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Protecting her part 21 (name changed from pyaar ki ek anokhi kahaani)

The story takes a month leap

It starts with sanskaar waking up to go to the washroom but feels a heavy weight on his chest. He doesn’t need eyes to see…He can already feel his jaan’s head on his chest. He tries to separate himself from her and does so successfully but his jaan’s peaceful looking face turns into a frown. He quickly puts a pillow in place and sees the peaceful smile coming back.

After coming back from the washroom he sees his princess stretching her arms and yawning.

He kisses her forehead lovingly and whispers ‘good morning jaan’ in her ears and gets a sweet kiss on his cheek in return.
“Thodi der aur sojao baccha…tum kal late soyi thi na..”
“Neend nahi aarahi sansku”

She snuggles into his arms and feels at peace.
They were in that position for 5 minutes when suddenly swara felt something bitter in her mouth. She left sanskaar’s gripand ran in the washroom. Sanskaar ran behind her and rubbed her back to comfort her while she vomited.
She looked pale and weak. He made her sit on the bed and sat beside her taking her into her embrace. She soon slept while sanskaar carressed her hair. Suddenly while carressing her hair a bunch of hair came into his hand. He was horrified but he comforted himself for his princess.
Swara was sleeping peacefully while sanskaar was disturbed and went into flashback


“Oh god sanskaar! Your hands have a sort of magic!” Swara said while sanskaar was massaging her head with oil.
“Kya swara tum bhi!”
“Sach hi to bola”
They were having their usual nokjhok when suddenly one strand of hair came into sanskaar’s hand and swara screamed so loud that sanskaar dropped the bottle on the ground! She started crying and sanskaar promised her to not ever do anything like that next time! She loved her black silky hair!

He hid the hair in the cupboard but when he turned…He saw swara’s eyes looking at him carefully. He was tensed that swara didn’t come to know about the hair. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: “Kya chupa rahe go mujhse”
“Kuch nahi jaan”
“Ab tum mujhse jhoot bhi bolne lage?”

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