they seperated twinkle forehead adorned with sindoor and she is shy now kunj smirked at her he pulled her by waist twinkle mouth opened in big O he kissed on her forehead then looked at her lips twinkle became red in shy she pushed him and ran away
Kunj- oye.. wait you didnt reciprocate he ran behind her and held her wrist and pulled her twinkle both hands landed on his chest kunj pulled her close by waist then placed his lips on her soft lips both kissing each pther passionately showering love and care after sometime they broke kiss breathing heavily twinkle hugged him tightly to hide her shy kunj to hugged her
Twinkle- thank you kunj
Kunj- thank you for kiss? Save it because ill do it again
Twinkle hit on his chest playfully.
Twinkle- not fore that for coming into my life
Kunj- welcome wifey 😘😘😘
Twinkle- wife? We are not yet married
Kunj- ones I have decided in my heart that you are my wife means you are my wife only . I love you as my wife only no change in that twinkle kissed him this time kunj got shocked then he to reciprocated they become close day by day understanding each other well. Both are addicted to each other . Kunj making twinkle to sleep with him only without cuddling her he wasn’t getting sleep but they didn’t cross limit.
One day twinkle trying to wear saari in her room
Kunj- twinkle..twinkle where are you?
Kunj opened her room door without knock Twinkle corrected her dress and turns around
Twinkle- Dont you know to knock before you enter a room?
Kunj- Iam sorry get ready soon i want to tell you good news?
Twinkle- now turn he turned to her …hmm now tell me
Kunj- SRI company has accepted our quotation.
Twinkle- waw really congrats!! Shaking his hand kunj pulls her
Kunj- and this is gift for you? Giving her box
Twinkle- what is this? Let me guess chocolates? He node in no twinkle opened it and got happy it has new mouth oragan which can be played from two sides understood 😉😉😉
Twinkle- waw its nice snd this one for you giving her mouth organ kunj takes out the mouth organ which he gave her he plays it from one side tell twinkle to join Twinkle join him both are so close in middle kunj remove mouth organ and there lips meet again after some time they seperated
Twinkle- now i got your idea huh
Kunj- hahaha you are so cute he kiss on her one cheek twinkle gives him look and cross her arms and look at him kunj also do same like twinkle then kiss on other cheek too and above to kiss on lips twinkle push him and runs behind him to hit him kunj runs everywhere and goes outside Twinkle too his behind kunj pulls her
Kunj- what you will do? Hmm rubbing his cheeks on her
Twinkle- leave me they heard horron sound and heard chinki and usha voice gets seperated both look at each other face
Kunj- one month finished so soon atleast they have come after some minutes kiss tho complete ho jatha
Twinkle- shh hi chinki and maa
Chinki- hello twinkle and bhayya you guys are glowing
Usha- hello !! Did my son take care of you?
Kunj- oh very much say na twinkle slowly in her ears
Twinkle not getting sleep in her room she took out mouth organ given by kunj and missing him her phone beep she got text from kunj
Kunj- hi darling 😘😘😘
Twinkle- hello honey 😍😘😘 not feeling sleepy ?
Kunj- no missing you 😍😍
Twinkle- awww same here honey😘😘
Kunj- I love you😘😘
Twinkle- love you too..😍
Chinki- why he slept so early and light coming from his blanket what he is doing? Bhayya what you doing?
Kunj- hein? Playing cricket
Chinki- huhu something is fishy
Kunj – come to my room say you getting scared there
Twinkle knocks room door
Chinki- bhayya someone is at door? Go and check
Kunj- I am asleep you answer the door
Chinki open room door and looks at twinkle
Twinkle – Hi chinki…were you deep in sleep
Chinki- no I was dreaming tell me what happened?
Twinkle – chinki..Ian scared to sleep alone
Chinki- you are used to sleep alone suddenly you getting scared?😮😮
Twinkle- haan but today I am scared
Chinki- hmm come ill sleep with you in your room
Twinkle- no Chinki your brother may feel bad if you come with me you and your brother sleep in only one room right
Chinki- In that case you sleep with mom
Twinkle- no Chinki simply why we have to disturb her sleep.
Chinki- then what do you want to do?
Twinkle- allow me to sleep with you on your bed. Please making puppy face chinki look at her suspiciously ..please only today ..
Chinki- ok get in twinkle comes inside and look at kunj who is showing back to her chinki looks at her
Chinki- choose your side
Twinkle says first wall side then no this side so that she can see kunj
Chinki- ok
Kunj turn to twinkle Twinkle does pout kunj too does pout Twinkle give him flying kiss kunj act like catching it. Twinkle show him mouth organ and sign she is not getting sleep kunj to do the same
Chinki- twinkle..if you keep looking at him you catch cold again put off the light and go to sleep
Twinkle looks at kunj angrily then sign you told her he sign no please believe me twinkle does angry pout switch off the light and turns to other side showing back to him and sleeps kunj slap his forehead and sleeps
At morning
Landline ringing no one picking up kunj in room scream
Kunj – maa why dont anyone answer the phone?
Usha- why cant you answer the phone chinki
Chinki- Iam busy in reading newspaper maa you only answer it
Usha takes phone
Usha – Hello yes I am his mother speaking tell me
Other side shocking news she heard she dropped phone chinki got shocked looking at her she comes to her usha knee went numb she sat there in shock
Chinki- bhayi bhayi something happened to maa come here
Twinj runs there
Kunj- maa what happened?
Usha crying in shocked state
Kunj- tell something mom?what happened chinki
Chinki- someone phone she got she received it thats it
Kunj- maa please tell what happened?
Usha crying
Usha – oh oh CAR ACCIDENT
Kunj- what car accident tell me correctly maa
Usha – our yuvi…OUR YUVI PASSED AWAY IN A CAR ACCIDENT and she cries loudly everyone become shocked
Kunj- no its lie he cant leave his best friend like that its lie you are joking right tell me its prank twinkle too gets call and gets news
Twinkle- its truth kunj my jiju passed away and she cries loudly
Kunj – noooo….and he to start to cry for him he is more than best friend he is like his brother his one and only best friend for his happiness he can do anything now he is not there yesterday only he talked to him. And today he is not there with them he left them permanently he closed his eyes permanently.
After somedays everything becoming normal twinkle in taneja mansion with mahi
To be continued
Precap or promo
Twinkle tells mahi to move on and marry again
Twinkle- dont say no
Mahi – no i have changed my decision i have decided to remarry . Am i not worth it twinkle ?
Twinkle hugs her happily saying thank you
Mahi – twinkle if you dont want me to change my decision again you have to help me lot
Twinkle- tell me what can i do for you?
Mahi – if i ever marry it is kunj. Twinkle becomes shocked
Mahi(knows twinj loving each other ) – and you have to convince him for this marriage…she goes from there
Twinkle- kunj please listen to me
Kunj- no i cant
Twinkle- my sister is widow kunj please give her life please
Kunj- i love only you snd you will be my wife then no one can take that place
Kunj – Iam not in position too loose my love for a widow…. to give life to widow I cant make my wife as widow you are my wife only you are in my heart that place is only for you
Twinkle- ill die then….
Next may be last episode of this ff
Sorry for late update guys I am not well what to do this one i have written but couldn’t post so posted now …..ill give short update for others whenever i get time my final project demo is near i have to prepare for my exam and not well too so please forgive me
Thank you for likes comments snd dislikes and in last post my love my life everything i goy 7 dislike may you didnt liked track or dobt like that ff only donk know but my dears many of you sad and telling not to seperate twinj aww i love you all snd i love twinj too dont want them to get seperated but its small twist they become one again and no seperation for years believe me and i take your suggestions ………….
share me yourviews on this ff do you like it twink were unaware of there feeling for each other they didn’t shared thinking they loose friendship too but god made them one …kunj wanted to save twinkle that time and he also want to save his love so he promised her he will marry her so that she can permit him for tepid sponging snd from that time kunj thinks her not as girlfriend or lover but he he loves her thinking she is his wife only when he exchanged his heart with her she became his wife. Now kunj dont want to give her place to anyone but this situation making twinkle to leave him for her widow sister mahi …(yuvi death needed so please forgive me if i hurt you)will twinkle leave kunj? Will she blackmail kunj to marry mahi ? Will kunj listen to her? Or mahi gives up no she is selfish knowing that they are in relationship she asked kunj from twinkle and told her to convince him to marry her will twinkle convince kunj ?

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