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Mahek 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjali gives Mahek poison

Mahek 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Karuna says I will make kheer for Mahek.
The bridal showwer starts. Mahek and Shauyra dance with old people. Shaurya gets a call. he goes out to talk. Karuna says you look so pretty. I told kanta too she was so happpy. See I made this khher for you.
Anjali says to shaurya ma knows mahek kidapped me. She said she will kill Mahek. Shaurya runs in and says stop mahek don’t eat that kheer. Mahek faints. Shaurya screams. He picks her up. Everyone gets worried. Shauyra calls the doctor. Sharuay says to Karuna you gave that kheer to Mahek. If anything happens I wont forgive you. He takes bowl for lab test.
Anjali says to Karuna ma are you okay? karuna cries and says i am really worried for mahek. Why is he blaming me? I can never do this.

Anjali takes her home. Anjali

says please calm down. Karuna says please go to hospital and talk to Shaurya. Karuna is crying.
Shaurya is worried for Mahek. Nehal tells dolly Anjali did all this. dolly says she is a devil. Shaurya says how can ma do this? Dolly says ma can never do this.
Shauyra says to doctor please save mahek and the baby.

Anjali comes home. She says to karuna shuayra didn’t listen. He thought you did this. Mahek’s condition is critical. Karuna is crying. she says I can never do this. Do you trust me? anjali says I trust you ma. Kaurna says she is my daughter how can I give her poison? She is crying. Anjali says stay strong. Shaurya is very angry. He wont listen anything. When I took your side he shoved me. He said he will send you to jail. Karuna says he can never do this. I am his mom. Anjali says thats what he said, I am so scared. We have only one option.

Doctor tells Shaurya the baby and Mahek are fine.
Anjali says to Karuna ma trust me. You have to go underground for some days. go away from here. She gives her money. Karuna says how can I go. Anjali says I can’t let you go to jail. Karuna says please call shaurya once. Anjali says he will send you to jail. Anjali says I don’t wanna lose you ma/

Shauyra kisses Mahek’s face. She opens eyes. Maehk says were you scared? I am a fighter. he says so is our baby. Mahek says where is ma? he says ma did all this. I am ashamed to call her mom. Mahek says are you crazy. Anjali is doing all this. You have no idea of the games she played. Nehal says we all know her reality. They tell him everything. Mahek tells she gave her one day deadline.
Precap-Mahek says we have to stop Anjali. She must have done something to ma.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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