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KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 1


Shot 1
India 💕💕💕💕💕
A vast established company was shown with the lavish view of it …some are running inside the office hurriedly some had been checking their files some are doing the rest work n all …

Oh my god it’s still not done mam will be here in a very instant a employee(Kavya) spoke with worry on her face ..

You don’t scare me now I am doing and I’ll finish it soon another(rishi ) said working on his computer screen while both were worried hell …

A car stopped infront in front of the enterprise while driver comes and opens the car a s*xy figure comes out of the car her formals had been designed very well her attitude she went inside the enterprise having her phone in her hand talking n talking she went inside and saw her employees who greeted them …

She just nodded and looked at her pa Kavya …
Kavya ?? You had been handling that project and rishi was working under you so just come with the presentation I’ll be waiting she said and went inside still talking ..

While rishi n Kavya looks at each other with I am dead expression ..
Atlast I have to face this she will kill me for sure rishi spoke while they both looks at each other ..

Now come with me everything will be fine Kavya assured him they both knocked standing outside the cabin which had a nameplate “Twinkle”

They entered and saw the woman working …
Mam Kavya spoke looking at TWINKLE who just looked at them back ..
Yeah show me where are the files twinkle again asked them ..

I am really SORRY mam it had been still not completed rishi said while twinkle looked at him ..

I knew it she murmured SHE HATED THE WORD “SORRY” as she thinks a person does mistake then say sorry just for namesake and still does the same thing
She got up from her place and placed some more files infront of them …

Check this files and report me in an hour she said while they both looked at her shocked they expected to shout and scream on them but she didnt ..

Don’t say sorry next time I want work to happen on time so you both can leave twinkle said n turned ..

Thanks mam I’ll never do this again and I will report it soon thank you rishi said and left while Kavya too ..
She is not that bad they both said together and left from her cabin ..

Twinkle went towards the photo which was hanging on wall which was of her mother …see mom where I have reached today I became the strongest I didn’t let your name fade away you told me that time right mom “THE PATH WHICH YOU ARE CHOOSING WILL ONLY HAVE YOUR DESTRUCTION” her mother words ring in her mind …

Yeah mom right but that destruction also taught me an lesson which I’ll never forget ..twinkle looks out of her cabin ..hmm hmm twinkle taneja a rude stern lady who doesn’t have emotions for this world but they are wrong twinkle thought smiling when she felt someone hugging her from back she smiled and turned ….
Next scene ..
The amazing view of London was shown while the screen shifts to a big mansion the mansion was fully designed n developed with amazing interiors …screens moves forward and shows the swimming pool where a man comes out of the pool after having his amazing swimming session servant comes there and gives him towel while he passed his devilish smile and took it

he wore his bathrobe and entered inside the mansion where a lady was doing Aarti he just smiled and left for his room

It takes no time for him to get ready in his tux looking hot he checked the time and came downstairs with his blazer in his hands and went towards women and backhugged her …

Good morning Bebe he said to the same lady who was doing Aarti ..
So finally my KUNJ is here Bebe said while kunj nodded smirking and touched her feet to take her blessings ..

May God bless you with everything she said while he smiled …
Where is everyone Bebe maa Di ? Yuvi ??? He aksed while Bebe looked at him I don’t know about your maa n Di but yuvi you knows very well about him Bebe said while both laughed …

Okay I’ll come in sometime till then plzz breakfast I am starving really bad he said while Bebe smiled n nodded …

He entered another room which was unlocked he kept his blazer aside while looked at yuvi who was sleeping peacefully crushing his pillows tightly he smiled and thought to tease him …

Abey kumbhkaran uth kunj said taking the feather and swinging it in his ear ..

Ahh kunj don’t do this yuvi spoke covering himself but kunj is kunj he took out his duvet and threw it aside …and continued teasing him ..

Enough yuvi said and got up while kunj laughed out loud seeing his face ..
You are gonna pay for this kunj Sarna yuvi said and pushed kunj on bed ..

Yuvi my clothes I have to go office he said while yuvi nodded in no ..
Then why you disturb my sleep Haan 😏he said and started moving towards kunj teasing him ..because he knows kunj hated this thing the most …

Because you have to see that India wali deal and have to go tomorrow to India too so I did kunj spoke trying to get up while yuvi pushed him ..

Huh saale 😏I’ll do my work on time and you knows it but for it I need my beauty sleep huh yuvi said ..

Haan you are saying as if you got your GIRL in your dreams kunj taunted him ..
Yes obviously I was going to see her face and you JALLAD you broke my sleep yuvi said ..

Now enough yuvi you are complaining me like a baby ITNE TANTRUMS TO MERE BIWI NE BHI NAI BATAYE MUJHE kunj spoke while yuvi sees him they look at each other ..

I am going to get freshen up yuvi said and ran inside washroom as he don’t want kunj to get over his past memories

Kunj got up from bed and took his blazer he went inside it but someone thought were continuously ringing in his mind until he collided with someone ..
I am so so sorry maa kunj said while his mother looks at him ..

No worries kunj come have breakfast she said and both went towards the table where Bebe already waiting for them …
Is he woke up ??? Bebe asked while kunj nodded in yes ..

Yeah finally kunj said and took his seat while yuvi too joined them ..
Good morning lovely ladies he said while they greeted him back soon they started having breakfast..

So yuvi you are going tomorrow India usha said while he nodded ..
Yes usha maa (he too refers to her as maa )

Find a good girl so that she can be my nu Bebe spoke while yuvi nodded ..
I am finding her since long don’t know when she will meet he said sadly while usha n Bebe laughed seeing him ..
while kunj was still lost in his own world ..
India :::
Twinkle turned and saw Aditi (her partner in crime and her everything) they both hugged …
You are so bad you should have waited for me Aditi spoke more like a complaint while twinkle laughed ..

I thought you will take more time so I left twinkle said while she made a puppy face soon they both went for a meeting and came outside fully exhausted ..
Hmm Aditi what about that deal ?? Twinkle aksed ..

Wo Haan that company owner must be here within 2-3 days to seal the deal she said sipping her coffee …
Oh it’s good Twinkle said and again continued working while Aditi closed her laptop screen ..

Haww we are done with today’s work and it’s so many days that we have not chilled out so chal let’s party today she said ..

Arey party ??? Twinkle asked ..
Yes party come my girl she said while twinkle too nodded and they left from office ..

I’ll call him too Aditi said and called someone within few seconds he picked up call…
Bol janeman he spoke from other side ..
Huh we are going to xyz pub come with us we will rock the night she said…

No you both continued I have some work he spoke while aditi looked on disappointed ..
Huh hate you she said while twinkle too shouted hate you from near the dressing table ..

Same to you b*t*hes he spoke while they smiled and ended the call …
Soon they left for their chill out place where they hang out most of the time ..
London :::
Kunj and yuvi has been in their working place while discussing some things about their project with some other guys
We have to get this deal anyhow and I don’t want any hurdles in this kunj said with a smirk while all nodded they left from there leaving kunj and yuvi …

So ? You will go after tomorrow meeting kunj said while yuvi nodded ..
Yeah bro my flight is in night tomorrow after our meeting ….I have been done with terms and conditions and this company is gonna give us so many profits yuvi said checking his phone ..

Hope so this only happens kunj said ..
But if the deal signed you have to come India too yuvi said while kunj looked at him ..

You know I can’t return back there that’s why I am sending you kunj said ..

Yeah I know but one day you have to get over this kunj you have to face everything yuvi said while both looks at each other ..

I “NEVER” wanted to face her again kunj spoke looking at other side while yuvi sighed “FINE” I’ll meet you at home he said and left while kunj sat there he opens his wallet and saw something and the closed his eyes relaxing ..
India :::
Twinkle and aditi was having a hell of fun dancing on the beats they was so much difference between their professional n personal life in professional thy are not less than vamps but in personal life they know how to enjoy their life to the fullest ..

Let’s have drinking competition Twinkle said while Aditi hooted ..
Kya baat hai she said and both stands having vodka shots infront of them ..


They started gulping in and in while the rest members of the pub were hooting and shouting for them soon they both stopped and looks at each other ..

ITS A TIE the bar tender spoke while twiditi looks at each other after sometime they left from there was late night they were wandering around the roads ..

TODENDAY DUMM AGAR TERE SAATH NA CHODENGAY” they were singing walking together …

You know what twinkle WE ARE THE BEST Aditi spoke while twinkle showed her teeths …
Indeed we are the best she said and sat on the footpath there ..

What if WE MARRY EACH OTHER Aditi spoke while twinkle kept a hand on her mouth they are fully under alcohol effect ..

2 wedding wow amazing first to I did by running away now 2 time that too with my best friend twinkle said while Aditi nodded …

Get up get up Aditi said while twinkle looked at her she sat on her knees …
Will you marry me she asked while twinkle looked at her ..
No ways weirdo twinkle spoke while aditi makes a puppy face ..
Next scene :::
Kunj was done with his work while he went back to his home it was late night and everyone had slept he entered his room and saw someone waiting for him as soon as he saw his lips turned into curve …

Oh my god damn I missed you so much he spoke moving further …
Screen freezes one side on twiditi and other side on kunj excitement ..

Precap : twiditi madness ..kunj to get 440 volt shock yuvi anger on kunj …


So here i am done with the first shot ..
Thanks to all of you who commented liked and even to my disliker 😄😄😄😄
So yeah what do you think ?????
What’s gonna be the story 😂😂😂how twinj gonna meet 😄😄
Before twinj meet I have to settle other things in place 😛😛
Share your views regarding everyone twinkle Aditi kunj and yuvi ??
Bye bye love you all 😍😍😍💕💕💕

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