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Piya Albela 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren saves Bela’s father and ends her terror

Piya Albela 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bela asking her father to have food and says she made his favorite dal. Her father refuses to eat it and calls it as poison mixed with blood of her saas, sasur, harsha, and Praveen. He says you didn’t leave your husband also, I never thought you will ruin your Amma’s name. He says we thought my daughter will win husband’s heart and take care of her inlaws, but she became a murderer. Naren is in the car and thinks he will not leave Bela. Bela asks her father who told him this. Pooja says I have told him. She says you are doing wrong and asks her to understand and says what your father will feel when people call you bad. Bela says she doesn’t care for society and tells that where were they when Praveen’s parents tortured my parents. She defends her actions and says her

innocent hands are soaked in blood because of Praveen’s parents. She says she will take out Praveen’s heart from Naren’s body and then only her hatred will get destination. Harish thinks Naren shall not come there. Neelima says he shall come, else we will not be free.

Naren takes out kerosene can from his car and pours on bela’s house. Harish tries to stop him. Naren says I will not leave Bela for taking Bua’s life. Neelima says Surbhi, Rahul and Dada ji is inside. Naren says he will not let anything happen to his family and lights the fire. He asks Harish to call Police and gets inside. Harish asks Anuj to call Police and goes inside with Manoj.

Bela says it is too late, Naren has to give his heart for Pooja. She keeps knife on Pooja’s neck. Her father asks her not to make her feel guilty and ashamed. Pooja says it is wrong and asks your hatred will ruin our world. Bela says she just want justice for her mayka and don’t care for world. Her father says we don’t want justice. Naren comes there and says justice isn’t done fully. He says now I will talk to you in your language and keeps gun on her father’s forehead. Pooja asks him to leave bela’s father. Bela also asks him. Naren says you don’t have time, if my family don’t sit in car in 5 mins then I will kill your baba. Bela asks women to leave them. Harish and Manoj come inside, while the place is smoky and takes them out. Kusum asks Satish why did he let Anuj go and help them and says Bela has hanged her inlaws. Satish says everyone is with Anuj and says Pooja is lucky, they never asked us even silver coin. Kusum says they will get it when right time comes. Rachel asks did you forget about my sasural and says I am very lucky to get Anuj’s family and thanks them. Just then Satish gets a call and is shocked.

Naren says I will not leave until my family members go safely past me and asks Surbhi to sit in car. Bela thinks it is good that Baba don’t have eyes as he wouldn’t have seen what I will do now. She takes rod from Pooja’s hand and pushes Surbhi towards the tree. Naren leaves her father and holds Surbhi. She aims gun at Pooja and says she will kill her. Naren asks Bela to leave Pooja. Neelima says she will go and rescue Rahul as he is still inside. She went inside. Anuj takes Rahul out. Neelima comes out and says call police and end this Bela’s drama. Bela says so Vyas family has played a game and says now nobody will be left. She shoots in air. Everyone hides. Naren takes gun and keeps on her father’s head and says not any more gun shot. Bela turns to him.

Pooja runs to Naren and lifts his gun. Bela’s father falls down as if he is shot. Bela gets shocked and calls her father. She asks him to get up. Harish tries to make Harsha stand, but she says she can’t stand. Manoj takes Harsha out. Pooja scolds Naren for shielding his family behind Bela’s father. Naren says what else I have done this. Pooja says your heart is doing strange things, but your mind can’t be helpless by your heart and you can’t let it overpower your mind. Naren looks on. Rachel says she is thinking to call Pooja and Naren for having pizza. Kusum says my son have to eat this. Rachel says I am learning cooking from you.

Kusum says they are worried since they hear about Bela like bahus. Rachel says you are my family, do you think I will do such thing and gets emotional. Bela’s father stand up. Bela gives him water, but he refuses to drink with her hand and regrets to be alive. Harish is stuck inside the fire. Dada ji is worried. Harish sees Naren and Pooja near there and calls Naren. Naren is shocked. Pooja gives him blankets. Naren wears blanket and jumps inside. He covers blanket to Harish and takes him out. Neelima tells Supriya about Bela’s aiming on Pooja. Supriya says she will go and gets hurt. Bela’s father go inside the fire place and shouts for Bela. Naren asks Pooja to take Harish out. He then jumps in the fire to save Bela’s father. He calls him baba and asks him not to worry. He covers his blanket to him, lifts him and takes him out of fire. Bela, Harish and Pooja witness his good deed.

Pooja asks Bela to take revenge from Praveen’s heart and asks how she will take revenge on all Praveens everywhere and asks what is the guarantee that no Praveen will hurt Bela.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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