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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti imagines Kanhaiya as fat as Bablu

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prema getting worried and telling that Kanhaiya’s stomach don’t have any space left now. Pratibha comes and says when Kanhaiya was going to shop, then sasumaa fed him curd sugar, laddoo etc to eat on the way. Prema is tensed. Pratibha says don’t know how to make sasumaa understand. prema says we have to be more wise and talk to someone who makes his tiffin. Pari asks who? Prema says Panjiri. Khatru asks Kanhaiya to have his tiffin. Kanhaiya asks him to have tiffin made by Reshma and says he will have food made by Panjiri. He opens the tiffin and sees note in which it is written that she is sending healthy food for him. He sees boiled food and gets upset. Khatru eats food made by Reshma. Kanhaiya says I will eat food made by Reshma. Khatru says you had said that

you will get heart attack if you eat it and refuses to share his tiffin. Kanhaiya says if I eat this boiled stuff then I will die.

Pratap irritates Kunti. Kusum says she is feeling pity on Kanhaiya. Kunti gets tensed. Chaat guy Basant comes and asks for Pratap. Kanhaiya asks him to give chaat. Basant says you used to have 5 things and says your stomach will be bad. Kanhaiya says I want to eat it, but Basant refuses to give and goes. Khatru asks him to have food sent by Panjiri. Kanhaiya says I am sure that my Maiyya will get food for me.

Kunti says if someone do this with her husband. Pratap asks her to go to Himlayas. Kunti says I will send bahus there if they continue. Pratap says I will feed my food to him and get his will. Kunti is worried for him. Pratap says he must be having food.

Back to present, Pari’s mum asks how did he got think again. Pratibha says by dieting. Pratap says someone has opened Sasumaa’s eyes. Kunti says she saw Bablu.

Fb again. Sarla comes to Kunti’s house with her relative Bablu and says he is 3 years younger to Kanhaiya. Bablu touches her feet. Kunti is shocked to see his weight and asks how did this happen. Sarla says because of you and says his mum started loving him the way you loves kanhaiya and feds him much food, his wife tried to stop him, but his mum didn’t listen. She says now he has many diseases. She tells that Bablu’s wife left him and now his mum is taking care of him. Kunti asks why you are telling loudly, he will feel bad to hear. Sarla says I forgot to tell you that he has become deaf and his hairs are falling down.

Bablu asks when we will go home, why you are not talking. Kunti gets shocked and thinks what can happen with weight gain. Sarla says his wife, money and everything is left now, except his mother. Kunti is worried. Sarla asks Bablu to get up. She helps him to get up, while Kunti pushes him. Bablu signs bye to Kunti. Kunti gets tensed and worries for Kanhaiya. She imagines Kanhaiya as fat as Bablu. Kanhaiya asks her to save him. Kunti says my heart is beating fast. Pratap comes and says Kanhaiya has done a major accident. Kanhaiya says I didn’t drive. Pratap tells Kunti that he collided with a man and his all bones are broken. Kanhaiya says what is my mistake? Pratap says bahus are leaving now Kunti is worried. Pratap says he has to go and says Police will come now. Kunti says don’t take him and comes out of her imagination.

Panjiri shows the diet food dishes to Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya comes to Kunti and asks her to bring food for him. Kunti is about to go and imagines him as Bablu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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