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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya gets exposed

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gulki stopping Aditya’s marriage. He gets shocked. She says he is my husband. Devina and Pushpa ask what is she saying. Aditya says its nonsense. Gulki says he married me, I swear. Aditya says I don’t know him. Ira says have some shame, you are going to ruin two lives by one lie. Devina laughs and asks Ira for her prank to fool them. She takes them away for a talk. Aditya wishes Devina manages the matter. Devina scolds Ira for getting Gulki there. Ira says its true, Aditya married Gulki.

Devina asks why will Aditya marry this villager, Pushpa told you to do this right, so that Akhilesh gets all the property. Akhilesh says no, we found Gulki in a vessel, we are helping her, Aditya married her. Devina doesn’t believe them. Gulki says he is my husband. Devina

and Ira ask her for proof. Gulki says I have no proof with me, but trust me, Aditya married me. Devina says shut up, Ira use your mind, will you believe any girl without any proof, I don’t want any obstacle, promise me you will do a brother’s duty. Akhilesh promises her.

Devina says come with me, look happy, do the rituals. Ira says if Gulki was lying, why would she risk her life. Devina says Ira be quiet, throw the junk out of here. Devina and Akhilesh leave. Gulki says trust me, I told you how we got married, how will I have proof, stop this marriage, please. Ira worries. She says just Akhilesh can stop this marriage, but he wants proof, you may have any witness of the marriage. Gulki says my brother was there, but how to call him. Ira says I will find out if you are saying truth or lies. Devina goes downstairs and acts normal. She asks Aditya and Sanaya to exchange garlands. Aditya sits in the mandap. Aditya gets a call from police station. Inspector says we are reaching Mumbai to arrest you, Manohar has died. Aditya gets worried. Devina makes an excuse and goes with his friends.

Aditya says Manohar died, I fought with him to save you all, I had to spend money and then marry Gulki, you all couldn’t help me. Ira claps. Ira, Gulki and Akhilesh come there. Ira says great. Aditya starts denying. Ira plays his recording. She asks Aditya to accept Gulki. She says Devina should know your truth, I made Bhavik make that call to you, it was not from any police station, how did you leave Gulki midway, you are marrying Sanaya, its insulting of them. Aditya says I don’t believe in this marriage, I just love Sanaya, I will marry just her. Ira says fine, I will tell truth to everyone. Akhilesh stops Ira. Aditya and his friends run. Akhilesh says Gulki’s life won’t get better if she forced Aditya to accept him as wife. He apologizes to Gulki.

He says Aditya can never give you love and respect, better forget this marriage and divorce him, start life afresh, this is right for your future. Gulki cries. Ira looks on shocked. She asks Akhilesh to stop. She says what was all this. He says I don’t want any other Pushpa, Aditya will always be Sanaya’s lover, what will happen of Gulki, I don’t want to see another Brijesh, why are you interfering, you are leaving right. Ira says I m saving a girl’s life, you couldn’t save Pushpa as you didn’t know your dad’s cheat, you can become Gulki’s strength, it will be injustice with Sanaya too, we will hide Aditya’s real truth to get him married, decision is in your hands now.

Bhavik gives reports to Akhilesh. Akhilesh says I have to stop Ira. Ira tells Pushpa that she cheated her, she is Akhilesh’s doctor who ruined his life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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