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Main Hun Saath Tere- A Samaina Fanfiction

The era of 90s truly had it’s own kind of magical spell. It was the time when instead of video call., people used to talk on telephone., instead of phone calls they used to wait for letters. When Love was true and feelings were true as well.

Naina Agarwal. The school topper whose life revolves around the never ending formulae of mathematics and only studies was keen on doing the same in following year too…To study and be the topper was only aim for her until he came.

Sameer Maheshwari joins as the new student of Pragati Vidya Mandir. The carefree attitude he carries and his behavior always leads him in trouble. His life was going according to him..All was going smooth but something was missing. He was living a life with a smile but with emptiness until she came into his life.

Let’s explore the magic of first love as Naina a quintessential good girl meets a flamboyant Sameer and loses her heart to him


Hey guys! It’s my first attempt to write on beloved Samaina! It’s my first story so definitely there will be mistakes in it! But I will surely try to improve.Do give Story a try and do comment and share your reviews…

1 comment= 1smile on Rakesh Babu’s face😂

Hope to see you all in next part…

Byee ❤❤❤❤

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