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Ikyawann 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Fighter Didi gets arrested

Ikyawann 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mehul saying its Susheel’s chain. Kali asks how did you get this. Fighter didi asks Leela to say it, she hates Susheel and made her out of Satya’s life. She exposes Leela in front of everyone. She asks what did you feed Jessica that she lost her senses. She says you thought you will get Susheel killed during the game and no one will know about it. Kali checks pickles. Fighter didi says its reports will come by tomorrow. Mehul asks Leela where is Susheel. Leela says I don’t know. Police arrests her. Leela says wait, why will I do this with Susheel knowing everyone will doubt on me.

Leela says Fighter Didi is behind this, I have gone there to encourage Susheel, where was she at that time, did anyone think. Fighter Didi says Jessica got aggressive after having your pickle,

she locked me. Leela says you didn’t complain about Jessica to anyone, truth is she has done this, she added something in pickles and fed Susheel to make her win. She gets a pickle box and eats it to show her test. Fighter Didi asks her to have it from another box. Leela eats it and asks are you done. She asks inspector to ask Fighter didi about Susheel.

Inspector asks Fighter didi to come with her. Leela gets dizzy. Everyone goes. Sejal says I can’t believe you have done this. She scolds Fighter didi. Mehul asks her about Susheel. Police takes Fighter Didi. Satya thinks I can’t trust anyone, who is behind this. Leela goes to hospital and gets herself treated. He asks her to throw off the pickles. She gets treated. She says Fighter didi wanted to trap me. Sejal says many times we know truth, we think we would say, but we don’t get a chance, like you didn’t tell Soumya that you don’t want to marry her. Satya says everything is against Fighter Didi. Kali says I will meet her. Satya says Leela is right, she is open that she doesn’t like Susheel. Leela looks on. She thinks how did Fighter didi know my truth. She collides with her. Fighter didi says I didn’t run away from jail, I didn’t do anything wrong, I got bail. Leela says its good you have come, I have kept shuddikaran puja and for soul peace of Susheel. Fighter didi says let Susheel die, then keep puja for her soul peace.

Leela laughs. Fighter didi says thinks how did I get bail, Susheel bailed me out. Satya and Leela come to police station. Leela says Fighter didi said Susheel bailed her out, she is lying, just check files. He says I don’t understand. They get the file and see Susheel’s sign. Leela thinks how can this happen. She goes. Satya recalls getting Fighter didi’s bail and telling his plan to her. He says I had to see your reaction Dadi, it means its your hand behind Susheel’s disappearance.

Satya says we can reach Susheel via Leela. Fighter Didi says I will reach Susheel by some way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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