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Love makes a change CHAPTER 35


The whole gagodia mansion was decorated with lights and imported flowers moreover the mansion looked like a bride. Outside we could see sanskar coming in the white horse and all the family members, friends, relatives happily dancing. Soon they reached the mansion where his love, his bride waiting for him. They both were waited for so many days to get this special day, their MARRIAGE day. Swara was all set wearing a beautiful deep red lehanga with matching jewels making her the most beautiful bride ever. She was peeing out side the window to see her groom, sanskar.
Shomi was taking aarthi to him. He felt someone’s gaze and he knew who it was too. He looked at the window all of a sudden and swara immediately went in and blushed. Once she didn’t want to get married and she thought she could lost her smile forever but never in her dreams too she thought that the same unwanted marriage can make her feel like this smile will last forever and ever. She looked herself in the mirror and smiled.
She then looked at looked at Lord krishna’s small idol and said with full of happiness.

SWA: Thank you god, u full filled all my wishes. My dream of becoming a singer, having a lovely husband and in-laws and everything…… I have cried many times that I couldn’t enjoy my marriage rituals whole heartedly but u this time u gave me everything. Thank you. She said..

Sanskar has already sat on the mandap and the panditji started to chat mantras too.
Pandit: Bring the bride.
Rag: I’ll go
UTT: Bhabhi this is not good time for u to climb stairs so I will go.
Saying this uttra went and brought swara. Both of them were descending from the stairs and sanskar was totally lost in her beauty. Feeling his intensive gaze on her, her eyes lowered down yet that smile of hers never left. Soon uttra made swara to sit beside sanskar. He went a bit close to her and wispered in ears.

SAN: Looking Damm gorgeous my love.
Swara blushed a bit. The wedding rituals started…..
Both were having garlands in their hands.
Sanskar was about to put the garland on swara but laksh immediately lifted her up.
SAN: Laksh?
Lak: Look last ritual I was with u na, now for this I’m on swara’s side. Com’mon Bhai put the garland.

Sanskar acted as he can’t and laksh was laughing in the meantime he made swara wear the garland. Now everyone was laughing at laksh. Now it was Swara’s turn. He is already height so no one needs to lift him. Swara stood on her toes yet she couldn’t, seeing swara struggling sanskar bend a little and swara wore the garland. All admired their love for each other and clapped their hands. Swasan sat and shomi-shekhar did kanyadhan. After that uttara made the granthi bandhan and swasan started to take (mangalpheras) 7 vows promising themselves and all throwed flower petals on them and finally he applied sindoor on her maang and mangalsutra making her his forever from now. The panditji declared that the marriage is over. Soon swasan got blessings from everyone and left to maheshwari mansion. Swasan were standing at the doorstep and both remembered how they did last time. They did griha pravesh and after all the rituals, Uttara made Swara to sit in their room and left.

Sanskar opened the door and saw swara standing near the window. He went near her and hugged her from back. Swara smiled as she knew it’s him, his touch. The moonlight was adding more beauty to them, this couple.
SAN: Swara u really made my life beautiful, more colorful to my faded color faded life. If u couldn’t have come I have, I could have lead a boring life. I love u.
Saying this sanskar kissed her earlobe and swara smiled. He continued
SAN: And my wife is looking like a goddess today.
SWA: And my husband looks no less then than Greek god.

She turned and looked at him.
SWA: U go and change yr dress.
SAN: As ordered my princess.
Both smiled and sanskar went to change his dress. Swara changed herself into a light blue light weight saree. Both laid on the bed. Sanskar sensed that she is nervous so to make her comfortable.
SAN: Swara if u wish nothing will happen now, (kissed her forehead) I can wait for u.
He turned towards the other side. Swara immediately hugged him from behind.
SWA: Sorry…

Sanskar turned to her side and took her in his embrace.
SAN: I can wait for u as long as u want so no sorries.
Soon they dozed off hugging each other.


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