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Ishq ka khel Ishqbaaz khelte hai……epi 17 (last episode)

Scene in oberoi mansion

Dadi being little bit emotional – i can’t believe Roop did all this she is a oberoi only…still she done this!!

Anika consoling her –  don’t worry Dadi now everything is fine

Jhanvi – thank you so much priveer

Ranveer – there is no need of thanks this our family also

All smiles

Rudra – ranveer priyanka you both stay here only tommorow is my wedding….after all you have to come

Priveer agrees
Priyanka – yaa….rudra Bhaiya as we’ve been in London that’s why we were absent in all other ceremonies so we’ll stay here only.

Suddenly om gets up from sofa

Om looking at tej – DAD…….

All were shocked that om call dad to tej

Tej is also shocked

Om goes where tej is standing

Om- I am sorry Dad….these days I saw alot change in you….I can observe these days you were caring for your family I have understood that all that you’ve told to me had a reason you only want my success will you FORGIVE me??

Tej got tears in his eyes – om it’s not all your mistake I’ve never been a perfect dad neither a perfect son nor a perfect husband your hatred for me was understood. forgive me dear son!!
They both hug each other

Every one are happy

Rudra – I am now going to cry plzz stop being emotional

Saumya – offo rudra!!

Rudra – shut up!! somu……now we’ll make this a family moment

All said together – dil bole oberoi…….

And lafzon ka yeh rishhta nhi plays (family version )

Shivika ‘ s room

Shivay has a cut in his hand which is bleeding

Anika – why did you came there to rescue me

Shivay – what Happened

Anika – you got hurt na….

Shivay – kyun itni fikar hai meri

Anika – nahi mujhe meri fikar hai….

Shivay -( with a confused look) what do you mean

Anika – because you gonna blame it on me that as you got kidnap I came to rescue you and why you are so careless why you’ve been kidnapped!!! Be careful!!and then you’ll call a full force of doctor to do dressing of this small wounds and then ask me to choose a doctor for you ( she said in one breath )

Shivay -(with a shocked face ) how did you got to know that I m going to do this

They both laughed on their pagalpanti and anika start dressing shivay ‘ s hand
And shivay is looking at her lovingly

Next day rumya marriage day

Everyone was happy

Rudra and saumya marriage gets over they continue their tom and Jerry fight

At evening there is a reception party

All guests are giving wishes to newly wedded couple rumya

Dadi is at the cornor of the hall opening her vedio diary

Dadi – today all of our son got their takkar  ke partners like I got you I am Soo happy!!! after our ishqbaaazi we’ll got to see their ishqbaaazi…. 😍😍😘

Suddenly rudra came and said – Dadi what are you doing here there everyone are waiting for family photograph

Dadi came in center, all family members are around Dadi

Photographer – ready!!? and takes a photo

Scene freeze on their family photo


So yaa guys……my ff ends here hope you like my all episodes I don’t know that my journey goes this long

Hope you like bonding between o bro’s and o bahus…….and off course shivika’s cute fight I am ending my ff here  will come with new  one….. and sorry to all rumya fans for not showing their proper marrige…😥 So plzz tell me would you like a new story from me and also plzz comment and tap on the like button.

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