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Nimki Mukhiya 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: The woman with burned face gets exposed

Nimki Mukhiya 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Abhi says to Sweeti make dadi rest in room. Dadi says is there tv there? Abhi says no. DO you watch serials? Sweeti says yes she watches serials. Mausi says this happens in this age. Dadi says what age. Mausi says how is nimki? Does she help in the house? Dadi says why would she.. Sweeti says she means she doesn’t need to work. There are many servants. Majusi says she used to tease us so much. dadi says she teases us too. abhi says glad to hear that. Only a few people get to live how they want to.

Abhi’s PA comes and says oh there are big guests here.

Ritu shows video from the event. Tettar says show videos. He says nimki sent me. Rekha says nimki sent you? anaroo says sweeti took dadi to hospital. dimaond wasn’t even home. Rekha says everyone is busy in ghat tola. Babbu calls Tettar and says things are getting out of hand here. A woman’s face got burned. Annaro says that nimki always has failed plans.

The woman says my face is burning. Tettar did all this. My eyes are burning too. Nimki says how are your eyes burning? Her husband says shut up nimki. You did all this. Ismail says shut up. The woman says I will go to police stsation. she walks up and pretends falling. Mauha picks her and her sticker falls. Mauah says its plastic. she was lying. All poepel are dazed. They run. Tune says this must be a conspiracy. Babu says nehar sent these people. Ram says only nehar can do something like this. Ismail says wwe are all with you. We have seen his reality.

Sweeti and dadi are leaving. Abhi says I can drop you. Sweeti says no we will go. Ahi says if I am the problem. Gurelal will take you. Dadi says sweeti do you have a problem with him? Let him drop us. Sweeti says your daughter is not well. Gurelal says I will drop them. Diamond comes and says what are you doing here. Dadi says you left us. Diamond says I was looking for you. Abhi says they didn’t come. i kidnapped. Diamond says you don’t have that courage. Sweeti says shut up. dadi was ill. You had no work in ghat tola. DAdi says shut up and lets go. Diramond says to Abhi stay in your limit next time. Sweeti slaps him.
Precap-Nehar and Kundan make their next plan. Nimki calls Abhi and says you didn’t tell me elena isn’t well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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