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Protecting her part 20 (name changed from pyaar ki ek anokhi kahaani)

Episode starts with swara trying to open her heavy eyelids but is unable to due to medicine effect and tears stream down her cheeks due to intense pain. Sanskaar who was using his phone on the couch looked at his princess who was sobbing. He immediately went to her and called out lovingly “swaraaaa”

Swara hearing this tried to open her eyes but could only see a blurry figure of sanskaar. “Sanskaar it’s paining alot plz do something.”

Sanskaar hearing this felt broken but he can’t do anything.

“Acha Shona tell me have u thought of our kids?” He asked diverting her mind.

“Kids?” Swara blushed and sanskaar started talking to her and later took her home.

Swasan were resting in their room sanskaar’s hand on swara’s waist and head and swara encircling his waist.

“Yes princess”
“I love you”
“Love u too jaan”
“But I love u most”
“Jaan do u want anything? 😂
” no sanku”
“Say na jaan”
“Wo.. I wanna eat ice cream”
“Not now jaan”
😕😕 Ook”
“awwwww my jaan sad nhi hote”

She was still sad so sanskaar ate a piece of chocolate and put his lips on hers. He put the chocolate on her  tongue and started sucking it when it was finished he sucked her upper lip while she sucked his lower lip. They both broke the kiss to breathe. (They’re humans after all 😜)

Swara hid her face in his chest out of shyness. Sanskaar caressed her hair and they slept for a while (kabhi kabhi I get shocked kitna sote hain dono 😦😦)

There is a dark room swara is layed on a stretcher there are doctors nurses around her. The operation happens. An angel appears and tells swara that he has come to take her and Dr. Putting a white cloth on her face. She wakes up with a jerk and starts screaming

“No no this cannot happen never sanskaar sanskaar help sanskaar” her eyes are closed and tears streaming down her cheeks.

Sanskaar sleeping beside her wakes up hearing her scream and consoles her.

“Swara jaan relax im right here hmm? I’m with u na why r u scared?”
He hugs her tight and she cries in his embrace. “I’ll die sanskaar”

“Shhhh Shona aisi baat nhi krte you’re my brave girl na?” She nods her head. They both hug each other tightly.

They both eat something and sleep again 😂😂 (kitna khaate hain dono 😂)

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