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Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me- Chapter-43

…My Brothers Are Everything To Me…


Chapter 43:




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Chapter 43:


Rudra tapped his right foot in impatience, waving off the people who wanted to talk with him and he ignored the strange looks his friends are giving him.


Because Rudra Singh Oberoi was never serious about anything… But here he is, arriving early to the college, sitting on his bike in the parking area surrounded by his friends with a serious look on his face and oh my God dark circles too.


It’s so rare to see Rudra serious…


And it’s even more rare to see him angry…


Rudra fumed unable to hold the anger boiling in him for the past two days.


May be it’s in the Oberoi genes to feel extreme anger. Because Rudra had never experienced this much anger, this much overwhelming emotions. He had only seen it in his Shivaay Bhaiyaa and God knows how his Shivaay bhaiyaa deals with this much overwhelming anger almost all the time..


He had arrived college earlier for the past two days and waited so very patiently..


Just as soon as Soumya drove her scooty to the ladies parking section of the college, Rudra waved off his friends and walked towards her..


Finally, the person he wants to confront,




God the anger he was feeling minutes ago was nothing compared to how he feels now..


Rudra grabbed Soumya’s hand almost startling her. Rudra reminded himself to be not swallowed up in those widened adorable eyes and dragged her.


Sumo plastered a fake smile to the college students around and came with him willingly.


Rudra brought her to the rooftop which is inaccessible to students but he and Sumo had skipped classes and had fun countless times here since his bhaiyaa owns the college.


They had watched videos here, made plans here, prepared for cultural functions here, rehearsed here, she tutored him here, even did homework and assignments here, prepared for semesters here, spent the time admiring the view from here…


Rudra pulled her forward and looked at her properly..


He had noticed how she lost some weight when she attended Shivaay Bhaiyaa’s wedding and now she looked like she had lost even more weight.




What happened to his bubbly and cute Sumo…?


And why she agreed to engage to someone..?


Rudra gritted his teeth in anger because just thinking about the engagement is making him mad.


But what made him more mad was that she didn’t bother to tell him anything nor did she attend any of his calls for the past two days after he quickly exited the engagement ceremony with some excuse and Soumya was also absent to the college.


Rudra cannot even go to her home to demand answers from her. He alone knew how he spent the two days without seeing her or hearing from her.


“Rudra, you’re hurting me”


Rudra let go of her hand realizing how hard he’s gripping her hand. She winced, rotating her hand.


“Then what about how you’re hurting me Soumya?”




“Don’t pretend Soumya.. You know very well about what it is.. Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you pick any of my calls? Why?”


Sumo averted her eyes from him, making his heart aching to worse state.


“I.. I was busy Rudra… Because of my engagement”


Rudra clenched his fingers at the mere mention of engagement from her.


“Then why didn’t you inform me Sumo? Are you still angry with me? You forgave me during Shivaay Bhaiyaa’s marriage day or was that all a pretense..?”


“No Rudra.. It’s not like that..”


“Then why didn’t you inform me Sumo? Even with all our fights and such am I not your best friend anymore?”


“As I told you, I was a little busy with the engagement.. I didn’t have my phone with me”


Sumo averted her eyes again and Rudra grabbed her shoulder tightly losing his control, making her stare at him..


“Then after the engagement why didn’t you attend my calls Soumya.. Don’t even think about lying”


She looked up at him and he refused to let her run away from him.


“B-Because my fiancé doesn’t like me getting close to each other”


Rudra let go of her shoulders and took a step back in shock..




Rudra laughed at her shaking his head and the anger reared it’s head back, making him lose his cool..


“Fiancé? Seriously…. I am your god damn husband”


Sumo’s eyes widened at his outburst and words..


She glared at him in anger..


“Husband? Haven’t we agreed to treat the marriage as nothing but an event happened in drunken state? Aren’t you the one who wanted to forget about all this and even compelled me to remove the mangalsutra? I did everything you asked… What more you want from me? My parents had arranged a marriage for me and I agreed not wanting to hurt their feelings.. What do you want me to do? Husband..? You’re not my husband anymore Rudra.. I don’t understand what right you have on me anymore.”


Sumo turned to move away but he circled her waist and pulled her to him..


“What rights? What rights I have over you? I have every rights over you Sumo.. I own you”


Soumya pushed him away, turned to face him,


“No… Not anymore”


Sumo raised her hand and showed the ring on her finger..


Rudra grabbed her hand and pulled the ring, throwing it away in a fit of rage..


“You are mine Soumya.. No one has any right over you”


“You have gone mad Rudra”


Soumya moved to take the ring from the floor which fell a little afar from where they stood but he didn’t let her to..


“You will get arrested Sumo if you married anyone”


“What are you saying?”


“Have you forgotten that we signed on the marriage certificate in our drunken state? Have you forgotten that our marriage is legal?”


Rudra had always known about this fact. That’s why he was angered with her initially feeling caged involuntarily but now this marriage is not just a forgetful even anymore..


He will never let anyone have his legal wife..




“Rudra… I… What are you saying..? My marriage is with in a month.. And Riyan….”


He pulled her hand, cutting her sentence in mid and bit those lips which dared to utter another person’s name in front of him.


Sumo froze in shock and he slowly very slowly sucked her lower lip as if to soothe the pain his teeth had given her…


Sumo pushed him away hastily with the strength she alone could muster..


Her cheeks had gone red and her eyes wide, staring at him..


“W-What..? W-Why? You… How could you? Why did you k-kiss me? Weren’t the slim and beautiful girls absent today of college?”


Tears trailed her cheeks and Rudra wiped them away tenderly, his anger had gone the moment her eyes glistened with tears.


Slim and beautiful girls? If thousands of those girls stood beside him now, he wouldn’t bat an eye glance now because they are not even a candle compared to this Sun in front of him..


Rudra leaned down and rested his forehead against hers..


“I apologize Sumo.. I don’t know myself what I am doing.. I don’t know what I want from you but all I know is that I want you… Riyan or Kiyan… No one can take you away from me..”


Soumya pushed him away and looked at him in eyes..


“Why…? Why won’t you let me go?”


“Because you are my Wife Sumo… Because I am taking this marriage seriously.. Because I want you with me all the time.. Because you’re all I can think of.. I may have hurt you and I am really sorry for all that.. Just give me some time.. Please.. So that I can sort my feelings out..”


Yes… There’s definitely attraction… He had never felt like this and Rudra was tired of fooling himself and denying his true feelings.. All he wants is time so he could sort his feelings for sure and inform his family about this.


Soumya looked at him with disbelieving eyes and took a step back from him..


“You are cruel Rudra.. You’re so cruel.. Why now of all times..?”


“Sumo.. I will make you accept me so just wait for me..”


She took further steps back from him and turned towards the door to leave the rooftop.


Rudra yelled after her,


“Till then don’t even think about marrying anyone Sumo.. I will never let you…”


Rudra watched her go without turning back, walking awkwardly, covering her face with her hands. He also didn’t fail to notice how she always said it was him who didn’t want this marriage and how she never said that she never took this marriage seriously and also the blush on her face just now when he mentioned of how he wants her..


Rudra smiled noticing how Sumo forgot the ring lying on the floor….




Shivaay smirked at his refection and turned away from the mirror finally after ten minutes of staring at it and admiring himself.


~~I love you Shivaay~~


God….! Those words reverberated in his ears and made him feel elated. He had given shock to all his employees when he openly smiled in the middle of a meeting.


Shivaay moved towards the bed and sat on it, scrolling the screen in his mobile.


The article about his marriage has been out and now looking at the picture in which Shivaay and Annika sharing at each other as if they alone existed in the world, losing in each other’s eyes..


He put the phone aside since its the umpteenth time he’s admiring that photo.


He’s happy…


Shivaay is happy with his marriage..


Finally he understood what Dadi and Om and Ru had been lecturing him about because he cannot imagine being this happy with Tia..


Many may wonder where had The SSO had gone..


Yes, the world may witness SSO just like how he behaved with Tia..


He had squeezed her neck ignoring that she’s a girl..


God…! The rage he felt when Tia dared to came Oberoi Mansion with a drama of being kidnapped..


What did she take him for, a fool? Shivaay Singh Oberoi can be many things but being a fool is not one of that.


He would have let go of Tia since it’s beneath him to deal with persons like them..


But the way Tia threatened him and how she spoke of Annika, his wife that she’s characterless. Shivaay had lost his control on the ever burning rage in him and just wanted to squeeze the life out of Tia for just uttering the word characterless..


Tia’s eyes widened in fear, looking at him and he knew she will never be back in his life with the way he threatened her that he will destroy her life.


But the SSO just disappears or get tamed like a puppy when it comes to Anika..


The name, lineage, family background and everything fades when she’s near him.


Because picking on her and showing his attitude at her about this means that picking on the fact that she’s an orphan…


Shivaay knew and saw how affected Om was about his parents and he knew too how lonely it was in his childhood when his own parents were busy with earning money.. Shivaay never wanted to hurt Annika in this knowing how much it hurts.. Shivaay is not that cruel.


But he also knew that there will come small fights between them since their way of thinking is different but he also knew that they will sort it out between themselves.


And also the nightmares she has in night about her childhood, the way she fears of darkness..


Shivaay made her sleep beside him and held her every night he slept in this room with her…


Other than the five days, he made her sleep along with Dadi or Jhanvi Aunty or his mom so that she’s never alone and it will also help her bond with his family.


Shivaay had seen how much she had became a part of his family and how his family is already dependant on her..


Shivaay wanted to fill Annika’s life with nothing but happiness and give her a family so she never may feel pain about being an orphan.


Shivaay was getting late to his office but he waited for Annika to come out of the bathroom where she is bathing..


Because Shivaay loved how s*xy she is when she comes out with little water drops on her and a wet hair, her cloth slightly clinging on her because she wore just now hastily after bath so that she can meet him before he leaves the office.


Oh… If only she knew how dirty his thoughts are…


Just then she came out, drying her hair with towel in an oh beautiful red saree..


Annika gulped down audibly looking at how he took predatory steps towards her.


“Annika.. Annika.. Haven’t I told you to not wear a saree..? Or is it that you want me to do something to you”


“S-Shivaay.. Dadi wants to go to temple with me today.. So..”


Shivaay pressed her against the wall..


Shivaay loved this..


He absolutely loved this..


Loved this closeness..


The way her pupils widen in desire which she cannot hide..


The way her breath quickens..


The way her hand trembles..


The way her lips quiver in anticipation..


The way her cheeks redden in embarrassment..


The very slow teasing and torturing her with slow touches..


Oh… Shivaay loved this..


And the way she feels against him..


Shivaay cannot wait to see how she will look when he takes her finally as his..


The love bites already decorated her neck.. He did feel bad for the pain he had given her with his bites but no.. His possessiveness makes him lose all reason.


Shivaay leaned down and kissed her neck and the love bites on her neck..


Shivaay had thrown away the concealer from her make up set because he wants to show off that she belongs to a possessive demon.


Annika gripped his shoulder, dropping the towel she had been holding.


He circled one of his arms around her bare waist, relishing in her shudder.


Shivaay buried his face in her neck and inhaled the smell of soap she uses..


Oh.. How the mighty SSO had fallen because he’s getting jealous of a soap of all things now.


“I think we should take our relationship to next step and save water..”


Shivaay lifted his face to see her with a confused reaction.


“What does saving water and our relationship has to do..? Is it some sort of public event rich people do Shivaay?”


God.. The way her imagination runs. Shivaay smiled at her innocence..


How he wanted to taint the very innocence, making her wild with desire only for him..


“No.. It’s a private event..”




“It means Annika that we should save water by bathing together”


Her doe like eyes widened in shock and he let go of her from his hold..


“Try to wake up earlier Annika and prepare yourself to bath with me from tomorrow”




Shivaay smirked and exited the room with his office bag, all the while hearing her cursing how Cheapde he has become.




Tej looked around at the function decorations for Raksha bandan are being managed by Annika and Shivaay following her like a puppy wanting attention and his sons Om and Rudra making fun of that.


Tej was glad for Shivaay not because he didn’t get the business deal with Tia but because he has a very good partner.


Tej was skeptical at first but like Annika when she was a wedding planner. No matter where you go or how messed up you became, if you didn’t have a solid partner you will lose yourself to insanity.


Tej was scared because Shivaay looked up to him in childhood in admiration, no matter how their relationship is now, Shivaay is a son to him do he was afraid whether he will be happy with Tia for a life time..


After all Tej did marry out of love with Jhanvi instead of a business deal so he was glad for once by miracle or fate Shivaay ended up marrying a girl who can give her life to him if necessary because Tej can see the love Annika had for Shivaay.


Tej shared a bitter sweet relationship with Shivaay because while Tej loved Shivaay who respected and looked up at Tej but at the same time he was envious of Shivaay because his own sons looked up at Shivaay.


Tej was happy that Shivaay looked after his sons, filling Tej’s role in their life yet sad that Tej cannot bond with his children. Tej was happy that Shivaay is rising their family business at the same time jealous that he had gone out of his reach..


But no matter how it is, Tej will trust his life with Shivaay and he knew that Shivaay will do the same because they’re all a family.


Tej glanced at Jhanvi standing beside him..


Still as radiant as he had first saw her..


The things he had done, God! Tej regretted ever meeting Svetlana.. Even though he had flirted with her, he had never cheated on Jhanvi.. It’s absurd to even think like that yet Jhanvi refuses to believe him but still stays with him..


No ordinary women could handle Tej Singh Oberoi except this super woman Jhanvi.


No one can put with him and still care for him except her. No matter how messed up his life had became, no matter how much he hurts her she had never left him with all the fights and their ego clashes.. It’s amazing that this woman still loves him.


Tej grabbed her hand and entwined their fingers..


Her cheeks reddened even now and Tej knew that no matter how much they fight or hurt each other that he never regretted marrying her.


This is his family…


His mom, his brother, his wife, his sons and daughter, Shivaay and even Pinky..


They are all his family…


Tej will have it no other way..


All that missing now is that his daughter Prinku..


Prinku who looked do much like her mother..


Tej cannot forgive her for what she did at the same time cannot remain angry worrying about whether she’s happy there and how she’s coping there since she was never allowed to lift a finger to work here in Oberoi Mansion.


Tej had done a complete background check on Ranveer and was glad he’s clear of anything suspicious like Tia. Tej did witness how much that boy loved his daughter and how he took care of him..


She just wants his daughter back and he knew that for Raksha Bandan, Om and Rudra had sent their gifts to her but not Shivaay..


Shivaay won’t forgive that easily because Shivaay was the one who always pampered her a lot and looked after her. Tej knew Shivaay was the one who got hurt most with Prinku’s marriage. Tej will speak with Shivaay later about this.


Tej was pulled out of his thoughts when Pinky started whining to his brother Sakthi about how romantic Tej is..


Sakthi glared at him irritatingly and tried to pacify Pinky to which he smiled innocently and put a hand around Jhanvi’s shoulder, pulling her close..


Shivaay smiled looking at the adult’s activities and shared a knowing glance with Dadi..


They will never change and this is why he loved his family no matter how messed up the situation becomes.


“Annika.. Come on.. Leave the television alone..”


“No Shivaay, we want a nice family song for this Raksha Bandan occasion.”


“We can play it by the internet, yeah?”


“Oh… Yeah..”


Shivaay shook his head at her and turned towards his brothers..


Shivaay felt a pang in his heart thinking about the absence of his sister.


“Hey Bhaiyaa”


Shivaay suppressed his sad thoughts and smiled at them..


His brothers..


No one may get how well their bond is.


Yes, there are many brothers in the world and no one will share a deep bond like theirs because this is not just a brotherly bond..


What made their bond stronger is the fact that in childhood, with the neglect from their parents, all they had is each other.


They depend on each other for continue on living and from breaking apart completely..


That’s why Shivaay cannot live without them..


He can tolerate and even be miserable ho death if anyone left him but if his brothers left him, Shivaay will be dead the next second. That’s how much he is depend on them.


Many may think that they are all grown up now and should maintain a distance since he’s married too but they will never understand the horrors of the loneliness in their childhood..


If Om and Rudra wasn’t there, Shivaay didn’t know how he would have grown up or what he could have become now..


His brothers are Everything to him…


Shivaay looked at Soumya tying a Rakhi in Om’s hand then tied one to him too. He had invited her personally knowing how sad she was of last Raksha Bandan and she’s like a sister to him too.


He was glad Rudra and Soumya sorted their fights because Soumya is the genuine friend Rudra ever had.


Shivaay extended his hand for Om and Rudra to tie their Rakhi at his hand at the same time since its their tradition..


“Mera Bhai..”


“Shivaay Bhaiyaa”


Om and Ru hugged him and Shivaay returned their hug.


He pulled away from the hug emotionally and smiled at them.


Shivaay had always kept all the Rakhis in a box safely till now..


“So.. Rudra.. It’s your turn this year”


They take turns every year to gift the other two on Raksha Bandan not that Shivaay doesn’t buy them anything.




“Where is your gift for us Rudra?”


Just then Annika sat on the remote by mistake which was on the sofa and the muted channel’s volume was risen up..


“Even before the Priyanka Oberoi’s marriage news faded, another shocking news has came out. Here is the video of Rudra Singh Oberoi getting married in secret… Is this a new tradition of Oberois to marry like this?”




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